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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Buying guide for best car seat covers for pets

If your fur baby is a regular road warrior, or just an occasional backseat companion, chances are your vehicle could benefit from a car seat cover for pets. Shedding, slobbering, clawing, chewing, and nervous accidents are par for the course when traveling with pets, and it can all take a serious toll on your car’s interior. Whether its a vexing visit to the vet, a fun-filled trip to the park, or simply a laid-back afternoon cruise, a car seat cover for pets will help keep your upholstery in tip-top shape while offering your furry friend a little extra comfort, too.

But with so many options available, sifting through the various styles, sizes, materials, and fastening systems can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, we’re here to help!

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about choosing the best car seat cover for pets in this easy-to-navigate shopping guide.

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While smaller breeds generally fare well with most car seat covers for pets, bigger dogs can place additional strain on stitching and fasteners. Larger breeds tend to require heavy-duty construction.

Key considerations

When shopping for a car seat cover for pets, you’ll come across an array of styles, sizes, and materials.


Pet car seat covers come in four basic styles.

Bench covers cover both the seats and backrests. Total seat and backrest coverage is ideal for large breeds, multiple dogs, or curious pups who can’t resist peeping out the back window (and clawing your upholstery in the process).

A variation on bench covers, hammock covers have an extra flap that attaches to the front seat headrests, creating a hammock-like effect. This is not only useful for keeping the backs of your front seats scratch- and crud-free, but it also eliminates the possibility of your pooch rolling off the seat should you suddenly hit the brakes.

If you have a small to medium dog who insists on riding shotgun, a front seat cover is your best bet. With a single seat design, these covers allow you and your companion to travel side by side while protecting your passenger seat and backrest.

Ideal for station wagons, SUVs, and other vehicles with cargo compartments, cargo liners let you utilize your trunk and keep your seats pet-free. If your vehicle is compatible and you have multiple dogs or an exceptionally large breed, a cargo liner is an option well worth considering.


Whether you’ve decided to opt for a bench cover, hammock cover, front seat cover, or cargo liner, remember to give size some thought. Even if you have a smaller breed and only require partial coverage, you’ll still need to find the right fit for your vehicle’s seat dimensions. Most car seat covers for pets come in multiple sizes to accommodate varying seat measurements. Take a look at the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines before buying.


The best material depends as much on your dog’s size and disposition as it does on the level of protection you need. Common materials include microfiber, canvas, and poly-cotton and other polyester blends. If you have a pampered pooch and comfort is of the essence, consider a plush microfiber or poly-cotton blend. Rambunctious ruffians, large dogs, or particularly energetic breeds, on the other hand, might require a more robust seat cover made of rugged canvas or heavy-duty polyester.

Ease of cleaning

Some dogs seem to magically attract dirt without even trying, while others just can’t resist a good roll through the mud. Either way, your pooch is bound to track some sort of muck into your car when he hops back in. Even if you’ve been blessed with a relatively hygiene-conscious pup, you’ll likely still have to deal with shedding, odor, and perhaps the odd accident. Therefore, an easy-to-clean pet car seat cover is a must. For the easiest cleaning, look for a cover that’s both washer- and dryer-safe.



Just about every car seat cover for pets offers some level of water-resistance. However, this can vary drastically from cover to cover. While basic covers made of synthetic fabrics with moisture-repelling properties (like pure polyester) can claim to be highly water-resistant, they typically won’t provide the same level of protection as premium, multi-layered covers. For the utmost moisture protection, look for covers with a special water-resistant coating, multiple layers, and a waterproof lining.


Being able to adjust your pet car seat cover is a convenient bonus. Some covers can be used as either bench covers or hammock covers – a handy feature if you’re not sure which style will work best for you and your dog. Others come with fold-out door panels, so there’s no need to buy door covers separately.


A good fastening system should effectively hold the seat cover in place and be easy to adjust. Most car seat covers for pets have headrest buckles with adjustable straps. However, inexpensive covers sometimes come with simple fabric headrest loops. Covers with sturdy straps and quick-release buckles tend to be more user-friendly.


Just because pet car seat covers are primarily designed for practical, pet-related protection, that doesn’t mean they have to detract from your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Most are available in various hues to match your car’s interior. If you like the idea of showcasing your pet’s spunky personality, vibrant colors or charming patterns are sure to get some attention. Prefer a sleeker look that doesn’t scream “pet-mobile”? Neutral tones and quilted designs offer a natural and understated look.


Depending on the style, size, material, water-resistance level, and other features, a car seat cover for pets can range from just under $15 to $60 and up.

Budget covers cost $12 to $20 and generally consist of a single layer of moisture-repellent fabric. While these don’t often come with frills like adjustable flaps, quilted upper layers, or quick-release buckles, most will keep your seats reasonably dry, clean, and damage-free.

Mid-range varieties priced between $20 and $40 offer a good balance of quality, protection, and aesthetics. Whether your main concern is comfort, durability, water-resistance, or looks, you’ll find a good number of excellent options to choose from in this price range.

High-end car seat covers for pets can set you back anywhere from $40 to around $70. If premium comfort, superior moisture protection, a modern design, adaptable features, and durable construction are important to you, a premium seat cover is a worthwhile investment.


  • Choosing a pet seat cover that matches your upholstery is a good idea. However, if your dog is a shaggy shedding machine, opting for a color that matches her coat will minimize visibility between cleans.

  • Using a handheld vacuum is a quick and easy way to keep your pet car seat cover looking neat and tidy between washes.

  • Even if you wash your dog regularly and keep your seat cover as clean as possible, dog odor is an unavoidable reality. We recommend freshening up your seat cover with a good odor eliminator every once in a while.

  • Multiple layers, padding, and a waterproof lining will not only make your pet more comfortable, but these features also provide superior moisture-resistance and improved overall protection for your car seats.

  • Most dogs enjoy surveying the scenery when going for a drive. But getting the perfect vantage point often requires some clawing. Choosing a seat cover with door guards or buying them separately will keep your car doors protected, too.

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Consider your pet’s seating preference before you choose the style of your car seat cover for pets. Pups who are accustomed to riding shotgun are unlikely to relinquish their front seat view without protest.


Q. Why does my pet car seat cover have a strange odor?

A. This is a common issue with products that have been specially treated with water-resistant chemicals. In most cases, any odor dissipates after letting the cover air out. If the odor is excessively strong or lingers even after airing/washing, reaching out to the manufacturer can be helpful. Most are happy to provide information regarding the safety of water-resistant coatings and ways to combat odors. If you still feel uneasy or simply cannot stand the smell, consider requesting a refund and replacing the cover with a chemical-free alternative.

Q. Do car seat covers for pets come with seat belt openings?

A. While most newer models have seat belt slots, there are some that don’t. If you’d like to strap your dog in for extra security or need to install a car seat, be sure to check for this feature before you buy.

Q. Will a hammock car seat cover stop my dog from climbing into the front seat?

A. If your dog has a hard time sitting still and constantly flits from the back to the front seat, a hammock cover can certainly act as a deterrent. However, a determined dog might still find a way to slip through the gaps, especially a smaller breed. While a secure hammock car seat cover creates a physical barrier that will discourage most dogs from seat-surfing, it’s not a guaranteed solution for every case.

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