Updated August 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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WALI Dual Gas Spring Desk Mount
Dual Gas Spring Desk Mount
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Durable & Rugged
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Its durability and expansive range of motion make the Wali dual monitor mount the best option for the average person.


Rugged design. Easy to install. Tiny desktop footprint. Easily holds 27-inch monitors. Extremely flexible arms and mount. Fairly affordable. Integrated cable management.


Not for huge monitors.

Best Bang for the Buck
VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand
Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand
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Customer Favorite
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The range of motion of this hefty dual monitor stand makes it an excellent deal for the price.


Affordable. Holds monitors up to 27 inches. Built-in cable management. Wide range of tilt, swivel, and rotating motion. Easy to set up. Rugged design.


Additional height options would have been appreciated.

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand
Premium Dual Monitor Stand
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Bendy & Easy to Install
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This rugged yet bendy dual monitor stand is a deal for anyone who multitasks on large and heavy monitors.


Extremely durable. Easily holds monitors up to 25 pounds in place. Rotating stand. Wide range of motion. Simple clamp installation. Available in black and silver.


Its instruction manual is not user-friendly.

Victor DC350 Dual Monitor Sit/Stand Desk Converter
DC350 Dual Monitor Sit/Stand Desk Converter
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Best for Everyday Use
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Its wide range of useful settings makes this versatile dual monitor stand the best option for a standing desk.


Easily converts into a standing or sit-down desk. Integrated shelf for mouse and keyboard. Electronic height adjustment. Holds up to 25-inch monitors each. Durable.


An especially pricy dual monitor stand.

Mount-It! Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount
Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount
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Versatile Design
Bottom Line

This versatile model is worth consideration as a budget-friendly dual monitor stand.


Affordable. Features gripping and freestanding bases. Holds 27-inch monitors. Easy to adjust height, tilt, and swivel. Built-in cable management. Rotating mount.


Its horseshoe-shaped freestanding base takes up a lot of desktop space.


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Buying guide for Best dual monitor stands

They are situations you’re probably familiar with. You’re buried in work, with web browsers, documents, and countless other windows open on your monitor as you click back and forth to bring them to the foreground. Or you’re trying to keep up with your friends in the latest online game, but you’re buried in chat screens, inventory tabs, and other windows as your health tanks in a buried window. These situations would be greatly improved with the addition of another monitor. Even better would be if you could raise both monitors off your desk on a single stand. 

What you need to increase desktop space and reduce eye strain and neck and back pain related to computer work is a dual monitor stand. There are several factors to keep in mind as you shop, from capacity and range of motion to price and durability.

Our buying guide covers all this and more, so you can select the dual monitor stand that’s right for you.

Configuring your dual monitors varies by operating system, but all of them should allow you to either mirror your screen or extend it across two monitors.

Key considerations


You want a dual monitor stand that is durable enough to hold up over time. Monitors can be pricey, and you don’t want the stand that’s holding yours to suddenly fail.

Any adjustment points should stay tight and not slip. While these stands are largely made of metal, be aware of any plastic or other less-durable materials that may be used in the stand, because these can negatively impact its overall durability.

Sitting vs. standing desks

Some dual monitor stands are for use only on desks you sit at. However, standing desks have gained momentum lately, and some dual monitor stands have embraced this trend. They can be easily configured to work with both a sitting and a standing desk. Regardless of which type of desk you have, be sure that the stand you’re considering will work with it.


One of the primary benefits of a dual monitor stand is that it raises your monitors to free up more work space on your desk. A dual monitor stand’s footprint, or the amount of space it takes up on the desktop, varies considerably from model to model. Dual monitor stands that mount with a clamp or to the wall generally don’t take up much desk space, while freestanding ones take up considerably more.

Monitor size

Dual monitor stands also vary in the size of the monitors they can support. Some are designed to work with monitors up to a specific width, with the average being 13 to 32 inches. Others are rated by the weight of the monitor because each arm can only hold a certain number of pounds. Some top-rated dual monitor stands are capable of supporting up to 25 pounds or more. 

When determining if a stand will support your monitors’ weight, be sure you know whether the manufacturer is rating the entire stand system (the weight of both monitors together) or the weight limit for each individual arm.

It’s important to be sure your monitors are within both width and weight limits for the stand or the stand won’t work properly and may fail.


While most dual monitor stands look like something used in a car manufacturing plant, some offer a choice of colors. Most of these stands are black or dark gray, which fits in with most office décor and color schemes.

Did You Know?
Most dual monitor stands are made of steel or aluminum, which gives you a strong stand that can withstand rust and corrosion.



Range of motion: The best dual monitor stands offer you a wide range of motion so you can enjoy the best ergonomic experience regardless of your chair and desk setup. You should be able to tilt, swivel, and rotate each monitor to meet your specific needs. These adjustments are usually performed with a series of screws or bolts or twist-and-lock knobs. Some stands incorporate a gas spring tension system that you can adjust for lighter or heavier monitors.

Height: You should also be able to adjust the height of each monitor individually. While this is often achieved using the same bolts or knobs mentioned above, some height adjustment systems, particularly those for standing desks, are electric.

Cable management

You don’t want to invest in an elegant system to raise your dual monitors off your desktop and discover that you still need to deal with power and HDMI cables snaking everywhere. Whatever dual monitor stand you purchase, it should have some form of cable management system in place to handle all the cables from your monitors and add-ons such as a webcam.


While not common, some dual monitor stands offer an integrated shelf that is ideal for use with a keyboard and mouse. Some high-end stands also include a laptop mount, so your entire system can be raised off the desk.

If you have a desk made of thin material or glass, you might be better off going with a stand-alone mounting option.


Dual monitor stand prices

Inexpensive: Dual monitor stands in the $20 to $30 range usually offer a more limited range of motion and take up a larger footprint on your desktop. Freestanding mounts are common here. The capacity of these stands usually tops out at 27 inches.

Mid-range: At $30 to $50, the capacity of dual monitor stands improves, with a top width of 32 inches common here. While you can still find some freestanding mounts here, most of these monitors use a clamp mounting system that takes up less desk space.

Expensive: To support monitors that are 35 inches or larger, you’re going to need a dual monitor stand in the $50 to $90 range. These stands offer the best range of motion and the securest clamping options. If you’re in search of a dual monitor stand for a standing desk, focus on stands in this price range.

Did You Know?
Monitor mounts, the mechanisms behind the dual monitor stand, have only been in use since around 2000. The first patent issued for one was in 2006.


  • Keep your monitors at eye level. This helps to avoid neck, back, and eye strain.
  • Weigh your monitors. When shopping for a dual monitor stand, you’ll probably only need to worry about arm weight capacity if you have older monitors. Newer ones tend to be pretty lightweight. Still, it’s best to weigh your monitors and compare them to the stand’s specs just to be sure.
  • Try a triple monitor stand. If two monitors still aren’t enough for your needs, there are stands that hold three.
  • Choose a stand that’s easy to adjust. If you adjust your monitors frequently, consider going with a dual monitor stand that uses something like twist-and-lock knobs, which can be easily adjusted without the need for tools.
  • Check the range of motion. The best way to acquire a feel for the way a dual monitor stand will work on your desk is to see it in action. Online listings for these stands typically include a video that shows the range of motion.
  • Check your desk position. If your desk is pressed up against a wall, you might have a hard time using a stand with a clamp mounting system.
A dual monitor stand is one of the best solutions for those who want to use two monitors but have minimal desk space.


Q. How easy are these stands to install?

A. Most dual monitor stands aren’t difficult to install, although this can vary depending on the type of mount and your desk. Most use some form of clamping system that attaches directly to the desk. So long as you have a fairly standard desk with space available to hold the clamps, these stands should pose no problem. This is true of freestanding dual monitor stands too.

Dual monitor stands that use some form of grommet mount require you to drill holes in your desk, which requires more tools and time. Wall-mounted dual monitor stands can also be more difficult to install. Whichever type of mount you choose, the stand should come with a comprehensive installation guide with easy-to-follow instructions. Illustrations can be a big help here too.

Q. Can I use a dual monitor stand to set up my monitor in portrait mode?

A. While landscape mode (wider) is more common for monitor use, you may find the need to set one or more up in portrait mode (taller). Due to the wide range of adjustment options, a dual monitor stand should be flexible enough that you can position one or both monitors in portrait mode.

Q. Do these dual monitor stands work with all monitors?

A. Thanks to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), these stands should work with most monitors. The VESA standard establishes distances between the mounting holes in the backs of monitors, televisions, and other displays. If your monitor adheres to these standards, you should have no problem attaching it to one of these stands. If not, you might need to purchase an adapter.

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