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Best Shower Dispensers

Updated May 2022
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simplehuman Triple Wall-Mount Shower Pump
Triple Wall-Mount Shower Pump
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Sleek Contemporary Design
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Sleek chrome and heavy-duty plastic give your shower a contemporary look. A small hook on one side provides a spot to hang your washcloth, loofah, or razor.


Three chambers (approx. 15 ounces each) for your shampoo, etc. Rust-proof stainless steel with ergonomic push-bar that's easy on your hands. Wide-top bottles are easy to refill. Easy to mount with the included silicone adhesive or screws.


Be wary if you use the silicone adhesive: several owners claim it came loose, prompting the dispenser to crash to the shower floor.

Best Bang for the Buck
Better Living Aviva Three Chamber Dispenser
Better Living
Aviva Three Chamber Dispenser
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Easy to Use and Clean
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Chrome-plated and clear-plastic shower dispenser eliminates the need for multiple bottles in the shower. Small hooks hold a razor or other implements.


Each bottle holds approximately 10 ounces. Easy-push buttons. Wide-mouth bottles are easy to clean and refill. Mount with included double-sided tape and silicone glue; no need for screws or tools.


A few owners say it takes many pumps to get enough shampoo or conditioner.

Better Living Ulti-Mate Three Chamber Organizer
Better Living
Ulti-Mate Three Chamber Organizer
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Stylish Yet Heavy-duty
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Heavy-duty satin-finish plastic adds a touch of style to your shower or tub area. Mount with included silicone glue or screws.


Three 15-ounce dispensers release a set amount at the push of a button. Mirror for shaving, soap tray, small shelf for necessities, and small hooks to hang washcloth or scrubber.


The plastic containers crack easily if dropped. Some owners complain that the dispenser can't handle thick conditioner.

Aviva Single Bottle Soap and Shower Dispenser
Single Bottle Soap and Shower Dispenser
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Best for Kids
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A great choice for the kids' bathroom. No-fuss design is easy to wipe clean. A push of the button dispenses a preset amount of fluid, so no more waste or overuse of hair products.


One refillable dispenser holds 11 ounces. Easy-press buttons. Chrome design is aesthetically pleasing. Easy installation with included double-sided tape and silicone glue.


Single chamber is not as voluminous as other dispensers reviewed here.

HotelSpa Luxury Shower Dispenser System
Luxury Shower Dispenser System
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Versatile Installation
Bottom Line

A budget-priced shower dispenser. Simple design is good for the guest or children's bathroom.


Easy to refill. The sides slightly taper in, so you could install it in a corner if desired. Mount with screws or double-sided tape and silicone glue, all included.


A handful of owners say this dispenser isn't up to the usual quality of the manufacturer.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best shower dispensers

One of the best space-saving, money-saving inventions for your home is the wall-mounted shower dispenser. Having one in every bathroom cuts down on wasted amounts of liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner. How many times have you found a capless bottle of pricey shampoo knocked over?

Speaking of drippy, knocked-over bottles, having a wall-mounted shower dispenser will also cut down on the time you spend cleaning your bathroom. Replace bar soap with a dispenser and you’ll eliminate slimy residue. Replace bulky shampoo and body wash containers with a shower dispenser and you’ll eliminate stinky mold or mildew growth underneath the plastic bottles. These sleek, rustproof dispensers only need a quick wipe down every so often, and aren’t just for shower use. For example, you can keep your liquid hand soap in a single dispenser near your sink to keep that area clean too.

Wall-mounted shower dispensers come in various configurations and styles. Some units are sleek and sophisticated, while you can also find novelty shaped dispensers that your kids will love to use. For well under $100, you’ll be able to purchase the right shower dispenser for you, which will leave you wondering how you lived without one all these years. Our buying guide will help you determine which one best fits your home and lifestyle.

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When installing your dispenser, make sure it’s at a height where you can easily access the top of the vessels for refills. The top of the dispenser should be at your neck level or slightly below. You also still want to be able to read the labels.

Key considerations

Size and number of dispensers

The capacity of wall-mounted dispensers varies, mostly between 10 to 15 ounces. (A typical bottle of shampoo or conditioner usually holds about 16 ounces of liquid.) Some dispensers only have a single chamber, while others include two, three, or four, so you can store more products for easy use. The dispenser you choose will depend on how many types and how much product you’re looking to keep in it.


Wall-mounted shower dispensers come in plastic, but also in other rust proof materials. An all copper or stainless steel wall-mounted dispenser may fit the aesthetic of your bathroom better, especially if you’re looking for a more chic look.

Ability to pump

Consider the density of the liquid you’d like to keep in your dispenser. If you use a super thick shampoo that’s more like a gooey gel, for example, a dispenser may not be useful, as the pump may not be powerful enough. Another product that may cause trouble is exfoliating body wash with beads. Most manufacturers say that beads will clog the dispenser.

Readable labels

Certain dispensers have pre-labeled chambers for shampoo, conditioner, and other liquids. There are also units that have labels that you can add to the containers yourself. Many etched on labels can be tough to read, so think about the print size if that’s a concern for you.

Easy refill

Wide top bottles are easy to refill, just make sure you can reach them from the top. In addition, just about every wall-mounted dispenser lets you see how much product you have left in the chambers. Some chambers are fully transparent while other styles have a small vertical transparent strip that lets you see the level at a glance. Certain styles only have a small, discreet, and transparent circle near the bottom of the dispenser that lets you know when you’re running out of product.

Mounting mechanism

Shower dispensers include silicone adhesive, durable double-sided tape, and/or screws. There are also small dispensers (holding 10 to 11 ounces) that mount using heavy-duty suction cups. When using the tape, it’s best to use it together with the silicone adhesive. Some users say that an alternative to mounting tape is waterproof exterior hook-and-loop tape, but the reviews are mixed on whether that method works for everyone.

"Keep a dispenser’s built-in mirror from fogging up by rubbing shaving cream, toothpaste, any type of soap, or even laundry detergent, over the mirror, then wipe it off. These products have surfactants to prevent water condensation particles from attaching to the mirror’s surface."


Pull-push pump

Dispensers have two types of manual pumps. A pull pump is like a lever you pull forward. A push pump is generally a button. Either way works, it’s just about your preference.

Replacement parts

It’s important to know if you can get a replacement part should you crack your chamber or break the top piece. Look into those options before purchasing your dispenser so you won’t be caught off guard by having to buy a totally new one later.

Implement hooks

A wall-mounted dispenser could have a single hook to hold a loofah, or multiple hooks/holders for other implements, such as razors. Hooks might be snap-on extras or permanently attached.


Though rare, there are dispenser models that have an attached mirror for shaving.


Certain dispensers have a small molded in shelf that holds either a bar of soap or a razor.

Shower dispenser prices

Inexpensive: Starting at $16 and going up to about $26, you’ll find mostly single chamber plastic dispensers, including models that install with suction cups. A few two- and three-chamber models can be found in this range, but they’re typically all plastic or trimmed in lower-cost chrome.

Mid-range: From $26 up to $43, you’ll find better quality three- and four-chamber models. Some dispensers will have more chrome trim than the lower priced versions. You’ll begin to find single container dispensers in stainless steel in this range as well.

Expensive: From $43 up to $80, you’ll find more stylized multiple-chamber stainless steel and copper versions. You’ll also find touchless single dispenser models in this cost range.

Expert Tip


  • Before mounting a dispenser to the wall, it’s important that the wall be free of soap scum. Wipe down the surface with rubbing alcohol. For molded fiberglass tub/shower enclosures, clean the surface of waxy residues from soap and shampoo using oil-free nail polish remover.

  • If you’re using silicone glue that came with the wall dispenser for mounting, follow the instructions to the letter. Make sure you do not fill up the containers before the glue has cured for at least 24 hours — no less. Users who mount the unit, then add liquids to the containers right away are often surprised when the unit falls off the wall the same day.

  • When you first use your dispenser, you’ll need to “prime” the pumps before any product comes out. It’s important to do, especially with thicker products. Don’t be discouraged if nothing happens at first. It just takes a few or a dozen or so pushes on the button or lever to build up enough vacuum pressure in the pump chamber to dispense the product into your hands. To help prime the pump, hold the button in while putting one finger over the dispenser’s spout to block airflow into the pump. 


Q. How do touchless wall-mounted shower dispensers work?

A. Touchless dispensers work on batteries. There are also models that have an infrared sensor that informs the unit to dispense product (like commercial units you find in restaurants, for example). Batteries work for months, so there’s no worry about frequently changing them out. If you’re concerned about the spread of germs, you may want to opt for this option. As with most other types of shower dispensers, thick gels may not work in these units.

Q. Besides shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap, what else can I put into a wall-mounted shower dispenser?

A. Wall-mounted shower dispensers are versatile (keeping the thickness of the product in mind). Try adding in-shower moisturizing lotions, sanitizers in units mounted near a sink, or liquid dish detergent if you mount a dispenser in the kitchen. Shower dispensers only dispense liquids.

Q. Will my shampoos and soaps become watered down if they sit too long in the dispenser?

A. If no water has leaked into the chambers, your products could still become slightly watered down by absorbing the humidity surrounding the dispenser. Sometimes, and definitely not always, products can thin out slightly when the warm, wet air of the bathroom seeps into the cooler air inside the chambers. This slight thinning out does not impact the effectiveness of your products. As a precaution, always make sure the lids on your dispenser containers are tightly sealed.

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