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Updated October 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best blendtec blenders

Whether you want to make a healthy smoothie or whip up some tasty salad dressing, a blender can be a versatile kitchen appliance. If you want to make a wide range of recipes, you need a high-performance blender that’s more powerful than standard models. Blendtec makes some of the best on the market.

What sets Blendtec high-performance blenders apart from regular blenders is their extremely powerful motor — it allows them to work at higher speeds than traditional blenders, so they’re able to pulverize ingredients more effectively. With a Blendtec blender, you can make the usual smoothies, milkshakes, frozen cocktails, salad dressings, and sauces, but you’re also able to break down the produce in your smoothies more completely to make soups, create nut butters, and even grind coffee beans.

Blendtec offers many blenders, so it’s important to find the right model for your needs. That means determining how powerful the motor should be, the best jar capacity, and what other features will make a blender most effective in your kitchen. With our comprehensive shopping guide, you have all the tips you need to choose the best Blendtec blender for your kitchen.

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Always keep your Blendtec blender on a flat, clean, dry surface.

Key considerations


While all Blendtec blenders have extremely powerful motors, there is some variation among models in terms of how much power the motor offers. The power of a blender’s motor is usually measured in horsepower (hp) and watts. The higher a blender’s hp and wattage, the more powerful it will be, and the more effectively it will blend.

Every Blendtec blender has at least a 3hp motor. However, there are some models with a 3.8hp motor, which may be slightly more effective in crushing certain ingredients.

In terms of wattage, Blendtec blenders range from 1,560 watts to 1,800 watts. The average countertop blender has approximately 500 watts, but you typically need at least 1,000 to 1,500 watts from a blender to effectively crush ice and pulverize fruits and vegetables. All Blendtec models meet these requirements, but if you want the smoothest blends, choose a model with the highest wattage possible.

Jar type

Blendtec blenders feature a BPA-free polyester plastic jar, which is safe for use with food and won’t shatter if dropped like glass jars. The jars are printed with easy-to-read measurement marks, so you always know exactly how much liquid and other ingredients you have in your jar. Blendtec jars are shorter than many competitors’ pitchers, which makes them easier to store beneath cabinets.

Blendtec offers two types of jars: a FourSide jar and a WildSide jar. The FourSide jar holds 64 ounces, while the WildSide jar can accommodate up to 90 ounces. The other key difference is that there are five sides on a WildSide jar, which allows it to create a more effective vortex for pulling ingredients toward the center and mixing them fully.

While most Blendtec blenders come with either a FourSide or a WildSide jar, some models are part of packages that include both jars for increased versatility.


Blenders usually offer multiple speeds so you can choose the speed necessary to blend a specific recipe. For example, to pulverize the fruit in a smoothie, you need a higher speed, but blending milk and ice cream together for a shake requires a lower speed. Most blenders also include a pulse option, which allows you to run the blender at its highest speed and immediately shut it off without any lag time for more precise blending.

Some basic Blendtec models have only two speeds — high and low — but the majority have at least five speed settings. High-end models have as many as 100 speed settings, which allows the most precision when you’re blending. However, once you reach more than 12 speeds, you may not notice the difference between speed settings as much, so it may not be a necessary feature.


Touch controls

Blendtec blenders don’t feature dial or switch controls, which can be fairly difficult to keep clean. The majority of models have user-friendly push button controls that are easy to wipe clean when necessary.

However, some higher end Blendtec blenders have LED touchscreen controls for the easiest blending experience. They often have a touch slider that controls the blender’s speed so you can adjust how fast your blender is working by simply moving your finger along the slider.

Stealth technology

Some higher-end Blendtec blenders are equipped with Stealth Technology, which allows them to operate as quietly as possible. The blender is contained within a sealed sound enclosure that’s able to soften the noise to reduce it to the same level as regular conversation. This can be a great feature if you want to make a smoothie early in the morning without waking up the rest of the house.


All Blendtec blenders have presets for specific recipes to take the guesswork out of blending. They automatically choose the right speed and blending time for each recipe so you don’t have to. Some presets aren’t geared toward specific recipes; instead, they just run for a certain period, such as 60 seconds or 90 seconds. Some Blendtec models even have a preset cleaning function.

Some Blendtec models have more presets than others. Possible presets include Smoothie, Salsa, Ice Cream, Whole Juice, Hot Soup, Batter, and Mixed Drinks.


Most Blendtec blenders are available in basic colors like black, white, and gray. However, if you want to color coordinate your blender with your kitchen decor, some models are available in more eye-catching shades, such as purple, red, turquoise, chartreuse, or burgundy.

Blendtec blender prices

Blendtec blenders vary in price based on their motor power, speeds, presets, and other features. Most models range from $229 to $949.

Inexpensive: The most affordable Blendtec blenders typically have a 3hp motor with 1,560 to 1,625 watts, six or fewer speeds, and four or fewer presets. They usually cost between $229 to $449.

Mid-range: Mid-range Blendtec blenders usually have a 3hp motor with 1,625 to to 1,725 watts, five to ten speeds, and five or more presets. They generally range from $449 to $749.

Expensive: The most expensive Blendtec blenders usually have a 3.8hp motor with 1,725 to 1,800 watts, ten or more speeds, six presets, and special features like Stealth Technology and touchscreen controls. Some models may include additional jars, too. They usually cost between $749 to $949.


  • When you’re loading the jar for your Blendtec blender, start with liquids and ingredients that have a high moisture content. Add soft ingredients next, and top off the jar with ice and other frozen or solid foods.

  • If your Blendtec blender doesn’t have a cleaning cycle, fill the jar with hot water and one to two drops of dish soap. Cover the jar and hold the pulse button for five seconds. Afterward, rinse the jar well and dry thoroughly.

  • When you’re cleaning your blender, don’t use abrasive brushes or pads. These could scratch the surface of the jar and cause damage.

  • Don’t soak Blendtec blender jars in water for longer than five minutes, or you could damage the lower jar seal.

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Never clean your Blendtec blender while it’s plugged in.


Q. Can a Blendtec blender replace my food processor?
Because of its powerful motor, a Blendtec blender can perform some of the same functions as a food processor. For example, it works well for making dips and salsa. However, it can’t dice or shred the way a food processor can. In general, a blender works better for liquid-based recipes than it does for dry recipes. A Blendtec blender can replace your ice cream maker, juicer, coffee grinder, grain mill, and hand mixer for batters, though.

Q. Can I make hot soup in a Blendtec blender?
Yes. If you want to make soup without turning on your stove, you can do so with a Blendtec blender. The motor is so powerful that the friction of the blades generates sufficient heat to warm your ingredients as it liquifies them. Just add cold, fresh ingredients to the jar and blend for a few minutes. The more powerful your Blendtec motor, the hotter your finished soup will be.

Q. What kind of warranty protection does Blendtec offer?
All Blendtec blenders provide at least two years of warranty protection. However, some higher-end models offer up to ten years of warranty coverage. The warranty covers the motor base and jar assembly for any material and workmanship defects. It doesn’t protect against damage that results from accident, misuse, or negligence.

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