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Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Mack & Milo™ Full Loft Bed
Mack & Milo
Full Loft Bed
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Most Comprehensive
Bottom Line

Sturdily-built steel model with an assortment of uses.


Neatly-lined silhouette horizontal boards and a matching guard rail. No box spring needed. Access the top bunk easily using the built-in ladder. Desk and bookshelf included as a study station.


Wobbles a bit when moving around on it.

Best Bang for the Buck
DHP Junior Twin Loft Bed
Junior Twin Loft Bed
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Easy Installation
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A great buy if you are looking for something simple to set up in a more modern bedroom.


Simple instructions. The whole bed can be assembled in around an hour by a single person. Total weight is under 60 pounds and supports 200 pounds. Full-length guardrail. Compact for smaller rooms.


Limited protection around the bed might be inadequate for younger children.

Walker Edison Twin Metal Loft Bed
Walker Edison
Twin Metal Loft Bed
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Fits any Room Design
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Best pick for people wanting a versatile model that will fit a variety of design styles.


Design is not too traditional or modern. Height is perfect for creating a whole living space underneath with a desk and chair. Good for college dorms. Supports up to 200 pounds.


Bed will creak as the screws start to loosen with use.

Harriet Bee Schlemmer Twin Loft Bed
Harriet Bee
Schlemmer Twin Loft Bed
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Low Height
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An easy-climb wooden model that comes with a full-length guardrail and step ladder.


Sturdy wood construction and bold finish will blend with any décor. Bed’s low height and attached step ladder for shorter people. Guard rail to prevent falling. Space underneath to store items.


Assembling takes some time and can be exhausting.

DHP Twin Wood Loft Bed
Twin Wood Loft Bed
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Simple Yet Solid
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Classic style meets tons of functionality and durability. Solid white blends well with a variety of interior decor styles.


The more traditional appearance of the bed looks solid without taking a lot of space in the bedroom. The included ladder is sturdy for children of many sizes.


Assembly time can take longer than other options—up to two hours.


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Buying guide for Best loft beds

When you have a small bedroom, you have to be creative about how you use the space. With a loft bed, an elevated bed that’s similar in design to a bunk bed, you can maximize the available square footage and create a more comfortable bedroom.

A loft bed is raised on four posts, but instead of a second bed below, as in a bunk bed, there is open space, which allows you to put other furniture beneath the bed or use the area for storage. Some loft beds come with built-in furniture, but others have just the elevated bed platform, so you can place whatever items you like beneath them. 

There are plenty of loft beds to choose from, too. Our buying guide includes all the tips you need to find the best loft bed for your needs. If you’re still unsure which one is right for you, our specific product recommendations can help focus your shopping even further. 

loft bed1
For younger children who may not yet have fully developed motor skills, a loft bed with steps rather than a ladder is a better option.

Key considerations


Loft beds are available in a few main types. The most common include the following:

Traditional or classic loft beds have a platform for the mattress on top and empty space below. This allows you to place beneath it any furniture or other items you desire.

Built-in desk loft beds have the standard mattress platform on top and an attached desk beneath them. The desk may also include other home office furniture, such as shelving and/or filing cabinets.

Built-in storage loft beds have a mattress platform on top and attached storage underneath. The storage may include shelves, cabinets, and/or drawers. 

Children’s loft beds usually have an elevated mattress platform at a lower height with design elements underneath or to the side that appeal to children. These can include a playhouse, reading nook, or even a slide. 


Most loft beds have space for a twin-size mattress. That makes them ideal for children, teens, and even college students. You can also find some options with a platform that fits a full-size mattress, which can work well for adults. A few loft bed manufacturers make queen- and king-size models. However, you’ll have many fewer options if you’re looking for one of these larger beds.

Some loft beds include built-in bookshelves, making the space beneath the bed the perfect spot for a reading nook.




You can find loft beds made from a variety of materials that vary in appearance and durability. The most common materials include the following:

Wood, one of the most common materials used for loft beds, offers a classic, traditional appearance. Solid wood is also highly durable and sturdy, which makes for a safe, long-lasting bed. These beds usually have a higher weight limit, too. Some common woods used in loft bed frames include pine, oak, maple, cherry, and walnut. You can also choose from a variety of stain options.

Metal is another common material option for loft bed frames. These beds are easy to assemble, but because metal is usually lightweight, these beds aren’t as stable as wooden models, nor do they have as high a weight limit. Common metals for loft bed frames include steel and wrought iron. 

Plastic offers an affordable, lightweight option for a loft bed frame. It is fairly sturdy, too, and usually has smooth, rounded edges, which makes it safe for kids. However, it doesn’t have a particularly high weight limit. 

Composite wood offers the look of wood but at a more affordable price. It’s made by combining wood fiber, plastic, and a binding agent. It isn’t as sturdy or durable as natural wood, so these beds can’t hold as much weight and may not last as long as those made with other materials. 

Combination loft beds are made of some combination of two or more of the materials mentioned above. Metal and plastic are often used together to increase the bed frame’s stability and durability, but you can also find loft beds with wood and plastic frames. 

Access type

Because a loft bed has an elevated mattress platform, you need a way to access the bed from the floor. Most loft beds have a ladder to make it relatively easy to get onto the bed. Some models for children have a short staircase to the bed platform, which can make it easier for kids to get on and off the bed. A few loft beds with a full-size mattress also offer stair access rather than a ladder. 


Because a loft bed is elevated, you want to be sure that it’s safe. The guardrail prevents the sleeper from accidentally rolling off the bed, but you can choose from a few different styles. Some loft beds have a guardrail on just one side, while others have rails on both sides. You can also find some loft beds intended for adults that don’t have any guardrails.

Consider the length of the guardrails, too. Some extend the entire length of the bed, while others only reach half or three-quarters the length. Loft beds for children may have double guardrails for added safety.

loft bed2
Always be mindful of a loft bed’s weight limit. Don’t forget to include the weight of the mattress, pillows, blankets, and other accessories in the load that the bed has to hold.


SheetsFor the coziest night’s sleep, you need a set of quality bed sheets for your loft bed. 

ComforterOn cold nights, you need a good comforter to keep you warm in your loft bed. If you want a particularly warm night's sleep, you can even choose a down comforter.

PillowYou also need a high-quality pillow to support your head on your loft bed.

loft bed3
For safety reasons, it’s a good idea to add a night light to the ladder of your child’s loft bed in case they need to get up during the night.

Loft bed prices

Loft beds vary in price based on the type, material, and size, but most models cost between $120 and $3,000


The most affordable loft beds are generally traditional styles made of metal or plastic. You can find some lower-quality wood beds in this price range, too. They don’t have any built-in features and usually have a twin-size platform, but there are also some full-size options. You’ll typically spend between $120 and $525 for these loft beds.


These loft beds have some built-in features beneath the bed platform, such as a desk, storage unit, or play area. They are made of plastic, metal, or wood and are typically twin size. You have more full-size options in this price range. Expect to pay between $375 and $1,245 for these loft beds.


The most expensive loft beds include multiple built-in features beneath the bed, such as a desk and cabinets or a slide and playhouse. Some are made of metal or plastic, but you’ll find many models made of solid wood in this price range. There are also more full-size bed options, though you’ll still have more twin-size beds to choose from. You’ll typically spend between $1,225 and $3,000 for these beds.


  • Turn the space beneath the bed into a “room.” Hang a curtain from the bottom of the frame to enclose the space and you can create a reading nook or playhouse for a child.
  • Maximize space in a small apartment. A loft bed is an excellent option if you live in a studio apartment. You can set up a reading or TV area beneath the bed.
  • Use a loft bed as a guest bed. If you have limited space for a guest bedroom in your home, a loft bed is an excellent option. Set it up in your home office with your desk and filing cabinets beneath it to make the most of your available space. 
loft bed4
If your child isn’t as confident climbing down a ladder as they are going up, consider a loft bed with an attached slide to make it easy for them to get down.


Q. What are the benefits of a loft bed?

A. The main benefit of a loft bed is that it allows you to use a room for multiple purposes. In a small house, you can combine a bedroom and a home office or your child’s bedroom and playroom. It also allows you to increase your storage space in a small bedroom. Some beds have built-in storage options, such as drawers, shelves, or cubbies, but you can also place a separate chest of drawers or dresser beneath it.

Q. How high does the ceiling need to be for a loft bed?

A. You need approximately 33 to 36 inches between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. Most ceilings are 8 feet high, which means you need an extra 4 or 5 inches. You can fit a loft bed in a room with an 8-foot ceiling if you use a thinner mattress.  You can also opt for a half loft bed, which isn’t as tall as a standard loft bed. It doesn’t provide enough space beneath it for other furniture, but it can usually accommodate extra storage room. 

Q. Are loft beds safe for children?

A. Children under six years of age shouldn’t sleep in a loft bed, but most older kids can use the bed without issues. Make sure you choose a model with a double guardrail for added safety, and teach your children that the bed is for sleeping, not playing on or jumping off of.

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