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Updated January 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Baby Cakes Mini Cake Pop Maker
Baby Cakes
Mini Cake Pop Maker
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Large Capacity
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The best cake pop maker with a large cooking surface for high-volume baking.


Large, square baking plate has a nonstick surface for simple wipe-downs after use. Molds perfectly shaped, round cake pops without the extra preparation of using an oven. Features non-skid rubber feet. Makes 9 cake pops.


Cake pops often come out cracked and oddly shaped; may be prone to breaking.

Best Bang for the Buck
Disney Mickey Cake Pop Maker
Mickey Cake Pop Maker
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The best budget cake pop maker with an eye on making baking friendly for kids.


Cake pop molds are shaped as Mickey Mouse, making the treats fun to make and eat for kids. Kit includes piping bag and cake pop sticks for repeated use. Stays still thanks to non-skid rubber feet.


Small molds can only fit 4 cake pops at a time. Cake pops prone to cracks and breaking.

Baby Cakes Multi-Treat Baker
Baby Cakes
Multi-Treat Baker
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Most Versatile
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Our cooking expert loves this stylish maker for its versatile uses.


Unique interchangeable baking plate design makes it easy to switch between making cake pops, donuts, and cupcakes. Cleanup is easier than other makers. Includes recipe book.


Baking surface often cooks cake pops unevenly, creating mixed results.

Brentwood Mini Cupcake Maker Machine
Mini Cupcake Maker Machine
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Compact & Chic
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A smaller option for those wanting a few cake pops to make at a time.


Built-in cooking mold holds 7 cake pops, mini cinnamon buns, or donut holes with ease. Nonstick surface offers a quick cleanup. Convenient light indicator indicates when unit is on or preheating.


Difficult to remove cake pops while the surface is hot.

Holstein Housewares 12-Count Cake Pop Maker
Holstein Housewares
12-Count Cake Pop Maker
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Simple Yet Solid
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This simple, straightforward cake pop maker wipes clean easily.


Makes a dozen 1.5-inch cake pops at once. Status light indicates when device is preheated and ready for use. Nonstick cooking surfaces wipe clean. Offers safety lock to keep lid secure while in use. Nonslip base.


Some buyers report uneven heating.


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Buying guide for Best cake pop makers

Do you have a sweet tooth? Want a delicious dessert that won’t push your calorie intake over the limit? Cake pops are glorious, rich, decadent confections that you can make in under an hour. All you need is the right ingredients and a cake pop maker.

Making cake pops can be fun and rewarding, but you need a quality cake pop maker for the best results. A poor-quality cake pop maker could actually burn your cake pops or cause them to stick so much that they crumble when you take them out of the machine.

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Cake pops come in a number of different sizes. It’s not unusual to see homemade cake pops that range from one to two inches in diameter.

Capacity and size

Most cake pop makers can hold four to 12 cake pops at a time. It usually takes less than five minutes to cook a batch, so a smaller machine should be plenty for occasional use. However, if you plan on making a large quantity of cake pops for an event or to sell them commercially, you may wish to consider a larger machine.

Before you invest in a cake pop maker, decide how much space you can devote to its storage. Many are compact enough to stash in a cabinet when not in use. Of course, the smaller the capacity, the easier it will be to find space for your cake pop maker. But large-capacity cake pop makers don’t tend to take up a lot of room, either.

Cooking quality

A good cake pop maker heats quickly and evenly. Even cooking is important because you don’t want your cake batter to burn. Notably, some cake pop makers tend to get hotter on the bottom plate than they do on the top. Others get hotter in the center than the edges. Both scenarios produce an unevenly cooked product. Look for a product that’s hailed for its ability to evenly cook the cake batter.

Some cake pop makers come with a preheating indicator light to let you know when the machine has come to temperature. This feature is desirable because you don’t have to worry about putting your pops in too soon and undercooking them.

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Expert Tip
Use all the tools at your disposal to decorate your cake pops. Try making a Death Star by dipping them in light gray chocolate and using a sharp knife to score a grid on the exterior.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Safety features

As with any appliance, it’s important to make sure your cake pop maker is safe to use and won’t cause any injuries. This is especially true if there are children in your household. Here are a few safety features you may wish to invest in.

Non-slip feet

Most cake pop makers come with non-slip feet on the bottom. The feet help stabilize the machine and keep it from sliding around on the counter while you’re cooking.

Security latch

This is a small latch on the front of the machine that you close while the cake pops are baking to prevent the lid from opening and the hot contents from spilling out.

Cool-touch handles

It’s important to choose a machine with handles that stay cool when the machine is hot. Stay-cool handles help prevent you – and any enthusiastic young helpers you might pick up along the way – from getting burned fingers.

Ease of cleaning

You may be less inclined to use your cake pop maker if it’s difficult to clean. Most come with removable baking plates that you can slip out and wash. Some of the best cake pop makers have nonstick plates that are easily wiped clean. (Hard-to-reach crevices in which food can collect are not desirable here.) The plates may have a small lip around the edge to prevent batter spillage.

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Expert Tip
Chill your cake pops for one to three hours to make them more sturdy for insertion of the sticks.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Tips

Cake pop maker accessories

Though not essential to the preparation of basic cake pops, here are a few optional accessories that can help spice up your kitchen.

Interchangeable plates

Your cake pop maker will come with a standard plate that has top and bottom molds for cake pops. It may also come with additional molds for making other baked goods, including mini cupcakes or donut holes. The plates pop in and out of the machine so you can swap them out as often as you like.

Expert Tip
To package them for delivery, buy clear plastic bags to put over top, then secure them with a ribbon around the bag and stick.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Recipe book

Some cake pop makers come with a recipe book. This can be useful, especially if you’re new to baking, but it shouldn’t be a make-or-break feature. After all, you can find plenty of cake pop recipes online for free.

Sticks and stands

Some cake pop makers come with a supply of paper sticks you can place in the pops once they’ve cooled. The machine may also include a small stand you can use to display your finished cake pops. While this is a nice touch, not everyone will need these extra supplies.

Cake pop maker prices

Most cake pop makers range from $13 to $20. However, some models may sell for as much as $35. The difference in price is not so much about the capacity of the machine as it is the features that are included.

What makes a cake pop machine cost more? If it has several interchangeable plates, the cost could be higher. An included recipe book could also raise the price slightly. If you don’t want extras like these, you could probably get by with an entry-level cake pop maker on the lower end of the price range. However, be sure you select one that receives good reviews for its quality, durability, and even cooking.


  • Allow the cake pop maker to fully heat up before adding your batter. Otherwise, your cake pops may not cook all the way through.

  • Use caution when removing cake pops from their trays. A fork or spoon can be used to gently pry them out. You may want to wait for the machine to cool a bit so you don’t risk splitting the cake pops accidentally.

  • You can use any traditional cake or cupcake recipe in your cake pop maker. The sky’s the limit!

  • It’s a good idea to let your cake pops cool completely before you begin to decorate them.

  • Put a little bit of melted chocolate or another type of candy glaze on the end of the stick before inserting it into the cake pop. This helps the cake pop adhere to the stick.

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Extra plates add versatility to a cake pop maker. You may wish to look for a product with extra plates if you plan to use your machine often.


Q. How long does it take to make a single batch of cake pops?

A. Most cake pop makers can produce a single batch in about four minutes, not including preheating time. For the exact information for your model, consult your owner’s manual.

Q. How long do cake pops remain fresh?

A. This depends on how they are stored. In most cases, cake pops are good for at least a couple of days. If you want to extend their shelf life, store them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to eat them.

Q. Why are my cake pops cracking?

A. This is usually because the cake pops have cooled and the icing is very warm. The difference in temperature causes the cake to expand and crack the coating. You can fix this by making sure the icing is not too hot and that you coat the cake pops before they become too cool.

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