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Best Heated Electric Sinus Masks

Updated March 2022
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ARRIS Heated Eye Mask
Heated Eye Mask
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Ultimate Comfort
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Relieve sinus pressure and headaches quickly and conveniently with the comfortable ARRIS heated eye mask.


Heat acts quickly to relieve built-up sinus pressure. Timer settings go up in 10-minute increments, up to 1 hour. Heat settings range from 104°F to 140°F. Mask is soft and lets in little to no outside light. The extra-long USB power cord and attached remote make the mask easy to use anywhere.


Elastic headband is large.

Best Bang for the Buck
Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask with Steam
Aroma Season
Heated Eye Mask with Steam
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Close to a Spa Day
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A high-quality mask that feels like a spa treatment but without the spa bill.


Mask releases a soothing lavender scent. In addition to headache and sinus relief, mask has a steam feature to help with dry eyes. The fabric is soft and not too thick. Head strap is adjustable to fit most heads. Easily powered with USB cable.


Lavender can not be swapped for another scent.

Creatrill Heated Eye and Sinus Mask
Heated Eye and Sinus Mask
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Extra Large, Effective
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Perfect for anyone seeking full facial coverage and fast-acting sinus relief.


Extra-large mask covers most of the face for maximum sinus relief. The large size also blocks light effectively. The mask will hold the heat for long periods after being turned off. Mask is easy to use with 3 simple heat settings: low, medium, high. Mask is made from soft, high-quality fabric.


USB power cord is located near the front of the mask, making it easier to get tangled in.

Graphene Times Heated Eye Mask
Graphene Times
Heated Eye Mask
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Most Stylish
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The starry sky design and subtle heat make this a safe and quality choice for kids and adults alike.


The goggle-like shape of this mask effectively blocks out all light. The mask gets warm but never too hot, making it safe for kids to use. The warmth effectively relieves pain from tension and sinus headaches. The mask is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The night sky pattern is fun and aesthetically pleasing.


USB power cord is a little on the short side.

Hiverst Hot and Cold Eye Mask
Hot and Cold Eye Mask
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Portable Convenience
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The included carrying case and earplugs make this heated mask the perfect travel companion.


Plug in the USB cord to use the heat feature, or slide in the cool gel insert to reap the cold benefits. Heat settings can be set in 10-minute increments for up to 30 minutes, and heat ranges from 95°F to 122°F. The removable cover makes washing your mask simple. Ships with earplugs and a convenient travel case.


The mask fits quite snugly, and some may find it too tight.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best heated electric sinus masks

How your head feels affects the rest of your body and mood. If you suffer from sinus headaches, eye conditions, anxiety, or insomnia, you’ve probably held your head in frustration at some point. It’s hard to get through the day with discomfort and stress, but relief and relaxation are just around the corner. Heated electric sinus masks provide therapeutic treatment for a number of conditions, perhaps including yours.

Heated electric sinus masks plug in and heat up within minutes to provide relief with customizable warmth. You can adjust the time and temperature to your preference, and in some masks, you can turn on compression and massage features for the ultimate in relaxation. Since sinus headaches and stress can strike at any time, you’ll be glad to know that these masks are intended to be used on the go, and many come with a dedicated travel case.

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Place your heated electric sinus mask on a clean face. Remove makeup and beauty products that could transfer to the material and stain or damage the fabric.

Key considerations


When choosing a heated electric sinus mask, you want to consider the areas the mask covers. Generally speaking, a mask covers both eye sockets and the top of the bridge of the nose. Some masks cover larger areas, including the temples, forehead, and cheeks. If you’re getting a mask to maximize the therapeutic relief, a full-coverage model is ideal for blocking out light and distributing heat throughout your face. As far as masks with targeted areas for heat therapy, there aren’t many that offer this feature, but the ones that do usually cost much more.


Heated electric sinus masks are powered by a removable USB plug for comfort and easy storage. Because the cord isn’t a traditional power cord, it’s much lighter and more pliable. If you’re wondering why these masks have a USB plug, it’s because they’re designed to be used anywhere. Instead of searching for an outlet in an unfamiliar place like a hotel room, you can run your mask with a power bank or laptop instead. You still have the option to use a USB plug and the outlet, but with more ways to power your mask, you aren’t limited when it comes to choosing where you relax.


To control the temperature and time settings on your heated electric sinus mask, a simple remote control is attached to the USB cord. You can expect two or three settings for temperature and time in less expensive models, but high-end masks can have as many as five settings for each. Temperatures range from 90°F to 140°F, and time settings generally range from five minutes to one hour.

Some remotes have two buttons and a setting spectrum that lights up, while others are digital with LED screens. The buttons on all of these masks are placed in areas that are easy to navigate and reach, especially if you’d like to adjust the settings without removing the mask. Many masks are also equipped with an automatic shutoff, which turns the mask off once your time is up or when you’ve reached the maximum allowed time

"Create a playlist of relaxing songs to listen to when you use your heated electric sinus mask."

Heated electric sinus mask features


Exterior: Heated electric sinus masks have outside covers made of blends of polyester plush, satin, and velour. These blends, particularly the plush and velour, have somewhat limited breathability, making them good at retaining heat for up to an hour of use. These materials are soft and gentle enough to be placed directly on the face without causing itching or irritation.

Fill: These masks have a broad range of fill materials from basic padding to loose filler. The most basic styles have polyester stuffing or quilting similar to that found inside stuffed animals or throw pillows. Some masks have padding of memory foam or gel. Common loose fillers include lavender, seeds, synthetic pellets, and rice. Some, such as lavender, add an aromatherapy element, while the rest are designed to be pliable and soft for a customized fit.

Advanced therapeutic features

In addition to heat, some of these masks have advanced therapeutic features. Certain masks deliver heat through far-infrared therapy, a technology borrowed from physical therapy treatments and intended to promote circulation. Other masks include aromatherapy features with lavender or eucalyptus filling to deliver a relaxing scent. The most advanced heated electric sinus masks on the market have compression and massage features for targeted therapy to reduce tension and eye puffiness.


The more you spend on a heated electric sinus mask, the more adjustability and options you have. At the lower end are mostly masks with hook-and-loop closures or elastic bands, but these don’t offer much in the way of a customized fit. Some consumers say the elastic overstretches after moderate use, and the hook-and-loop closures are stiff and uncomfortable. Mid-range and premium masks use higher-quality materials, so you can expect a softer, more ergonomic fit. Most of these masks are well designed with adjustable bra-strap-type closures, advanced hook-and-loop systems, or a combination to deliver the most options in terms of fit.


Some heated electric sinus masks, particularly the more expensive ones, are packaged with accessories. The most common extra is a carrying case, usually a drawstring bag or zippered soft case. There are also masks that come with interchangeable pads to provideboth cold and heat therapy with gel ice packs and heat strips. Ear plugs are an added bonus with some more expensive models.

Heated electric sinus mask prices

Heated electric sinus masks cost between $12 and $100.


At the low end of the price range, between $12 and $30, are masks that come with a variety of heat and temperature settings.


Masks that cost between $30 and $70 include advanced therapy settings, including infrared technology and pressure-free ergonomic designs. These often have automatic shutoff settings as well.


At the top of the price range, between $70 and $100, are masks that feature compression, massage settings, and built-in speakers.


  • Keep your mask at the office. Take ten minutes to unwind with your mask at lunchtime or breaks during a stressful day and boost your productivity for the rest of the day.
  • Lie down with your spine properly aligned. Relax with good posture while wearing your mask to let your body fully relax from head to toes.
  • Darken the room. Turn down the lights or invest in blackout curtains to maximize your relaxation experience.
  • Use your mask to help with insomnia. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, a heated electric sinus mask is a natural, noninvasive alternative to medication.
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If you have long hair, put it in a bun or high ponytail before wearing your heated electric sinus mask. It will pull your hair away from your face and out of the way of the mask’s strap for a firm yet comfortable fit.


Q. How do I clean my heated electric sinus mask?

A. Because most models don’t have a removable cover, you’ll need to spot clean it with gentle soap and a little water. It’s important that you not saturate or immerse the mask because water could damage the internal electrical components. Besides occasional spot cleaning, you can also keep your mask inside a case to protect it from daily debris and dust.

Q. I won’t have my computer with me, so what are my options for powering my mask while I travel?

A. You can get an AC adapter and plug in your mask that way. Depending on where the outlet is located in your hotel room, though, your power cord might not reach the bed or sofa. For more portability, invest in a power bank.

Q. Can I take my heated electric sinus mask on an airplane?

A. Yes, and it will be subject to the same regulations as other electronics. You’ll need to place the mask in a bin to go through TSA screening. Because your seat may not be equipped with a USB outlet, it’s a good idea to bring a power bank so you can use your mask during the flight.