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Best Bathroom Mirrors

Updated July 2023
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Moen Glenshire Bathroom Mirror
Glenshire Bathroom Mirror
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Most Stylish
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An elegant bathroom mirror that offers unparalleled flexibility and comes at a reasonable price.


Frameless bathroom mirror offers a stylish choice in a modern or traditional bathroom. Includes pivoting hardware that enables you to adjust the mirror's angle any time you choose. Has a brushed nickel finish that's both water- and fingerprint-resistant. Backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


May be difficult to install. Overall quality leaves much to be desired.

Best Bang for the Buck
MCS Bathroom Wall Mirror
Bathroom Wall Mirror
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Customer Favorite
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A premium bathroom mirror that is sleek, versatile, and easy to set up.


Frame includes a dazzling finish designed to complement any bathroom's decor. Comes with four D-ring hangers that enable you to quickly and effortlessly hang the mirror on a wall. Mirror can be set up horizontally or vertically. Sold in a variety of stunning frame finish colors.


Plastic frame is low-quality and flimsy. Less durable than many comparable bathroom mirrors.

The Better Bevel Frameless Bathroom Mirror
The Better Bevel
Frameless Bathroom Mirror
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Simple Yet Solid
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A frameless bathroom mirror that brings a hint of sophistication to a bathroom's décor. It's affordable, too.


Classic rectangular mirror blends style and function. Includes silver backing that helps reduce corrosion. High-end glass construction eliminates reflection distortion. Sold with loop-style hangers that are pre-installed into the back of the mirror for fast, seamless installation.


Hangers are very weak. Mirror tends to be fragile in contrast to similar options.

Rosdorf Park Risborough Glam Bathroom Mirror
Rosdorf Park
Risborough Glam Bathroom Mirror
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Glamorous Option
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This mirror's name says it all, as its glamorous looks stand out among others in its class and it brightens up any bathroom's style.


Stylish frameless mirror with etching in the glass that gives it a luxurious appearance. A great piece for adding an elegant touch to small or large bathrooms. Oblong design makes areas look larger, and can be placed horizontally or vertically.


A few reports of damage during transport. Hardware is average.

Gatco Beveled Easy Mount Bathroom Mirror
Beveled Easy Mount Bathroom Mirror
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Modern Appeal
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A chic bathroom mirror that offers plenty of space and boasts a look and feel all its own.


Features a heavy-duty hanger that consists of two interlocking brackets, ensuring you can install the mirror in just minutes. Includes a built-in bubble level to guarantee the mirror is level at all times. Minimalist style is sure to grab your attention. Masterfully constructed from superb materials, which means it can serve you well both now and in the future.


Heavy in comparison to similar options. Glass may chip easily.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.About BestReviews 

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Buying guide for shopping guide for best bathroom mirrors

Mirrors fall into the rare category of furniture pieces that combine function with decoration. They are at home in almost any room, and they can be the focal point of the room or just a complementary addition. It’s essential to plan where you are going to place a new mirror before committing to it because of the ways a mirror can change how a room looks and feels.

One of the most likely places you’ll find a mirror in any home is the bathroom. Wall mirrors, full-length mirrors, lighted mirrors, magnifying mirrors — these types of mirrors can be found in all shapes and sizes in bathrooms. Which is the best for you?

Whether you’re outfitting a new home or searching for the perfect replacement for your current bathroom mirror, we’ve got the information and tips you need to find the perfect mirror for your bathroom. Read on to learn more and discover our favorite products.

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Feng shui is considered by the Chinese to be a way of following the laws of spatial arrangement and orientation to increase the positive energy flow in a room. Mirrors are used in feng shui to make the room seem bigger and brighter.

Mirror shape

The shape of a mirror can set the tone or improve the feel of a room. The most common bathroom mirror shapes are square, rectangle, oval, and circle. There are also unique shapes like hexagons and octagons available.

When choosing a square mirror for the bathroom, remember that each side will be the same length. Try to center the mirror over a sink or cabinet to emphasize the sleek lines of the square. It’s possible to hang two square mirrors next to each other, creating symmetry. If you choose to hang two square mirrors, realize they may need to have small dimensions to fit your space.

Rectangular mirrors are used as large-surface mirrors. They usually cover the entire wall space above a vanity. Consider the layout of the bathroom before you hang a wall-covering mirror. Does the mirror face the shower? Does it face the door? What will you be seeing in the expansive reflection of the mirror?

Oval and circular mirrors work best in small bathrooms or half baths. A small mirror is perfect for reflecting a small space. It doesn’t overwhelm the room; rather, it adds dimension, making the room seem slightly bigger than it is. Circular and oval mirrors can also be used to break up angles and hard lines in a bathroom. They look great with tile backsplashes or floors in a bathroom because of this.

There are also unique bathroom mirrors that come in various designs and shapes. Rather than add symmetry and orderliness to the bathroom, these designs add creativity and character. You might choose to hang an unusual mirror like this if you’re going for a one-of-a-kind bathroom look.

Mirror function

What purpose(s) will your bathroom mirror serve? Here’s a look at the most common functions of a bathroom mirror.

  • Reflection: Using a mirror to check your reflection is the most common use. In fact, most bathroom mirrors are there for that simple purpose.

  • Medicine cabinet: A medicine cabinet can be built into a mirror. The mirror acts like a door, and it swings open to reveal the contents of the cabinet. A mirrored medicine cabinet is a highly convenient storage space.

  • Magnifying mirrors: People use magnifying mirrors to closely examine their skin and to apply makeup. A magnifying mirror can aid in eyebrow plucking and the application of eyeliner, for example.

  • Makeup mirrors: A vanity mirror can also be used for applying makeup. Vanities have lights that highlight facial features for that purpose.

  • Decoration: These mirrors may not be large enough to see one’s entire face, or they may be more frame than mirror. Decorative mirrors are there to add design and dimension to a room rather than to fulfill a functional purpose.

Mirror placement

The most common placement of a bathroom mirror is over the vanity or large cabinet in the bathroom. It’s often centered, serving as the main focal point of the room. Different mirror placements can enhance and change the feel of a bathroom. For example, staggering multiple small mirrors along the wall can create an interesting feel. Suspending mirrors on the wall using wire or string can create a rustic atmosphere.

Something that may seem obvious, but nevertheless is an important fact to note, is that you should place the mirror where someone’s face will be. Of course, everyone is a different height, but the average mirror should hang close to eye level for the occupants of your home.

Bathroom mirror prices

Some interior designers recommend that you purchase a mirror in the same general price range as the rest of your bathroom decorations and furniture. If you do want to venture out of that price range, consider purchasing a slightly nicer piece to make the room pop. The most affordable bathroom mirrors cost from $20 to $30. These mirrors will be smaller, close to 15 inches by 20 inches. A smaller mirror is suitable when you have limited wall space or a little bathroom.

Mid-range bathroom mirrors cost from $30 to $50, and this is the average price range for the majority of bathroom mirrors. These mirrors are made from quality materials and have a simple assembly.

If you want an extravagant piece that is uniquely shaped or colored, expect to spend more than $60 for your bathroom mirror.

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Did you know?
Mirrors can be made of a plethora of materials including wood, glass, aluminum, bronze, copper, acrylic, and stone.


  • Don’t buy a mirror that’s too large for your space. The mirror’s edges shouldn’t extend past the cabinet or vanity. Too large of a mirror can overtake and overwhelm a room.

  • Don’t forget about handheld mirrors; these are also essential in the bathroom. They are often used with larger mirrors for seeing the back of one’s hairstyle.

  • The distance from the floor to the middle of the mirror should measure between 57 and 65 inches. That will be eye level for most people.

  • Manufacturers often make several different sizes of the same mirror. Use these options to your advantage. The more choices you have, the easier it is to find a mirror that fits your space.

  • Some mirrors are beveled. Beveling is when the square edge of an object is reduced to a sloping edge. It creates a framed design without attaching a frame.

  • Clean your mirror at least once per week. Dust tends to cling to the bathroom mirror after someone has showered and there is dampness in the air.

Other products we considered

If you’d like a few more products to look at, there’s the Nitin Wall Mounted Vanity. This mirror has a 12-volt adaptor and comes with a USB cable to charge electronics. There’s also the smart touch control dimmer that can switch the lighting between warm light and daylight. This mirror is a little pricier than some other choices, but it gets rave reviews from owners.

You may also want to consider the Emma Shaped Frameless Beveled Mirror with Solid Core Wood Backing. This is a silver mirror with a one-inch bevel that brings modern elegance to your space. Because it’s a silver mirror, it prevents the reflection from being distorted like cheaper mirrors. The oval can be hung vertically or horizontally.

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When hanging a mirror, be sure the reflection is worth viewing all of the time. A mirror facing a window with a view of outside would be better than a mirror facing a blank white wall.


Q. Is it wrong to not have a mirror in my bathroom?

A. It’s not wrong to decorate your house as you please. However, it may be an inconvenience for you and any guests you may have. People often get ready for the day in the bathroom or freshen up at some point during the day. If you aren’t into classic rectangular mirrors, look for something more your style. Let your bathroom mirror reflect your creativity.

Q. Why does my mirror mist up when I take a shower?

A. When you take a hot shower, warm water vapor releases into the air. As the suspended vapor cools, it reverts back into water droplets. Those droplets collect on surfaces and are most noticeable on the mirror, creating a fog or mist.

Q. What should I use to clean my bathroom mirror?

A. Because mirrors are made of glass, you should use a glass cleaner. Don’t use water or liquid soap because you’ll end up with streaks. Consider purchasing a soft towel or rag that is made for cleaning glass to ensure you don’t scratch your mirror.

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