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Updated May 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Hamilton Beach Professional 1500-Watt Quiet Shield Blender
Hamilton Beach
Professional 1500-Watt Quiet Shield Blender
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Powerful Performance
Bottom Line

The Hamilton Beach Professional costs a little more than other models but has a powerful 1,500-watt motor.


A professional-quality blender with a decent price tag. Blends quickly with smooth results. Easy to clean and put away. Tough motor works well without suspicious burning smells. Handles ice flawlessly.


Advertised as quiet, but some say it is still loud.

Best Bang for the Buck
Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender
Hamilton Beach
Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender
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Entry-Level Model
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An affordable 700-watt model that our cooking expert recommends as an entry-level blender.


Large 40-ounce glass pitcher makes it easy to see what you're blending. Long cord allows you to place it nearly anywhere on your counter. Durable design that's easy to clean and comes with a three-year warranty.


Not the best choice for crushing ice or other frozen ingredients.

Hamilton Beach Sound Shield 5-Speed Blender
Hamilton Beach
Sound Shield 5-Speed Blender
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Quiet Operation
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A versatile, powerful blender that works quietly thanks to its special construction.


950 watts of power and five speeds allow it to crush ice and other hard ingredients. Muffled chambers and removable sound shield keep noise down. Smoothie and ice crush functions activate with a button push. Jar and blades are dishwasher safe.


The jar is made of glass and could break.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender
Hamilton Beach
Power Elite Multi-Function Blender
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Bottom Line

Our expert likes the inexpensive price of this quality, 700-watt blender.


Affordable price and solid construction. Glass cup is large (40 ounces) with a convenient pouring spout. Easy to clean. Fairly powerful. Simple four-button design.


The lid doesn't seal, so overflow does happen. Not everyone is impressed with its ice blending performance.

Hamilton Beach The Fury Blender
Hamilton Beach
The Fury Blender
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Bottom Line

Achieving the perfect consistency is a breeze thanks to this blender's adjustable timer.


Powerful motor and Wave Action System push ingredients down toward the blades for smooth results. Jar (64 ounces) is suitable for parties. Timer and automatic shutoff let you set it to blend as long as necessary. Ideal for bars and restaurants.


It’s pricey, but you’re paying for commercial quality.


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Buying guide for Best Hamilton Beach blenders

For most people, a blender is an essential kitchen appliance. Not only do you need one for making smoothies and frozen cocktails, but you can use a blender to make sauces, dips, soups, ice cream, nut butter, breadcrumbs, baby food, and more.

If you need a reliable, versatile blender, you’ll definitely want to consider one from Hamilton Beach, a respected manufacturer of kitchen appliances and blenders in particular.

Hamilton Beach blenders range from basic models with few special features to commercial-grade options that have enough power to handle a wide range of kitchen tasks.

But sorting through all the Hamilton Beach blender options can be a challenge. You have to select the best type, power, capacity, and other features to get one that meets your kitchen needs.

A personal blender isn’t just for making individual servings of your favorite smoothie or shake — it’s also perfect for mixing small batches of dip or salsa.

Top considerations when choosing a Hamilton Beach blender


Hamilton Beach offers three main types of blenders: conventional, personal, and premium.

A conventional Hamilton Beach blender is a classic countertop blender. It works well for any blending task that doesn’t require too much power. Fresh fruit smoothies and protein shakes are no problem for these models. However, you’ll have more difficulty crushing ice and frozen ingredients for icy drinks.

A personal Hamilton Beach blender is designed to make single-serving beverages. It’s ideal if you only make smoothies or milkshakes for yourself, though it doesn’t have the power to fully crush ice. Amping up the convenience factor of these models, the blending jar doubles as a travel mug. You just pull the jar off the base, add the lid, and take your smoothie on the go.

Hamilton beach premium blenders can also be called “commercial” or “professional” blenders. They are meant for more intensive blending tasks. All of these models can fully crush ice and frozen ingredients, so your smoothies and frozen cocktails have a perfectly even texture.

Expert Tip
Turn off the blender before poking down any stuck ingredients. No one likes the mouthfeel of chips from your wooden spoon.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


Blender power is typically measured in terms of motor wattage. Hamilton Beach blenders vary in power: the least-powerful models are the company’s personal blenders, which generally range from 175 to 300 watts. While these units can effectively blend fresh ingredients, they can’t fully crush ice.

Most Hamilton Beach conventional blenders have between 500 and 1,400 watts of power. That’s enough to crush ice, though you won’t necessarily get a completely smooth texture if you’re blending ice or frozen ingredients.

For a higher level of performance, opt for a Hamilton Beach blender with a powerful motor that delivers 1,500 to 1,800 watts of power.


Hamilton Beach blenders have containers that range from 14 to 64 ounces.

  • Hamilton Beach personal blenders usually range from 14 to 20 ounces in capacity.
  • Hamilton Beach conventional blenders typically range from 40 to 52 ounces in capacity. This translates to three to five servings.
  • Hamilton Beach premium or professional blenders generally range from 32 to 64 ounces in capacity. This translates to two to six servings.

Hamilton Beach blenders have one-touch functions that make it easy to chop, puree, and pulverize foods for perfect results.


The best Hamilton Beach blender features


Some Hamilton Beach blenders have touchpad controls, which are extremely easy to clean. Others have push-button controls that are simple to use but can collect dirt and residue.

Dial controls are easier to clean, but they aren’t as user-friendly and definitive as dedicated buttons.

Wave-action technology

Some Hamilton Beach blenders offer the brand’s patented Wave-Action system. This system is designed to promote more effective blending.

The technology pulls the ingredients in your blender down toward the blades. The result: smooth texture without having to stop the blender to stir the ingredients.

Jar material

You can find Hamilton Beach blenders with plastic or glass jars. Choosing between the two is really a matter of personal preference. Both materials have pros and cons.

Plastic jars: These are lightweight and easy to handle. Most are BPA-free. What’s more, they don’t shatter if dropped. The problem with plastic is that it can absorb stains and odors. Thus, it must be cleaned soon after each use.

Glass jars: Glass does not stain or retain odors. You need not worry about your smoothie tasting like last night’s salsa. On the downside, a heavy glass container could slip out of your hands and break.

Expert Tip
Make sure to remove seeds and pits from fruit, as well as any external produce stickers and stems from fruit like apples, cherries, grapes, and blueberries, before adding them to a smoothie.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


Hamilton Beach blenders have anywhere from two to ten speeds. Some premium models also offer specific recipe settings. For example, the smoothie setting applies the ideal blending speed for… you guessed it: smoothies!

Blending functions

While all Hamilton Beach blenders can blend, some are even more versatile. You’ll find blenders with the following additional functions:

  • Puree
  • Mix
  • Ice crush
  • Chop
  • Liquefy


Some Hamilton Beach blenders made to serve large crowds have a serving dispenser spigot.

Instead of lifting the blender jar to pour a frozen cocktail into a glass, you hold a cup below the dispenser spout and fill it with your favorite margarita or daiquiri.

Sound shield

If you’re concerned about noise, choose a Hamilton Beach blender with a sound shield. It covers the jar during blending to dampen the sound. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your family while whipping up an early morning concoction!

Chopping attachment

Some of the best Hamilton Beach blenders include a chopping-bowl attachment. This allows you to easily chop veggies, nuts, and other hard ingredients. You can also mix up salsa, sauces, and dressings.

damage cord
Never use a blender with a damaged plug or cord. It’s a potential fire hazard.

Hamilton Beach blender prices


The most affordable Hamilton Beach blenders are small personal models. They usually have a capacity of 20 ounces or less and a maximum of 300 watts of power. These appliances cost between $15 and $30.


Mid-priced Hamilton Beach blenders are conventional models that cost $30 to $250. Look for 1,400 watts of power or less. Note that some models in this price range are extremely good at crushing ice.


The priciest Hamilton Beach blenders are premium or commercial quality models. They usually offer 1,500 watts of power or more and can crush ice and other frozen or hard ingredients. Prices for these high-end models range from $250 to $950.

Expert Tip
Your Hamilton Beach blender is great for making cold summer soups, pesto, breadcrumbs for mac and cheese topping, vegetable purees for fancy dinner presentation, quick single-fruit dessert toppings, and blended margaritas.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


  • Maintain liquidity. When operating a blender, add liquid to the jar to keep the ingredients moving around. A good rule of thumb is to include at least one cup of liquid in every recipe.
  • Keep it wet. If your blender stops working or the ingredients stick to the side of the jar, this is a sign that there’s not enough liquid in your blender.
  • Save the solids. Add liquid ingredients to your blender before you add frozen or solid items. Make sure that any solid foods like fruits or vegetables are cut into small pieces that easily move around the blender blades.
  • Don’t overfill. Leave at least one-third of the jar empty to account for expansion as the ingredients whip up.
  • Clean smarter, not harder. To clean your blender, fill the jar with a couple of cups of warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Run the blender for about 10 seconds. Then, rinse with clean water.
Some Hamilton Beach premium blenders are powerful enough to pulverize ingredients, allowing you to easily prepare baby food and nut butter.


Q. Do I need a blender if I already have a food processor?

A. While a food processor can effectively chop and pulverize dry ingredients, a blender is better for liquid ingredients.

If you regularly make smoothies, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, or even soups, you’ll definitely prefer a blender to a food processor. Of course, there’s room in most kitchens for both appliances.

Q. What type of Hamilton Beach blender is best for a small kitchen?

A. Hamilton Beach single-serve blenders typically have the smallest footprint. They take up little space.

Q. What type of warranty does a Hamilton Beach blender include?

A. All Hamilton Beach blenders are protected by a warranty. Coverage varies from model to model. You can expect one to three years of warranty protection for defects in materials or workmanship.

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