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Best Showerheads

Updated November 2023
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Moen Velocity Two-Function Rainshower
Velocity Two-Function Rainshower
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Luxury Option
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This showerhead is expensive but luxurious, and will more than pay for itself in the long run with its nice features.


Extra large design with 2 modes that include gentle rain and concentrated rinse. Outstanding water pressure. Installation is straightforward. Available in 5 finish options.


Expensive, but here's a tip: Go for the basic chrome finish to save some money.

Best Bang for the Buck
Speakman Icon Anystream Showerhead
Icon Anystream Showerhead
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Simple Yet Solid
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An excellent upgrade from a basic, smaller model. You won't be disappointed with this attractive yet affordable option.


Delivers water streams that are simple to adjust from rain to intense flood settings. Durable and made to last. Built-in plungers resist sediment buildup. Simple to install. Choice of 8 finishes.


It is a low-flow model, but the company includes instructions on how to remove the flow regulator.

JOLIE Filtered Showerhead
Filtered Showerhead
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Ideal for Hard Water
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This is a stylish showerhead that offers the benefit of filtering water for improved skin and hair.


Boasts a built-in filter that removes contaminants, chlorine, and heavy metals. Offers a modern design that's sleek and attractive. Easy to install and adjust the angle of the water flow. Choice of 5 finishes.


Pricey. Although it's supposed to be high pressure, it may actually reduce water pressure for some.

NearMoon Rain Showerhead
Rain Showerhead
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Ultra-Thin Design
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A sleek and stylish, ultra-thin choice that provides a rainfall-like showering experience.


This large, 8-inch model contains 90 silicon nozzles that make it feel like you are standing in the rain while showering. Maintenance-free, adjustable, and can be installed in minutes. Comes in 4 finish options.


Has a high flow rate which means that you will use more water when taking showers.

AquaDance Antimicrobial Showerhead
Antimicrobial Showerhead
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Antimicrobial Nozzles
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Inexpensive and manufactured using Microban antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.


The design of this very affordable model allows you and your family to enjoy a cleaner showering experience. It offers 6 water-flow settings. Jets are available in a choice of 3 colors.


A rare few individuals had trouble with installation.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best showerheads

People often don't think too much about their showerhead and just use whichever one comes with the shower. However, switching things up could give you a much more satisfying showering experience.

If you have low water pressure or think you would enjoy a range of spray settings, a new showerhead could be just what need, but how do you select the right one? The market boasts hundreds of models, and you need to narrow your choice down to one.

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If you have low water pressure, don't fear! New technologies can increase the power of the water flowing from your shower, all the while sticking to a low GPM. If this piques your interest, look for a showerhead specifically designed for use in low water pressure areas.

Should you replace your showerhead?

Before you begin your quest for a new showerhead, you might be wondering if it's time to replace yours. The answer is probably “yes." Of course, if your showerhead has damage, is leaking, has poor water flow, or is otherwise subpar, those issues might lead you to seek a replacement. However, many experts suggest replacing your showerhead every eight to twelve months.

As it turns out, showerheads are the perfect place for dangerous bacteria to grow and thrive. For example, the Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) that grow on some showerheads can cause lung infections. Granted, these bacteria shouldn't cause too much of a problem for healthy individuals. But they pose a definite risk to people with weakened immune systems.

In short, it's best to err on the side of caution and replace your showerhead annually.

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Showerhead types

Let's take a look at some of the most common showerhead types on the market:

Single-setting showerheads

Single-setting showerheads offer no choice in spray speed or settings; they’re either "on" or "off.” Some people consider these showerheads to be too basic, but others prefer a no-frills showerhead. They simply don't want or need any complicated settings.

Multi-setting showerheads

Multi-setting showerheads provide a range of spray settings from which to choose. Whether you want a strong, powerful shower or a gentle rain bath, this type of head allows you to tailor your bathing experience. The Culligan Filtered Shower Head in our product list offers five different settings, including a massage mode.

Multi-setting showerheads suit people who like to tinker with different shower pressures. They’re also great for households with multiple people, all of whom prefer different settings.

Rainfall showerheads

Rainfall showerheads are large — often eight or nine inches wide. The Moen Velocity on our shortlist is eight inches wide, and the Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR Showerhead is a whopping ten inches wide. This type of head showers water down on you softly, like a gentle rain. It’s ideal if you like to feel the water covering your entire body at once but you're not married to the notion of a powerful flow.

Low-flow showerheads

Low-flow showerheads use a smaller amount of water than other types, yet they make you feel as though the flow is as strong as any out there. These products are as excellent as they are eco-friendly, and they could save you money on your water bill.

Speaker showerheads

Speaker showerheads combine a regular showerhead with a wireless speaker. Most of these products work via Bluetooth, so they'll pick up any Bluetooth-enabled device within a specified radius. You can play music from that device, and it will come out through the shower speaker.

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Did you know?
The darkness, heat, and moisture of a shower stall is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. So change your showerhead at least once a year.


Fixed vs. handheld

Some showerheads fix directly to the wall. Other “handheld” models attach to a flexible hose.

  • Fixed showerheads may swivel so you can adjust the general direction of the flow.

  • Handheld showerheads are more versatile. They affix to a wall bracket, but they can be easily removed from the bracket and used in a handheld fashion to direct the flow wherever it's needed.

Nozzle material

Some shower nozzles are made from the same metal as the main body of the showerhead. Others are made of plastic, rubber, or silicone.

  • Showerheads with metal nozzles tend to accrue less bacteria build-up.

  • Showerheads with nozzles of plastic, rubber, or silicone don’t build up as much limescale as their metal counterparts. Limescale can pose a particularly annoying problem in hard water areas.


Presumably, you want whatever showerhead you choose to match the finish of the hardware throughout the rest of the bathroom. The majority of bathroom hardware uses a chrome finish, but you can find fixtures with finishes of white, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Ease of installation

Most showerheads are easy to install. However, there are showerheads on today’s market that are tricky to install, or your home may have non-standard plumbing. In these cases, you may wish to hire a professional plumber.

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Expert Tip
There are two types of low-flow showerheads: aerating showerheads that mix air with water; and laminar-flow showerheads that separate jets of water.


Showerhead prices range from about $10 to several hundred dollars.

It's hard to judge a showerhead on price alone. A higher price tag doesn’t always equal a superior or more durable product. That said, a basic showerhead costing $50 or more is probably worth a look. If you want to enjoy a variety of spray settings or other features from a quality brand, however, you're probably looking at a cost closer to $100+.

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If you live in a hard water area, look for a showerhead with a plastic, rubber, or silicone nozzle. These materials don’t clog with limescale as easily as metal nozzles do.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions by consumers about showerheads:

Q: What does GPM mean?

A: GPM stands for “gallons per minute,” and for our purposes, the measure refers to the output of the showerhead. As a rule, the higher the GPM, the stronger the water flow. However, as a water-saving measure, federal laws restrict the sale of showerheads with an output greater than 2.5 GPM.

Q: Will I need a plumber to install my new showerhead?

A: Showerheads are fairly easy to install if you're keeping the rest of the stall as is. Just follow the directions that come with your product. You’ll probably need an adjustable wrench and some plumber's tape.

Of course, if you don't feel comfortable doing the job yourself, a professional plumber could certainly handle it. It’s a small job that shouldn’t cost too much.

Q: How do I clean my limescale-clogged metal showerhead?

A: If your metal shower head is clogged with limescale and you’re not inclined to buy a new one, try this DIY treatment. Fill a strong plastic bag with at least one cup of white vinegar and some hot water. Securely attach the bag to the showerhead so the affected nozzle is immersed in the vinegar solution. Leave the bag there for several hours. The vinegar should disintegrate the build-up.

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