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Best Fireplace TV Stands

Updated February 2023
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Walker Edison Wren Classic Fireplace TV Stand
Walker Edison
Wren Classic Fireplace TV Stand
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Customer Favorite
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This console stands out for its ability to easily support a heavier or larger television.


This model comes in a variety of finishes, including white. Assembles easily and in less time than other models. Nice modern look and the fire puts out a lot of heat. Sturdy and large. Features a lot of storage.


Heater fan is a little loud. The covers for the cam lock fittings do not stick well. Some issues with it arriving with broken parts.

Best Bang for the Buck
Ameriwood Home Chicago Fireplace TV Stand
Ameriwood Home
Chicago Fireplace TV Stand
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Heavy-duty & Powerful
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A great price for a beautiful and sturdy fireplace TV stand.


Features clear instructions. Boasts an authentic-looking fire and a powerful, quiet heater. This model receives high praise for its looks and price. Has heavy-duty construction.


Assembly can be a challenge. Some issues with the heater dying within a few weeks. No remote or thermostat.

Walker Edison Modern Farmhouse Fireplace TV Stand
Walker Edison
Modern Farmhouse Fireplace TV Stand
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This fireplace TV stand offers realistic flames and a modern take on the classic farmhouse style.


Features 2 cabinets as well as extra shelves for storage. Fireplace display and heating modes can be turned on separately. Can heat a room up to 400 square feet. Console is 70 inches long.


Not a good option for TVs over 80 inches.

Ameriwood Home Fireplace TV Stand
Ameriwood Home
Fireplace TV Stand
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Most Stylish
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This fireplace stand displays unique colored lights and beautiful flames for a modern appearance.


Holds up to 120 pounds, making it good for heavier and wider TVs. A combination of metal and glass design creates a sleek aesthetic. Contains 6 open shelves for convenient storage. Users can adjust brightness and heat.


We recommend 2 adults for proper assembly, and even that can take some time.

Seventable Corner Electric LED Fireplace TV Stand
Corner Electric LED Fireplace TV Stand
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Best for Small Spaces
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Don't have a lot of space in your room? This stand fits in the corner and has a customizable ambiance.


There are 4 AC outlets to plug in your TV and devices. The LED lights light up your shelves with 1 of 20 color options. The fire has a realistic look and heats up to a 400-square-foot area. The stand holds a 55-inch TV and up to 100 pounds.


Some find the LED lighting underwhelming. Assembly can be difficult.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best fireplace TV stands

A fireplace or a TV make a natural focal point for rooms. A fireplace doesn’t just keep you warm; there’s something about the flames that feels cozy and comfortable, too. The TV provides entertainment, especially on cold nights when it’s preferable to stay in. The problem is that traditional fireplaces and TVs don’t mix well. It’s not the heat — that’s relatively easy to deflect — but the smoke, dust, and soot a fire creates can wreak havoc with delicate electronics. The solution is an electric fireplace TV stand.

Fireplace TV stands offer the warmth and appearance of a real fire (without the smoke, dust, and soot), a convenient place to put your TV, and display or storage space, too. This combination of features makes these stands very popular, and there’s plenty of choice.

Modern flatscreen TVs can be very slender, but they’re not necessarily light. Make sure the fireplace TV stand you’re considering can handle the weight.

Key considerations

To help you pick the right fireplace TV stand, we look at five key areas: style, construction, materials, heat output, and advanced features.


Style is a very personal thing, and no matter which you prefer, there is undoubtedly a fireplace TV stand to match. With everything from simple open shelving to classic fireplace surrounds, and a host of different finish colors and effects, you should have no trouble finding one to suit your décor.


Size: Regardless of the design you choose, it’s important to think about the unit’s physical size and display or storage capabilities. Online images can be deceptive, so it’s vital to check the actual dimensions. It’s a good idea to get some tape or cardboard and mock up the footprint where you intend to place your stand. Compare its height with existing furniture. Getting a good mental picture will prevent you from buying something that turns out to be either too large or too small.

Storage: When it comes to shelving and cupboards, you want to think about how you’ll use them. Do you want a place to put game consoles or speakers? Do you want to show off ornaments or art? Maybe you want closed cupboards as convenient storage (or hiding places) for children’s toys or other bits and pieces.

Capacity: Be sure to check the recommended size and weight capacity for the TV that will go on top of the stand. Compact models can be quite light, but larger screens can easily top 100 pounds. It’s not a bad idea to allow a margin of 10% so you have confidence your TV will be adequately supported.

Cord: Finally, it’s worth checking cord length. Most fireplace TV stands plug into a standard outlet, but is there one conveniently situated? This is an important consideration because you shouldn’t use an extension cord with an electric heater.


While natural hardwood is beautiful, it’s expensive and doesn’t cope well with fluctuations in temperature. While it’s possible for skilled craftspeople to make fireplace TV stands in hardwood like oak or maple, they aren’t readily available, so it’s likely to be a piece you would need to commission.

Most fireplace TV stands are made of what’s called “engineered” wood, usually particleboard (also known as chipboard) or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). As you might guess, these are made of small particles of wood bonded together with resin under high pressure. They’re much more dimensionally stable than the natural product, as well as easier to shape and join. They are then covered with a thin wood veneer, paint, or a combination of both. Fireplace TV stands made this way have a durable finish and are strong and easy to clean.

Engineered woods have come in for criticism in the past because their manufacture has a negative impact on the environment. Additionally, some resins — particularly urea-formaldehyde (UF) — can cause health problems. In many places, these are now banned or carefully monitored, but problems do exist. If it’s an area that concerns you, you might want to check into the manufacturer’s green credentials before making your choice.

Heat output

Most fireplaces give power output in watts (W). The most popular are switchable between 750 and 1,500 watts, though higher-performance models are available. Manufacturers typically state that this is good for heating a room up to 400 square feet, though it’s reasonable to assume these estimates are a little optimistic.

British thermal units (Btu) may also be given, though strictly speaking it should be British thermal units per hour: 1 watt equals 3.41 Btu/hr, but the way that manufacturers use the figures can be confusing, so it’s better to stick with watts if possible.

A valuable feature is thermostatic control, so the fireplace will regulate itself rather than use energy unnecessarily.

Be aware that fireplace TV stands often come in more than one package, and they might not both arrive on the same day. Check immediately for damage so you can return it if necessary.


Faux flames

If you like the flame effect, even when you don’t need the heat, look for a model that allows you to turn the flames and heat on and off separately.

Remote control

Quite a few fireplace TV stands provide a remote control so you can turn it on and off and adjust heat settings from your chair. Some of the most advanced can be combined with Amazon Alexa to let you control your fireplace with your voice. Additional equipment, plus an account or subscription may be required for this feature.


A timer isn’t a common feature on fireplace TV stands, but it can certainly be convenient. That said, you shouldn’t use this type of heater to warm a room if nobody is home.

For Your Safety
Electric fireplaces don’t give off carbon monoxide like gas models, so they’re safe in any room. However, it’s always safest to turn them off at night so there’s no chance of anything flammable coming into contact with the heat source.

Fireplace TV stand prices

Inexpensive: The cheapest fireplace TV stands start at a little over $200. In terms of quality, there is little to complain about, and the heaters themselves can be quite powerful, but they’re likely to be of modest size, simple, and have limited storage.

Mid-range: The vast majority of fireplace TV stands cost between $350 and $600, giving you enormous choice in terms of style and color. Many people will find what they’re looking for in this price bracket.

Expensive: Large models, and those with voice control, can be $800 or more. Bespoke fireplace TV stands start at around $1,500, and that’s using MDF and veneers. If you want solid hardwood furniture, you could easily pay three or four times that.

Did You Know?
Although you should always check the specifications, most fireplace TV stands run off a standard 120-volt household outlet.


  • Keep flammable items away from the heater. While fireplace TV stands are much safer than a naked flame, they still produce considerable heat. Keep flammable materials at least 4 feet from the heat source.
  • Don’t block vents. The air intake vents must not be obstructed. Generally speaking, they can be placed against a wall without issue, but be sure to check the instructions.
  • Make sure the stand is secure. While you can expect your unit to be well balanced and unlikely to topple, there may be a small risk with taller models. If yours comes with a safety strap to run between the wall and the stand, don’t assume it’s an option. Make sure you fit it.
  • Read the care instructions. There’s very little real wood in fireplace TV stands, so a wax-based furniture polish isn’t required. However, one can give a nice sheen to the surface, and they tend to have a pleasant aroma. That said, always check the manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions in case it has specific advice.
While it will depend on the cost of power in your area, this type of electric fireplace is reasonably economical. A 1,500-watt version used on full power costs around $0.20 per hour. If you turn it down to 750 watts once the room is warm, it costs half as much.


Q. Will I need to assemble my fireplace TV stand?

A. Yes, though it’s not a particularly difficult process. However, with more complex models, the number of pieces can be daunting, and assembly is likely to take at least a couple of hours. We suggest reading through the instructions before starting and giving yourself plenty of space to work in. Several manufacturers suggest it’s a two-person job, especially in the latter stages. You may find videos online that will help. Not every model is covered, but most follow similar principles.

Q. Are fireplace TV surrounds safe?

A. Yes, in terms of the safety of both humans and your expensive TV! As long as you buy from a reputable source, the fire has to comply with numerous safety standards. It will arrive pre-wired, needing only to be fitted into the stand and plugged in. As far as your TV is concerned, the heat blows out of vents that are far enough away to not cause any problems. Unlike a real fire, there’s no smoke or soot to damage the electronics.

Q. Can I use the fireplace TV stand as a surround to a real fire instead of the electric one?

A. It’s not something we would recommend. While these pieces of furniture are designed to be heat resistant, with real flame there’s a risk that sparks or hot embers might ignite the wood. Surrounds for real fireplaces are usually made of something like stone or tile for the parts closest to the flame, with wooden risers, shelves, or lintels a safe distance away.