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The ultimate plant parent gift guide

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Presents for the plant-obsessed

We all have that one person in our lives who never stops talking about their plants. Their home is like a jungle and they're constantly watering, misting, repotting and contemplating light levels. While you might sometimes tire of the plant chat, their plant-loving nature makes them easy to buy for when the holidays come around.

If you know a dedicated plant parent, then we have the gifts for you. From planters and misters to propagators and hydroponic growing kits, there's something on this list to satisfy any plant lover.

Best kits for in-home growing

During testing, we found this a great "set-and-forget" option. You add water, nutrients and seed pods and let the AeroGarden do the rest. It's perfect for people who love cooking with fresh herbs, avoiding those grocery store runs to pick up basil or cilantro.  It has room for six plants of up to 12 inches tall, and comes with a seed pod kit containing six pods, including basil, dill and mint. 

Do you know someone who loves design as much as they love plants? This is the gift for them. If the plant parent in your life enjoys plants so much because they make their space beautiful, they're sure to appreciate this wall-mounted growframe. It includes grow lights, so it's even suitable for use in spots without much natural light. 

This kit includes everything needed to grow lavender from seed, plus a meditation timer and a calming essential oil roller with lavender and cardamom notes. It makes a thoughtful gift for someone in your life who's perpetually stressed. 

A great gift for plant lovers who are also keen cooks, this kit includes a cute planter, basil seeds, mini shears, an herb pull and pinch dish, and a tea towel with herb-harvesting tips. The passive hydroponic planter makes growing easier and more hands-off. 

Best planters

Yes, there are three terra cotta planters in this kit, but that's not all it has to offer. Each planter also contains the seeds and compost needed to grow a plant. Just add water and each one will produce a poinsettia, Nordic spruce or peppermint cosmos. When they get big enough, it's easy to remove the coconut inner pot to plant them in a larger container. 

This smart pot has a digital face and changes its expressions based on light and water levels, so users can truly know what their plant needs. You can control it from the pot itself, using an app or in tandem with a smart-home system. It develops its own personality through interacting with the user and, frankly, it's adorable. 

Sloths hang upside down and grow moss in their fur, so they're the ideal subject for a hanging planter. If the plant parent in your life loves trailing plants, such as devil's ivy or string of pearls, this makes a great home for them. But it's versatile, and can hold any small plant, trailing or not.

Best gardening accessories

With its wooden wall-mounted frame, this propagation vase is one of the prettiest around. It's ideal for anyone whose home is usually full of assorted jars and bottles holding plant cuttings to grow roots for propagation. People who love home design are going to adore it. 

Whether your favorite plant lover has just gotten into foraging or they're more experienced, but still don't know everything, they might appreciate this book. It contains information on 200 edible wild plants in North America, including details of how to safely identify them. It's helpfully organized by season, so it's easy to check what's currently ripe and ready to pick. 

Some plants thrive on humidity, notably orchids, air plants and most ferns. But homes in most areas aren't all that humid — which is where this humidifier comes in handy. Although it's multipurpose, it's a solid choice for plants. It's relatively compact, but can run for 24 hours between refills. 

Misting plants is another way to increase humidity, although temporarily. So if you're buying for a plant parent who doesn't yet have a mister, they're bound to appreciate having a new way to make their plants happy. It's easy to refill and sprays evenly. 

We all know someone who has so many plants that they've started to run out of places to put them. What that person needs is a dedicated plant stand to house their babies. This one has five tiers, so it can hold five average-sized plants or even more small ones. It has a walnut finish and comes with optional wheels to make the stand easier to move around. 

Best coffee mugs

Anyone who wants to advertise what a good plant mom they are will love this mug. The design is cute, but it's also well-made and feels solid. It's microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so it's practical and easy to care for, as well. 

Sometimes it's best to answer an unwelcome question before it's asked — and this mug does all the heavy lifting. If you're buying for someone who really does need all those plants, they'll feel seen and appreciated with this mug. 

Best home décor 

Monsteras are a favorite with plant lovers. Their large, deep-green fenestrate leaves make them a striking houseplant. And now these leaves even come in pillow form. It's the perfect present for anyone who likes being comfy almost as much as they like plants. 

Everyone's thought about what it would be like to sleep wrapped up in a giant leaf — or maybe that's just us. Either way, the plant parent you're buying for is sure to love being able to take their plant to bed with them, even if it's actually a blanket. With a fleece underside, it's as cozy as it is cool. 

More of the best plant gifts

We tested out these solar lights and found them perfect for lining an unlit garden path. They just need to be staked in the ground and the sun does the rest of the hard work. So they're ideal for anyone who wants to spruce up their garden without going to the hassle or expense of wiring in outdoor lights. 

This olive tree is great for anyone with room for another plant in their life. We love that you can choose from three tree sizes and six planters in varying colors, so you can tailor it to the recipient. Olive trees are easy to care for, requiring not much more than weekly watering. And their branches look great in bouquets. 

Is the plant parent you're buying for easily distracted by plants? Maybe you're used to them stopping midway through a sentence to look at a cool shrub you just walked past. Well, now you can let the world know their shortcomings with this cute T-shirt. 

Emblazoned with funny sayings, these stemless wine glasses are great for plant lovers who also love a drink — and a pun. They hold 15 ounces and also work well for mixed drinks, beer and soft drinks, so they don't have to be for wine drinkers. They're even dishwasher-safe, because nobody wants the gift of having to do dishes by hand. 

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