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Best Washer/Dryer Combos

Updated April 2024
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Best of the Best
GE Profile 4.8 cu. ft. Ultrafast Combo Washer & Electric Dryer
Profile 4.8 cu. ft. Ultrafast Combo Washer & Electric Dryer
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Saves Space and Energy
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In addition to being impressively compact, this combo unit uses a heat pump system with no need for a vent.


This powerful all-in-one unit exceeds expectations with features like Microban antibacterial technology and the auto-dispensing detergent system. All you need to install is a 120-volt outlet and drain access. Interior lighting and preferred settings give it a luxury feel.


Somewhat small for a dryer as clothes tend to increase in volume as they dry.

Best Bang for the Buck
GE Spacemaker Series Washer and Electric Dryer
Spacemaker Series Washer and Electric Dryer
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Simple Yet Solid
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This compact model proves that you can own a washer and dryer in 1 unit, even if your place is small.


A slim 24-inch structure fits tight areas, making it suitable for apartment dwellers. Stacked design with a top-load washer. Offers load-sensing technology that adjusts water levels accordingly. Accommodates a surprisingly large amount of laundry.


Rare reports of the machine requiring repairs after a few months. Somewhat noisy.

Frigidaire Electric Laundry Center
Electric Laundry Center
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Compact & Spacious
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Although this model saves space, it offers a larger capacity for laundry than many models in its class.


Stacked washer and dryer combo. The top-load washer is easy to access. Spacious capacity for a compact model. Earns praise for being quiet to operate. The attractive design looks nice in a small laundry room. Both the washer and dryer are very efficient.


Cycles are long. Washer is prone to getting off balance, which throws off the spin cycle.

Giantex Portable Full Automatic Washer and Dryer Combo
Portable Full Automatic Washer and Dryer Combo
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Best for Small Spaces
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If you need a small machine for a minimalist lifestyle, this portable, energy-efficient model is worth checking out.


Ultra-compact design that is a fully automatic washing machine. Spin-dry cycle is included. Saves water and energy. Ideal for apartment living. Can also be used in small areas in a bathroom or kitchen, or in an RV. Sits at a really nice price point for the quality.


If you have large loads of laundry, this machine won't work. It doesn't dry clothes completely.

LG WashTower
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Most Stylish
Bottom Line

This is the combo to choose if you need a space-saving washer and dryer and style is high on your priority list.


Distances itself from competitors for its premium looks that work well in modern homes. Stacked front-loading machines hold a generous amount of laundry. Reasonably quiet. Built-in WiFi and load-sensing technology make this combo smart and efficient.


Reports of faulty units that needed to be repaired or replaced.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best washer/dryer combos

If you live in a small apartment or home and you’re interested in optimizing your space, then you may want to consider buying a washer/dryer combo. These compact, convenient units combine a washer and dryer in one machine.

Washer/dryer combos also eliminate the extra step of transferring laundry from one machine to another. Because the cycles are back-to-back, you can simply load up and forget about your wash until you hear a chime. Besides being genuine time- and space-savers, washer/dryer combos are energy-efficient as well. Not only do they require less energy to operate given their voltage, they’re often equipped with smart cycle features to use only a necessary amount of water.

Our buying guide covers everything you need to know before you invest in a washer/dryer combo, including how much you should pay. For our five favorite washer/dryer combos on the market, see the matrix above.

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If space in your home is at a premium, invest in a washer/dryer combo so you don’t have to carry laundry up and down flights of stairs.

Benefits of washer/dryer combos

Washer/dryer combos are space-efficient and easy to install since they’re ventless. That means they don’t require a heat pipe as they rely on either condensation or a heat pump. Both methods pull air from the room to heat up and dry clothing. The downside to a ventless dryer is that drying takes longer than a traditional dryer with a vent.

The compact design means that washer/dryer combos are masterful space-savers. They’re ideal for people who live in apartments. For those who don’t want to go up and down flights of stairs with laundry, washer/dryer combos can be tucked away on an upper floor of a house, closer to the bedrooms. Compact models are also popular additions to RVs and boats for doing laundry on the go.

Expert tip
Measure your space prior to purchasing a washer/dryer combo. Different brands and models vary widely in size.
BestReviews Cleaning Expert

Key considerations

Wash and dry cycles

Washer/dryer combos feature at least a dozen wash and dry cycles. There are usually more wash cycles available, though there’s a matching dry cycle for each one. For the most part, cycles are designated by load size, soil level, and material type.

Size and capacity

Washer/dryer combos range in capacity from 1.6 cu. ft. to 4.7 cu. ft. They can handle between six pounds and 20 pounds of laundry per load. While all washer/dryer combos are considered space-saving, compact models usually have a capacity of 2 cu. ft. or less. As far as how much real estate washer/dryer combos take up, they average about 24 inches in depth and about three feet in height, so they’re around the size of an average dishwasher.


Washer/dryer combos are electric and require access to an outlet. Many models only require a 115-volt plug as opposed to the traditional 230-volt plug required by full-size units. As a result, washer/dryer combos are more energy-efficient.

You’ll also need access to your home’s water line to hook up a washer/dryer combo, so there’s a bit of plumbing involved with setup. Some manufacturers have dedicated tutorials with step-by-step installation videos. Before you begin installation, though, make sure you have all the tools and accessories you need on hand. You may prefer to hire a professional to make sure the washer/dryer combo is hooked up correctly.

"Washer/dryer combos are ideal for apartments as they’re small enough to be tucked into the kitchen or bathroom."


Special cycles

Some washer/dryer combos feature advanced cycles for combating wrinkles, removing pet hair and dander, or deep cleaning to remove heavy stains. There are also cycles for specific materials, such as wool garments and feather-filled duvets. Many washer/dryer combos have smart modes that add additional drying time to clothing that is still damp and adjust water levels as needed.

Smart home compatibility

High-end washer/dryer combos are WiFi-enabled, allowing you to track cycles via an app. Some models are also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can initiate a cycle or inquire about status. These ultra-convenient features always come with a higher price tag, however.


Popular colors for washer/dryer combos are white, black, and silver. For the most part, white units are the least expensive. Some high-end washer/dryer combos are also available in red, graphite, or even rose gold. Pick a color that goes well with the other appliances in your home or laundry room.

Expert Tip
Most washer/dryer combos are front-loading, so you'll want to do enough research to determine whether or not a front-load machine is best for you. Those who have back issues or are shorter in height may want to go with a front loader. 
BestReviews Cleanin Expert

Washer/dryer combo prices

Expect to spend between $800 and $3,000 on a washer/dryer combo. The price might seem steep, but don’t forget you’re getting two machines in one.


Affordable models are priced between $800 and $1,000 and feature over a dozen wash and dry settings. They perform decently for small loads or households.


In this range, washer/dryer combos cost between $1,000 and $2,000. They have advanced convenience features, including delay timers, and sometimes have compatibility with apps for easy monitoring.


High-end models run between $2,000 and $3,000 and have all the bells and whistles of a high-tech and high-efficiency unit. Almost all of these combos are compatible with apps and smart home assistants, and they have advanced features that optimize cycles. For the most part, these washer/dryer combos operate as powerfully and reliably as individual washer and dryer units.


  • Separate your laundry correctly. To make the most of your washer/dryer combo’s dedicated cycles, separate laundry into colors, whites, towels, linens, and delicates.
  • Check for installation accessories. Make sure your washer/dryer combo comes with installation accessories. If not, order them at the same time so you can hook up your unit as soon as it arrives.
  • Clean compartments often. Washer/dryer combos have compartments for detergents and even coin catchers. Empty and clean them often to make sure residue and dirt don’t accumulate in your machine.
  • Avoid opening mid-load. While it’s safe to open your machine in the middle of a load, be aware that your items could fall out onto the ground before they stop spinning, given the front-loading design of washer/dryer combos.
  • Pause to add dryer sheets. Pause your washer/dryer combo between the wash and dry cycles if you want to add dryer sheets or dryer balls.
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It’s important to read the user manual thoroughly if you’ve never had a washer/dryer combo before. While they’re easy to operate, they’re different from traditional machines, so they require different care and maintenance.


Q. Will I save more space with a washer/dryer combo or a stacked washer/dryer set?

A. While your washer/dryer combo might be wider, you’ll still have valuable wall space above it. With stacked sets, you lose a place where you can install shelving to keep your laundry area organized. With a washer/dryer combo, you’ll also have plenty of surface area to fold clothes on top of the unit.

Expert tip
Washers are easy to clean with a simple washing machine cleaner. The cleaner from Affresh happens to be my favorite.
BestReviews Cleaning Expert

Q. Can I install a washer/dryer combo on the second floor of my home?

A. Yes, since you only need a water and electrical hook-up for a washer/dryer combo. For the same reason, washer/dryer combos are a favorite among apartment dwellers who have limited space. Since washer/dryer combos require far less space than two appliances, you can install yours in a kitchen or bathroom. Some people opt to turn upstairs hallway closets into washer/dryer spaces.

Q. What are the main differences between front-loading and top-loading washing machines?

A. For one, if you have difficulty reaching or pulling clothes from the machine, a front-loading washing machine takes a load off your body compared to a top-loading machine. It’s easier to transfer clothes to the machine from a laundry basket as well. Some consumers are not fans of front-loading machines, though, since they can be susceptible to mildew smells due to the way water drains after a load.

Q. Why do my socks disappear from my washing machine?

A. If your washing machine is eating your socks, there may be a hole in the door seal gasket. However, before you go taking your washer apart to find lost socks, check behind and underneath the machine.