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Updated July 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus
Smart Tab M10 Plus
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Best for Everyday Use
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The versatile 2nd gen Smart Tab M10 offers the specs that make it the best Lenovo tablet for watching TV, listening to your favorite music, and use as a stylish smart home hub.


Wide and vibrant 10.3-inch Full-HD tablet. Charging dock is a Dolby Atmos-supported smart speaker. Lightweight. Responsive Octa-core processor. Optimized for streaming entertainment apps. Alexa-based voice controls.


Lenovo’s best tablet is a fairly expensive model, but you'll get impressive features and functionality for the price.

Best Bang for the Buck
Lenovo Tab M8 FHD
Tab M8 FHD
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Best Value
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The crisp display, power, and truly impressive battery life of the Tab 8 easily make it Lenovo’s best budget tablet.


Sharp FHD display. Up to 18 hours of battery life. Quad-core processor delivers speedy performance. Immersive Dolby Atmos audio. Thin, lightweight, and durable. Features a 13MP camera. Safe Kids Mode.


Its 8-inch display is not the biggest display available.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab with Google Assistant
Yoga Smart Tab with Google Assistant
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You’ll appreciate the large 10.1-inch screen on this sharp-looking Yoga tablet, which is great for gaming and streaming video.


2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space. Stand angle is flexible, so you can use the tablet in the most comfortable position for your needs. Speakers are clearer than you’d expect.


Battery reliability is a question mark, as it may occasionally struggle to charge properly.

Lenovo Tab M7
Tab M7
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Bargain Pick
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Between its long battery life, huge array of apps, and bright screen, the inexpensive Lenovo Tab M7 is the perfect entertainment tablet for kids.


Especially affordable. Optimized for streaming video content. Great 10-hour battery life. Quad-core processor. Massive collection of compatible Android apps. Low blue light emission reduces eye strain.


Its 2MP cameras are not especially impressive.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet
Chromebook Duet
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Small as They Get
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Running the relatively streamlined Chrome OS, this tiny tablet and mated keyboard are as portable as anything else on the market.


Not meant for power or speed, but its compact form and reasonable performance make this choice with 4GB of RAM excellent for travelers and minimalist remote workers. The screen looks pretty good for such an affordable laptop.


It takes some getting used to, and the size won't be suitable for people with very large hands.


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Buying guide for Best Lenovo tablets

Tablet computers deliver impressive processing power at an impressive price. The technology and associated hardware have been around long enough that tablet designs are familiar and reliable to most consumers. Lenovo is a trusted and popular brand that offers tablets in multiple sizes and configurations.

Lenovo entered the tablet market in 2005 by acquiring IBM’s personal computer business, which included tablets. It is a China-based technology company that manufacturers computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, and workstations. Lenovo tablets have a reputation for delivering a desirable mix of performance and value, with many of the company’s offerings costing under $100. Whether you want to surf the internet, spend time on social media, stream movies and TV shows, or run business apps, there are plenty of Lenovo tablet models from which to choose.

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Lenovo is a China-based technology company that manufacturers computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, and workstations.

Key considerations

Operating system

Lenovo tablets run either Android or Windows operating systems. Most Lenovo tablets use the Google Android OS, but you can find some tablets aimed at business users that run Windows OS. Currently, Android tablets from Lenovo are branded Yoga, Tab, or Yoga Tab. Windows tablets from Lenovo use the ThinkPad brand name.


As with any computer, a tablet runs from a central processing unit (CPU). Fast, powerful processors give the tablet the ability to run the majority of games and apps. If you need to stream video on your tablet, you will want the fastest CPU you can afford. Video processing requires above-average processing power to avoid skips and freezes in the video, and a faster processor will help run video smoothly at full resolution. Weaker CPUs could limit your enjoyment of games and video streams.

Screen size and resolution

When gaming or video streaming, screen size plays a big role in your enjoyment of the tablet. For a Lenovo tablet, you’ll typically be choosing between 8-inch and 10.1-inch screens. Less commonly, a Lenovo tablet may have a screen as small as 7 inches or as large as 13 inches.

Most Lenovo tablets have high definition (HD) or full high definition (FHD) resolution. HD tablets have a resolution of 1280 x 800 and are less expensive than FHD models, which have 1920 x 1200 resolution.

If you are accustomed to using an Apple iPad but want to update to a more affordable device, consider Lenovo's Tab M10, which offers sharp FHD resolution, speedy performance, and an impressive feature set.


Lenovo tablet features


RAM, otherwise known as random access memory, is the working memory a tablet uses. A generous amount of RAM allows a tablet to work faster. RAM amounts of 1GB or 2GB are common for Lenovo tablets, but a few premium models offer 4GB of RAM for impressive internal storage.


Storage space on a Lenovo tablet will consist of a solid state drive (SSD). You can use the SSD to store your photos and other personal files. Commonly, you’ll find 16GB or 32GB of storage on a Lenovo tablet. Additionally, some Lenovo tablets have microSD capability that makes it possible to expand the storage capacity.


All Lenovo tablets are equipped with cameras, and some models have both front and rear cameras. Cameras that can rotate 180 degrees inside the edge of the tablet frame are also commonly seen on Lenovo tablets. This is helpful when you want to achieve the best angle for a shot. It’s common to use tablet cameras for video conferencing. Tablet cameras can also shoot photos, though they can be awkward to hold steady for still shots.


With a Lenovo tablet, you’ll be able to connect to a WiFi network. Some models offer Bluetooth connectivity, while others also let you connect to a cellular network such as LTE (with an added subscription).

Lenovo tablets
Lenovo tablets are quite similar to Samsung Galaxy tabs when it comes to features, screen resolution, price, and performance.

Accessories for a Lenovo tablet

Tablet sling bag

The Solo New York tablet bag has a sleek crossbody style and holds tablets up to 12.9 inches. The neutral design goes well with any style and has room for other items you might need for school or work.

Lap desk

A lap desk like the Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk is a portable work station you can use from the comfort of home. Whether you want to surf the internet, stream entertainment, or work from home, this comfortable memory foam desk is a cozy solution.

Lenovo tablet prices

On average, Lenovo tablets tend to be more affordable than other brands of tablets. Within the Lenovo brand, tablets with smaller screen sizes have lower price points than those with larger screens. A tablet’s components and resolution also affect the price. Pricier models tend to have faster processors, extra RAM, additional storage space, and higher screen resolution.

  • If you want a Lenovo tablet with a 7-inch screen, prepare to pay somewhere between $50 and $125.
  • For an 8-inch screen, the cost could range from $60 to $250.
  • A 10-inch screen tablet from Lenovo usually costs somewhere between $75 and $500.

Notably, these are large ranges. It’s important to note that tablets on the lower end of each price range are often slightly older models that still happen to be available. Lenovo also offers some tablets designed especially for business work. These devices contain extra security features, large screens, and detachable keyboards. Expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500.

Although Lenovo tablets have cameras, they are not ideal for still photography because of how large and unwieldy they are. However, many Lenovo tablet owners find that videoconferencing is easier with their tablet than their phone.



  • Pay attention to the weight of your chosen tablet. Tablets from Lenovo typically weigh between 1 and 2 pounds. While that may not sound like much, it can start to feel like a lot if you’re carrying the tablet around all day. If portability is a top priority, consider a Lenovo tablet with smaller screen size.
  • Factor in how you plan to use your tablet. Will you use it occasionally or daily? Will its primary function be work or play? Will you use it to stream or take photos? Evaluating these factors will help you decide if a smaller, budget-friendly option would suffice or if a tablet with a larger display and faster performance would better match your needs.
  • Tablet screens will collect fingerprints. Just like a smartphone screen, the touchscreen on a Lenovo tablet is prone to collect dust, fingerprints, and stains. To clean the tablet screen, use a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth. Slightly dampen the cloth with water to clean stubborn spots. Don’t use window cleaner or other cleansers on your tablet screen.
  • Consider how much you want to spend. Lenovo tablets are available at different prices to fit different budgets.
  • Decide if voice command is important to you. If it is, choose a Lenovo tablet that has built-in Alexa.
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Lenovo entered the tablet market in 2005 by acquiring IBM’s personal computer business, which included tablets.


Q. Can I print from my Lenovo tablet?

A. Yes, but you’ll need to print wirelessly. The easiest way to print from your Lenovo tablet is to set up Google Cloud Print with your Google account. As long as the printer is connected to Google Cloud Print, you can print documents from the tablet through the cloud. You can also download some apps that control the printing process from the Lenovo tablet.

Q. How do I stream TV shows and movies to the Lenovo tablet?

A. The easiest option is signing up for a streaming service. Several options are available for roughly $0.25 to $2 per day with free trial periods. You then download an app for that streaming service. With your tablet connected to the internet and with the app open, you can begin watching TV shows, sports, movies and more.

Q. Will I need a screen protector for my tablet?

A. You could potentially scratch the screen of a tablet, so some people decide that they want a screen protector. However, the screen glass in a tablet is thicker and resists scratches better than smartphone glass. If you have a case for the tablet that covers the screen when it’s not in use, that may be enough protection to avoid significant scratches on a Lenovo. However, if you want full protection at all times, a screen protector is a good idea.

Q. Do Lenovo tablets have long battery life?

A. Yes, although each tablet model's performance varies. Some models deliver a battery life of 20 hours between charges with typical usage. The average Lenovo tablet charge lasts for 12 to 15 hours. But heavy usage, such as streaming video, can cause the battery life to fall below average.

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