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Best Platform Beds

Updated November 2021
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DHP Maven Platform Bed
Maven Platform Bed
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Customer Favorite
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Streamlined modern design with easy assembly.


This bed's 24 wooden slats offer support and comfort. It features metal side rails for better stability. Minimal profile allows for oversize mattresses and comforters if desired. Colors are neutral to blend with a number of designs.


Screws can strip out with too much force.

Best Bang for the Buck
Zinus Metal Platform
Metal Platform
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A platform bed that offers plenty of utility and space for storage


Sturdy metal bed frame provides support. Very durable with minimal noise and squeaks. Easy to assemble and arrange in a room. Plenty of height beneath the bed for extra storage.


Metal frame has some sharp edges.

Acacia Aurora Wood Platform Bed Frame
Aurora Wood Platform Bed Frame
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Most Stylish
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A rustic platform bed design, perfect for a guest room or master suite.


This platform bed is available in king and queen sizes. Made of dark acacia wood. The bed is 14 inches tall and can support a weight of 800 pounds. Includes an attractive headboard that adds to your decor. Includes slats for the mattress to rest on. Excellent reviews.


Assembly is tricky.

Andover Mills Matheney Platform Bed
Andover Mills
Matheney Platform Bed
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Simple Yet Solid
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A classic metal bed frame for an old-fashioned look.


This bed frame is available in four classic colors to perfectly match the bedroom's decor. It features a head and footboard and metal slats. This platform bed doesn't require a box spring. It also includes a center rail for extra stability.


Some complaints of flimsiness and the bed frame bending.

Brayden Studio Morphis Low Profile Storage Platform Bed
Brayden Studio
Morphis Low Profile Storage Platform Bed
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Best for Small Spaces
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An elegant platform bed option that includes extra storage space.


This platform bed is classic and elegant, with an upholstered headboard and footboard design. Made of solid wood and includes an impressive amount of storage space under the bed. Available in grey linen or velvet. Very good reviews.


Some issues with metal bending and concerns about durability.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best platform beds

It was once a given that your bed would consist of a bed frame topped with a box spring and a mattress on top of that. But today, platform beds are far more common than they used to be. With a platform bed, there's no need for a box spring, which allows for a cleaner look and imposes one less expense on you.

When choosing a platform bed, you'll need to consider the material with which it’s made. Wood is a classic choice, but engineered wood is a less-costly alternative. You can also find metal and upholstered options. The appearance of the bed is important to the majority of buyers, too, as you'll want something that looks great in your bedroom. Other important factors to consider include size, height, and floor clearance.

The right platform bed can enhance your space and show off your personal style, so give our buying guide a thorough read to help you make your choice. We’ve also included our favorite picks, which stand ahead of the rest of the pack.

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A four-poster or canopy platform bed is a dramatic choice that can turn your bed into a private sanctuary.

Key considerations


Unless you already have a preference for a particular platform bed material, you might be wondering which material to choose. Wood, engineered wood, metal, and upholstery are the most common choices.

  • Wood: Wooden platform beds range from extremely traditional to sleek and modern, so there's something for everyone. A quality wooden platform bed could last for years, so it's a fine investment, if you have the budget. The trouble is, solid wood models can be pricey, especially the sturdiest models.

  • Engineered wood: Engineered wood, also known as particle board or MDF, is a cheaper alternative to solid wood. It usually has an outer layer of laminate or wood veneer for a solid wood appearance, so you get the look of wood with a smaller price tag. The downside is that it's not as strong or as durable as the real thing.

  • Metal: You might assume that metal platform beds would have a modern or industrial appearance. Some do, but others can look quite traditional with vintage-style headboards and/or footboards. The majority of metal platform beds have a painted or powder-coated finish, but some are left with their natural metallic finish.

  • Upholstery: Some platform beds have an upholstered finish with a wooden or metal frame underneath. While these create a warm, cozy style in your bedroom, they can be hard to keep clean, especially if you choose a model upholstered with a light-colored fabric.

Slats vs. solid base

The base of a platform bed (the part that holds the mattress) can either be slatted or solid. Slatted platform beds use rows of slats to create a stable and secure platform for your mattress while still allowing plenty of airflow to avoid mold and mildew buildup in the mattress. Solid bases are made from a solid piece of material (often engineered wood) with some holes to allow for airflow. They're sturdier and more durable than slatted platform beds, but air circulation is poorer, and they provide too firm a sleeping surface for some.

Style and appearance

Although there are some buyers out there who just want a functional platform bed and don't care at all about its appearance (and that's fine), the majority want a platform bed that looks great and goes with the style of the bedroom. Luckily, you can find all styles of platform beds, from the hyper-modern to the staunchly traditional. As such, you're bound to find one that will fit your aesthetic sensibilities.

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For your safety
Any platform bed larger than a twin should have cross section support down the middle of the frame to prevent the base from sagging or breaking in the middle.



Platform beds are sized to fit standard mattresses. If you're replacing your bed frame but keeping your mattress, choose a platform bed that's the same size as your current mattress. If it's too small, your mattress won't fit, and if it's too large, you'll have an unsightly gap. Buying both a platform bed and mattress at the same time? Choose the appropriate frame size depending on the size of your room and how much space you like to have in bed.


The average platform bed stands 12 to 18 inches off the floor. However, you can also find low-profile platform beds for a contemporary look, some of which are only a handful of inches high. When considering how high you want the top of your bed to be, bear in mind that a mattress will add an extra four to 12 inches, depending on the depth of the mattress and how far it's recessed into the frame.

Floor clearance

The floor clearance is how much space there is under the bed once you account for the thickness of the frame. Some have almost no clearance, either because of an extremely low profile or a low, solid frame. You might want to have enough floor clearance to allow for under-bed storage.

Headboard and footboard

Platform beds can include both a headboard and footboard, just a headboard, or neither. Beds without a headboard or footboard or with just a simple low headboard tend to look more modern. Unless you sleep alone, avoid a platform bed with a footboard if one side of a queen or king bed is up against the wall, as it will make it hard for the person who sleeps against the wall to get out of bed without disturbing their sleeping partner.

Platform bed prices

You can find platform beds at a wide range of price points. Basic platform bed frames range from $60 to $150 depending on size, style, and material. Don't expect anything fancy at this price, but you can get a solid minimalist platform bed for not much money if you shop around. Mid-range platform beds, including most metal and engineered wood platform beds and some lower-end solid wood models, range from $150 to $500. High-end platform beds can cost anywhere from $500 for something basic to over $2,000 for something ornate and made of solid wood.


  • Decide if you want a platform bed with built-in storage. Some platform beds feature drawers built into the base, which can provide much-needed extra storage if you're short on space in your bedroom. This looks neater than simply shoving items under your bed and can keep you more organized.

  • Go to the high end of your budget. You're not buying a decorative throw or a kitchen gadget you might use twice a year. You're buying something you’ll use for several hours each day, so purchase the highest quality you can afford.

  • Check the spaces between the slats. If your platform bed has a slatted base, the slats should be no more than six inches apart, but preferably less — especially if you have a memory foam mattress.

  • Think about mattress firmness. If you're used to a box spring, your mattress is likely to feel slightly firmer on a platform bed. In that case, consider a slightly softer mattress if you're buying a new one at the same time as the bed.

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Buying a platform bed is more cost-effective than buying a frame and a box spring.


Q. Will I need to assemble my platform bed?

A. With the exception of some super high-end solid wood models, the vast majority of platform beds arrive flat-packed, so you will probably need to assemble yours. Luckily, platform beds are generally fairly easy to assemble and usually have a hex key included, so you shouldn’t even need any tools of your own. That said, the task is much easier with two pairs of hands.

Q. Are platform beds suitable for all types of mattresses?

A. You can put the vast majority of mattresses on a platform bed — certainly all standard types, such as foam and innerspring mattresses.

Q. What kind of platform bed is best for loft conversion rooms?

A. Bedrooms located in loft conversions generally have low ceilings in places because of the slope of the roof. As such, a low-profile platform bed is the best option for such spaces. Not only can they help avoid you bumping your bed on the low ceiling, they can also give the illusion of the space being taller.