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The best Valentine's Day gifts for her

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While you shouldn't have to wait until Valentine's Day to let your partner know you care, it's still a good excuse to celebrate your love. The best Valentine's Day gifts for her are those that are carefully thought out and align with her interests. Still, you may need some inspiration. We've curated this list of awesome Valentine's Day gifts for the woman in your life, from lip masks and shower steamers to plants and travel mugs

BestReviews’ Jacob Palmer joins Olivia Horton to share BestReviews’ picks for the top Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

Valentine's Day is coming up quickly. We've rounded up some awesome gifts for everyone in your life, from your significant other to the little ones and even grandparents.

Best self-care and beauty gifts

If your partner is never far from their lip balm to the point where you sometimes (lovingly) tease them about it, this lip mask might be the perfect gift. It's an intensive nighttime mask that promotes supple lips and can potentially stop the need for constant lip balm application during the day.

This set consists of four awesome Glossier products: Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, Body Hero Daily Oil Wash, Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist and Body Hero Exfoliating Bar. It's everything needed to keep the skin soft, nourished and looking great. 

Designed for hair and skin, this everyday scent is perfect for anyone who loves fragrances. Cheirosa '40 is fruity and floral with vanilla notes, but there are four other scents to choose from, including Cheirosa '62 with notes of pistachio and caramel. 

Sold as a pedicure in a box, it contains a range of products to keep feet in top condition. There's a soak, scrub, mask and moisturizing butter, all of which will revitalize and nourish the feet. It's perfect for partners who are on their feet all day. 

Pop one of these steamers in the shower tray for an aromatherapy experience. If your partner likes the idea of bath bombs but usually showers, rather than bathes, these are a great alternative. 

It's not quite a professional massage, but this tool is the next best thing. It helps work out aches and pains, whether from exercise, work or just day-to-day life. It's simple to use and doesn't require batteries or electricity.

This high-end perfume from Viktor&Rolf is sure to make your loved one feel appreciated this Valentine's Day. It's a heady floral with notes of freesia, orchid, jasmine and rose, with vanilla and patchouli at the base. 

The AirWrap might be pricey, but when it comes to home hair styling tools, it's the cream of the crop. It's a versatile choice for long hair, making it easy to create curls, waves and other texture without damage that comes from high heat. 

Best fashion and jewelry gifts

We love this striking pendant with its 14-karat-gold-plated chain and emerald cat's eye gem. However, it's also available with different colors and pendant options, with a total of 92 configurations, including a gold-plated chain with amethyst and a silver chain with mother of pearl. 

This bangle is just the foundation for a new charm collection. It can hold 15 to 20 charms, so wearers can tailor it to their tastes and tell the world something about themselves. It's an especially great gift alongside a couple of charms. 

This wearable art is sure to spark conversation. Little Shop of Pins has grabbed the attention of many on TikTok for its wide range of fun and unique pins. The meticulous craftsmanship and premium quality make them sought-after collectibles. This gorgeous heart pin is sure to make your partner smile. 

Wearing these slippers is like walking on clouds. If your partner spends a lot of time on her feet, she'll appreciate some super-comfortable footwear for home use. They can also be worn as sandals out and about. 

You can't get much cozier than these sheepskin slippers from iconic footwear brand UGG. They're super warm and comfortable to wear, too. Just take note not to buy them for a vegetarian or vegan in your life. 

This studded headband is like wearing a galaxy as an accessory. And, not only is it a stylish gift, it's also practical for keeping hair out of the wearer's face. If the woman in your life is growing out her bangs, she'll thank you for this gift. 

Send a photo of you and your loved one, and a stylized version will be printed onto this customized hoodie. It's a sentimental gift that's sure to go down well — and it's perfect for the woman who's always stealing your hoodies. 

Best home décor and accessories

Perfect for people who are into astronomy or astrology, this poster is customized with a star map from the night of your choosing. You can choose to feature the day you met, the day you got together, the day you got married or any other significant event. 

If your partner has talked about wanting more art to hang on her walls, this might be the ideal Valentine's Day present. It's a striking canvas featuring bold, colorful brushstrokes. It's perfect for fans of abstract art. 

You might think your partner is amazing, but if you can't remember to tell her every day, this neon sign will do some of the work for you. It's just one small way to make the person in your life feel as special and appreciated as she ought to. 

While love letters might not actually smell of anything much but paper and ink, this scented candle aims to distill their essence into a scent. With notes of rose, jasmine, sandalwood, peony, plum and lemon, it's sweet yet complex — a lot like love. 

Best cookware and drinkware

With its large 40-ounce capacity, this travel tumbler is great for caffeine enthusiasts or people who just want to stay hydrated. It keeps drinks hot for up to seven hours and cold for up to 11. There's an optional straw that's great for iced coffees or other cold drinks. 

Although they're labeled as iced coffee cups, these cute vessels are great for all kinds of cold drinks. They come with lids and straws, but you can also use them without. The heart design is perfect for Valentine's Day. 

Le Creuset makes great everything, and these mugs are precious and the perfect little gem for Valentine's Day. 

The same rainbow heart design is also on this Le Creuset Dutch oven. It's much more of a splurge, but if your partner loves to cook, it's likely to be a much-loved gift — and it could last a lifetime. 

Best gifts for plant lovers

Don't just give flowers, give a plant instead. It will live far longer and it's great for anyone who loves keeping houseplants. These calla lilies will bloom for six to 12 weeks through spring and summer, but the rest of the time, their foliage looks great. 

This gorgeous living floral arrangement includes a purple calla lily, a pink orchid and a pink kalanchoe. It looks impressive in its lovely wooden planter. All three plants are potted separately within the planter, so they're easy to move or repot down the line.

You'd be mistaken for thinking that the bright pops of red in among this plant's deep green foliage were flowers, but they're actually modified leaves. This means they stay year-round, which is great for anyone who bemoans the lack of flowers in cooler months. 

If your partner loves cooking with fresh herbs, the AeroGarden is an ideal gift. It has a hydroponic system and LED lights to quickly and easily grow herbs. No more last-minute dashes to the grocery store for herbs. 

More of the best Valentine's Day gifts for her

For those who don't have much to spend on a gift or who want a cute add-on to a bigger main present, these cute cards are ideal. Your partner can trade them in for whatever's on the card, from massages to breakfast in bed to the right to veto a chore. 

Perhaps what your partner really wants is for you to put some effort into date nights. These scratch-off cards feature date night ideas, which is helpful if you find it hard to come up with fun things to do. 

Flowers wilt and die, but these LEGO flowers will stick around forever — or until your significant other wants to take them apart and build something else. It's a nerdier alternative to real flowers, and you can build these in three stages of growth, so they actually appear to "bloom." 

Is half your fridge taken up with your partner's wine? Then, she might love to receive this six-bottle wine cooler. It's perfect for whites and roses, including sparkling wines. Include the bottles of her favorite wines for extra points.

A Kindle is ideal for avid readers who don't already have an e-reader or who need an upgrade. Thanks to the backlit design, it's easy to read in all lighting conditions, including with the lights out. So, it's perfect for anyone who likes to stay up reading in bed. 

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