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Best tablets to track recipes

Even professional cooks sometimes need a dependable reference. However, keeping cookbooks on the counter takes up a lot of space, even if you have a cookbook holder. A decent tablet is the easy modern solution to making sure you always have eyes on your favorite cookbook. Tracking recipes requires very little in the way of powerful hardware. To that end, a decent entry-level or midrange tablet can do wonders to streamline your home cooking experience.

How to select a tablet for the kitchen

Look for a simple tablet

There’s no need to invest several hundred dollars in a tablet for tracking recipes. While a slightly more powerful tablet will result in a more streamlined user experience, you don’t need a 120-hertz display, cutting-edge processor or 128GB of storage. For example, the Microsoft Surface Pro lineup contains extremely versatile tablets. But unless you need one for other uses, it’s overkill for simple kitchen use.

Consider voice control features

By the nature of cooking, your hands will be too dirty to use electronics for much of the process. A tablet that’s engineered specifically for voice control goes a long way in making it easy to navigate websites and apps. This will allow you to find the recipes and techniques you need in the moment.

Alexa, for example, is one of the most refined voice assistants out there. It’s used both on Amazon’s Echo devices and on several tablets. While you can install Alexa on a wide range of tablets, Amazon’s own models implement it the best. Another example is Siri, a program by known for its own powerful search abilities.

Does it need to be rugged?

Unfortunately, you won’t find any waterproof, silicone-coated or otherwise rugged tablets in a reasonable price range. Don’t worry, though, because most modern tablets are probably more resistant to physical and water damage than it seems. A few drops of water here and there won’t threaten most. 

What’s worth considering is how tight each device’s clearances are and how easy it would be for food particles to get stuck inside. To avoid issues like that, stick with reputable manufacturers, who generally have high standards and great quality control.

Don’t forget the case and stand

You don’t want to struggle with reading a recipe while your tablet sits flat on the counter. Plus, a protective case prevents damage and provides peace of mind. There are quality cases for most tablets, whether they’re from Apple or any other manufacturer. You can also consider a tablet stand, which keeps your device out of the way of spills.

Amazon Echo Show 10

This novel smart display combines a 10-inch touch screen with powerful Alexa voice integration. The speaker sounds great and the experience is user-friendly. The screen even rotates automatically to follow you around the room, so you never lose sight of it.

Sold by Amazon

Apple iPad 8th Generation

By far one of the best reasonably priced tablets, the iPad sports powerful hardware, an impressive display and several useful apps. It’s an excellent device for everyday activities and it shines when used in the kitchen, partly thanks to convenient Siri voice control.

Sold by Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon’s 10-inch tablet is one of the top budget-friendly options. It’s an especially good choice for those who aren’t highly experienced with technology. In addition to its user-friendly experience, it’s seen a significant increase in the number of available apps in recent years.

Sold by Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

This wasn’t always the case, but Android apps now continue to work better and better with a tablet form factor. The Tab A8 is the latest entry in Samsung’s low-cost lineup. It’s easily capable of helping out in the kitchen despite its relatively limited hardware.

Sold by Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 8

The 8-inch Amazon tablet is a great choice that’s durable and not too expensive. Alexa voice control makes it simple to pull up recipes, substitutions and pro tips when your hands are dirty.

Sold by Amazon

Samsung Tab A7 Lite

Simply watching cooking tutorials and tracking recipes doesn’t call for much in the way of premium hardware. This budget-friendly 10-inch option is perfectly sufficient for most kitchen tasks.

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