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Best Logitech Keyboards

Updated November 2022
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Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Fast Wireless Gaming
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This full-sized keyboard optimizes its wireless connection for gaming and boasts clicky keys.


Low-profile mechanical key switches provide tactile feedback with audible clicks and fast response. Wireless connection is optimized for fast 1ms response time. Offers 30-hour battery life on a full charge. Bright LED lighting effects.


Fast wireless requires Logitech Lightspeed USB receiver. Takes up desk space.

Best Bang for the Buck
Logitech MK120 Desktop USB Mouse and Keyboard Combo
MK120 Desktop USB Mouse and Keyboard Combo
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Value Combo
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A great, affordable standard keyboard that also comes with a mouse.


Features a spill-resistant design. Includes a wired optical mouse. Keyboard has wired USB connections. Quiet, soft keys. Lasts a long time even with daily use.


Keys can feel a little mushy. Doesn't have many extra features.

Logitech K350 Wireless Keyboard
K350 Wireless Keyboard
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Ergonomic Design
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A good standard keyboard that is affordable and comfortable to use.


Features an ergonomic design and integrated cushioned palm rest. Offers quiet, comfortable typing. Easy-to-find media control keys. Battery can last up to 3 years depending on use.


Space bar positioning is a little hard to get used to. Requires USB unifying receiver, not Bluetooth.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
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Great for Productivity
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This multi-device wireless keyboard has a comfy key feel and incredible battery life.


Scissor-switch keyboard with rounded keys offers a familiar, laptop-style feel. Includes multimedia controls and other functions. Lasts over 2 years on 2 AA batteries. Supports up to 3 devices at a time.


Requires separate AA batteries. Not mechanical. Bluetooth latency isn't great for gaming.

Logitech Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Compact Mechanical
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A great keyboard for gamers or those looking for extra options and great quality.


Features mechanical keys and customizable multicolored lighting. Includes angle adjustment and sturdy rubber feet for extra stability. Small and light enough to be easily portable.


More expensive than typical keyboards. Keys are a bit stiff.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best logitech keyboards

When you’re working, gaming, or shopping online, a quality keyboard is essential. After all, a keyboard should help — not hinder — your experience. Logitech, a leading manufacturer of electronics, makes keyboards to suit professionals, gamers, and shoppers alike. Designed to endure intense keystrokes and prolonged use, Logitech keyboards are top performers when it comes to accuracy and comfort.

If you’re looking for a customized typing experience, Logitech manufactures keyboards with advanced functionality. Enjoy swift access to hot keys or take a load off your wrists with an ergonomic layout. Logitech also has a line of Bluetooth-enabled keyboards for a wireless experience and easy pairing with multiple devices, including TVs and tablets. They’re ideal for travelers, digital nomads, or the average home interested in seamlessly navigating streaming interfaces.

It’s time to gear up for a great typing and gaming experience with a Logitech keyboard. We tested the most popular models and invite you to read our buying guide for the rundown on Logitech’s impressive product line and some of our favorites.

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If you enjoy listening to music on your computer but your speakers are out of reach, opt for a Logitech keyboard with media keys.

Key considerations

Wired vs. wireless

  • Wired: These keyboards connect to your computer via a USB cord. They’re ideal for users whose workspace is stationary or for those in the market for a less expensive Logitech keyboard.

Simple and reliable, Logitech’s wired models have a reputation for lasting a long time. Even its budget-friendly models feature reinforced cords that are less likely to split open and expose wires, reducing the likelihood of fire or electrical hazards.

  • Wireless: These keyboards connect to your computer via Bluetooth. They’re ideal for people who like to be able to move around as they work. Once paired with your computer, you can take the keyboard anywhere within range, which is between 20 and 40 feet.

Logitech’s wireless keyboards are known for being lightweight, capable, and durable. Some models are compact for easy transport, especially those that can be paired with tablets. Certain wireless models are outfitted with special keys designed to facilitate access and navigation of streaming service menus and Bluetooth media devices.

Unlike wired models, which draw power from the computer through the USB connection, wireless Logitech keyboards require their own power source. That means you’ll need to replace the batteries, usually a couple AAs, on a regular basis.

Membrane vs. mechanical keys

Logitech keyboards have either membrane or mechanical keys. Membrane keyboards, like those on laptops, have a soft and sticky feel to them. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, have well-defined keys with characteristic clickiness, which you’ve most definitely heard.

The keyboards we examined were mostly mechanical, and many utilize Logitech’s unique Romer G technology to promote accuracy and keystroke registry. Gaming models also feature rapid response capability in which the keystrokes register more quickly. It also means they register partial presses, so if you’re moving all over the board with great intensity, rest assured that a Logitech keyboard can keep up with you.


Logitech keyboards range in size from 14 to 20 inches long and 8 to 10 inches wide. Compact models often forgo the traditional number pad on the right side, as do some of their gaming keyboards. Traditional models, like those used in offices, fall in the middle, provided they’re not wider due to an attached wrist rest. Certain Logitech gaming or ergonomic keyboards are at the larger end of the scale because they include a series of additional keys and usually have a wrist rest.

Logitech keyboard features


  • Curved or split: Keyboards that are curved or split accommodate the natural position of your wrists and hands while typing. The angled layouts also allow for more comfortable positioning of your elbows, as some traditional keyboards cause the elbows to sit close to the body, which can result in upper back, shoulder, and neck tension.
  • Wrist rest: Several Logitech keyboards feature a wrist rest, which elevates the wrists to be better aligned with your hands. Simple rests are plastic extensions of the basic keyboard, while more involved rests are textured to provide additional traction. Some cushioned wrist rests are made of memory gel, though there aren’t many keyboards in Logitech’s product line that have those.


Some Logitech keyboards are backlit, with light emanating from between keys. It’s an essential feature if you glance at the keyboard while you type, especially in a darkened room. As some keys are illuminated through the characters, you won’t need to worry about the paint or stickers wearing off the keys anymore. You’ll find backlighting in Logitech’s gaming keyboards, though some of their other models are also illuminated.

Special keys

In addition to the traditional QWERTY layout, Logitech keyboards with advanced functionality are built with special keys to maximize user experience with different software and programs.

  • Media controls: Keyboards with media controls are geared toward those who enjoy listening to audio or who use video production software. These keys make it faster to adjust the volume, change tracks, and fast forward or rewind video at your fingertips, eliminating adjustments via desktop or speakers.
  • Programmable keys: Geared toward gamers or typists who need specialized commands, programmable keys are popular on mid-range and high-end Logitech keyboards. You’ll need to set up the commands on your desktop with Logitech drivers. If you’re already set up and gaming, you can further customize your keyboard in-game with special commands.
  • Pairing controls: Wireless keyboards are equipped with buttons and switches for seamless pairing with Bluetooth. Connect your keyboard to a device with the press of a button, and if you want to avoid accidental pairing, use the switch to turn off the signal.


Some Logitech consumers purchase an extended warranty to either add to the duration of the warranty or cover a wider range of defects, issues, and malfunctions.


A couple blasts of compressed air can dislodge debris in your keyboard. We like this four-pack of canisters from Dust-Off because it’s not too pricey and it gets the job done.

If your Logitech keyboard doesn’t come with one, adding a cushioned wrist rest will boost your comfort level. Since it’s not attached, you can place it anywhere on your desk. The Gimars wrist rest actually comes with a mouse wrist cushion as well, so you get more bang for your buck.

For wireless Logitech keyboards, you’ll need to replace the batteries on a regular basis. Opt for a value pack to always have some on hand or invest in rechargeable batteries like these from Panasonic to save money over the long term.

Logitech keyboard prices

Given the broad range of quality and functionality, Logitech keyboards have a wide price range of $15 to $200.

Inexpensive: Budget-friendly keyboards that cost between $15 and $30 are simple wired and wireless models. They don’t have any fancy features, but they’re ideal for infrequent typers. On the upside, some keyboards in this price range come with a basic mouse.

Mid-range: Logitech keyboards priced between $30 and $80 are focused on functionality. Ergonomic layouts, wrist rests, and programmable keys are just some of the bells and whistles to expect in this value-conscious bracket.

Expensive: If you’re someone who spends hours typing or gaming, a high-end Logitech keyboard is essential. Priced between $80 and $200, these have mechanical switches, a high level of programmability ideal for gaming functions, and backlit options.


  • Check for system and driver updates. For some Logitech models, you’ll need to update drivers to maintain optimal performance and connection between your computer and keyboard.
  • Change the angle. Pop out the legs at the top of the keyboard if you prefer typing on a slight upward slope.
  • Forgo the number pad to optimize space. If you need to save space and don’t need a number pad, opt for a simpler, more compact Logitech keyboard.
  • Protect your keyboard. Invest in a cover to protect your keyboard from dust when it’s not in use.
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While Logitech doesn’t make keyboards designed specifically for left-handed people, if you’re a lefty, consider investing in one of their gaming keyboards. You can program keys that are more conveniently located for your dominant hand.


Q. Are all Logitech keyboards compatible with Mac?
Certain Logitech keyboards, particularly wired ones, work well with Mac. Technically, Bluetooth keyboards should be compatible with a Mac that has USB ports, but there are some reports of corrupted connections and incompatibility.

Q. Is it worth getting a combo pack with both a Logitech keyboard and mouse?
Yes and no. When it comes to a value buy, it’s fair deal since you get two new accessories in a single pack. The downside with these packs is mouse quality; they tend to be flimsy. You’ll occasionally find special packages with Logitech’s highest-quality keyboard and mouse, particularly those geared toward gaming, but they’re rare.

Q. Does Logitech guarantee its products?
Logitech provides limited warranties ranging from three months to three years. Extended warranties are also available for purchase. These are pretty strict about what they cover, so accidental, intentional, and spill damage won’t be covered. With that said, they have decent customer service for anything related to manufacturer defects.

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