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Best Bath Spout Covers

Updated February 2022
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Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover
Skip Hop
Moby Bath Spout Cover
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Cute and Effective
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A great spout cover that fits a lot of faucets and is easy to put on and take off.


This adorable whale is made of sturdy rubber and is dishwasher-safe and mold- and mildew-resistant. The whale's tail allows you to hook it on a towel rack when you aren't using it. The hale down far enough on the spout to keep your child from hitting the underside of the faucet.


If your bath spigot is over eight inches it might not work for your tub.

Best Bang for the Buck
Dreambaby Dreambaby Bath Tub Spout Cover Whales
Dreambaby Bath Tub Spout Cover Whales
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Best for Kids
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This cute spout cover provides a safe cushion for babies and kids from hurting their heads.


This simple, inflatable cover fits neatly over most bath spigots. It comes in two different sea-inspired designs: one with whales and one with fish. Because it can be deflated, this cover is great for traveling. It's soft and squishy enough to cushion your child's head, and because it does not look like a toy, children are less likely to try to take it off.


Some reviewers say not all the sections inflate properly.

Infantino Cap the Tap Spout Cover
Cap the Tap Spout Cover
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Made from Cloth
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This cloth option fixes tightly to the faucet and eliminates all hard edges.


Padded cloth is soft. Wash in the machine without hurting the product. Made from neoprene to dry fast, and has a hanging hook. Easy to take on and off quickly if you plan to use it only when baby takes a bath. It's still difficult for babies to remove from a faucet, however.


Does not have a hole in the top to allow you to reach the shower knob.

iHomeGarden Tub Faucet Cover for Baby
Tub Faucet Cover for Baby
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Soft and Safe
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This bath spout cover has a large hole to help parents reach the shower diverter.


Can also act as a faucet extender for kids at the sink. Comes in a sea lion or an elephant design in a few different colors. The silicone is durable and soft with extra protection for your child. Easy to take on and off the bath spigot.


On some spigots, this cover is too easy to take on and off, meaning children can easily take it off to try to play with it.

OXO Tot Bathtub Spout Cover
Bathtub Spout Cover
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Simple Yet Solid
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An easy-to-install bath spout cover that allows access to the shower diverter.


This spout has a universal fit that will work with most bath spouts, in addition to an adjustable strap to tighten it. Squeezable clips on each side make it easy to take on and off. The cover is BPA-free and is simple enough to stay in the bath even when children are not using it.


This might not work well for spouts without shower diverters on the top.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best bath spout covers

Nothing puts a damper on bathtime fun faster than a nasty knock to the head, and in the bathtub, the spout is usually the number-one culprit. A shiny bath spout can be an endless source of fascination for children, but it's also a safety hazard. Thanks to a protruding design and hard, unforgiving edges, a run-in with a bath spout often results in painful bumps, bruises, and even cuts. Luckily, a bath spout cover can help soften the blow.

Bath spout covers are typically made of soft-touch materials, like rubber or silicone, and slip over your faucet to provide a protective covering. While most spout covers are simply designed to prevent injuries, some have additional features that can boost the fun factor for kids or help make bath time more convenient for parents.

If you're in the market for a bath spout cover, you'll have plenty of options to choose from, but just figuring out where to start can be a challenge. Our guide has plenty of information, tips, and product recommendations to help you find the best bath spout cover for your tub.

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Some bath spout covers are made of harder plastic, but even these are preferable to metal spouts with sharp edges.

Key considerations


While features can vary greatly from model to model, bath spout covers generally fall into one of two categories: inflatable and solid models. Let's take a look.


Inflatable bath spout covers tend to be affordable and easy to use. These spout covers don't take up much space when not in use and can easily be replaced, making them ideal for travel. Although inflatable spout covers aren't as durable as solid models, they can still provide a good deal of cushioning when properly inflated.


Solid bath spout covers are usually made of plastic, rubber, silicone, fabric, or foam and provide a soft but sturdy bumper for little heads. Most solid bath spout covers are durable enough to withstand prolonged use and some even come with additional features, such as fun water effects, spout extenders, and built-in bath thermometers.


Bath spout covers come in all shapes and sizes, so it's a good idea to check the measurements before you buy. If you have a shower diverter, an opening along the top will allow for easy access. Also, since most little ones won't be able to resist touching, tugging, and perhaps even chewing on a new spout cover if they are teething, a sturdy strap for more secure installation is something worth keeping an eye out for.


Rubber, silicone, fabric, plastic, and foam all do an excellent job when it comes to preventing injuries. However, the best bath spout covers go the extra mile to ensure your child's safety with non-toxic materials that are free of nasty chemicals like BPA and phthalates. This way, if your little one does decide to "taste" the cover, there's no need to panic. Some covers are also dishwasher- or washing-machine-friendly for effortless cleaning.


Bath thermometers

A handful of bath spout covers boast high-tech designs that feature built-in bath thermometers and LCD displays. If you're concerned about drawing a bath that's too hot or too cold, a spout cover with an integrated bath thermometer will take the guesswork out of achieving the perfect temperature. While these spout covers aren't usually as cute as their run-of-the-mill counterparts, they certainly take functionality to the next level.

Spout extenders

Bath spout covers that come fitted with extenders are fantastic multitaskers. With a spout extender, filling a baby bath that can't quite reach the faucet is a breeze. Extenders also allow you to easily rinse your child's hair with minimal waste and no risk of injury.

Cute designs

The vast majority of bath spout covers have cute animal designs, but adorable aesthetics can be both a blessing and a curse. While it's always nice to have bath toys that appeal to your kids, when it comes to spout covers, an attractive design might just encourage pulling and tugging. If you don't mind the possibility of having to reinstall the cover every now and then, kid-friendly designs can make bath time more enjoyable (for the little ones, anyway).

Water effects

Some bath spout covers have strategically placed holes that create amusing water effects. This can be as simple as channeling the water flow through an elephant trunk or directing it through hippopotamus nostrils. Whatever the case, water effects are a novel touch that kids are sure to get a kick out of.


These handy accessories can help make bathtime safer and more comfortable for everyone.

Non-slip bath mat: Sultan's Linens Foldable Nonslip Bath Mat
Even if there's a bit of resistance initially, most kids end up having a blast in the tub. Often, this enjoyment translates to lots of standing up, reaching, and wading from one end of the tub to another. A non-slip bath mat can help prevent nasty spills by providing secure footing on an otherwise slippery surface. We love the extra length and the finish-friendly, suction cup-free design of this model from Sultan’s Linens.

Bath thermometer: Famidoc Baby Bath
Getting your little one’s bath temperature just right can be tough and sometimes fraught with worry. Bath water that's too hot can scald tender skin. Too cold, and you could end up with a sick kiddo on your hands. With a bath thermometer, getting the water temperature just right couldn't be easier. This is one of our favorite bath thermometers. Not only does it provide quick and accurate readings, but it also flashes if the water is too hot or too cold.

Bath kneeling pad: BABY LOVABLES Bath Kneeler with Elbow Pad Rest Set
Bathtime can be a great bonding experience, but for parents, it can also be a back-breaker. A kneeling pad can reduce strain on your back and knees while you wash your child. This set makes your job as comfortable as possible with a substantial kneeling pad, elbow pads, and integrated storage for bath toys or other accessories.

Bath toys: NUBY Little Squirts 10-Piece Bath Toys
Getting kids to sit still in the bath is a tall order, but with a few entertaining toys to provide a distraction, your child might forget about water acrobatics for a few minutes. This adorable set of animal squirt toys is perfect for a bit of interactive fun.

Bath spout cover prices

Inexpensive: Inflatable bath spout covers are hands down the most affordable, with prices usually clocking in between $2 and $5.

Mid-range: A wide variety of fantastic bath spout covers can be found for just under $10. Bath spout covers in this price range tend to be both durable and functional.

Expensive: If you're looking for additional features like character designs, built-in thermometers, or spout extenders, you'll likely pay anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on just how advanced your desired features are.


These tips can help you get the most out of your spout cover.

  • Make sure the cover is compatible with your spout. Although many spout covers have a universal fit, it's still a good idea to check compatibility before you commit. For instance, some covers might not work on a spout with a front-positioned diverter.
  • Look for something that's easy to clean. Between limescale buildup and soap marks, your spout cover is bound to need a wash every once in a while. A model that can be tossed into the dishwasher or washing machine will make your job that much easier.
  • Allow your spout cover to dry. Even the best bath spout covers aren't impervious to mildew, but you stand a good chance of avoiding it simply by giving your cover a light shake and allowing it to air-dry after use.
  • Always supervise children at bathtime. Accidents can happen even with a spout cover in place. It's vital that bathing children are closely supervised at all times.
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Aside from preventing painful bumps and bangs, a spout cover can also protect against burns caused by hot water running through your faucet.


Q. Do bath spout covers cover the underside of a faucet as well?
A spout cover should cover every side of your faucet, including the bottom. Most babies and toddlers are compelled to inspect the underside of bath spouts at some point in an attempt to find out "where the water went." Naturally, this can be a risky position for little ones who might not be able to judge the distance between the faucet and their face. To ensure that your chosen spout cover will guard the bottom of your faucet, check the height of product and measure this against your faucet's dimensions.

Q. Will a bath spout cover that's designed with a hole on top work on a faucet that doesn't have a shower diverter?
Absolutely. While advertisements can make it appear as though a shower diverter is holding a spout cover in place, this usually isn't the case at all. Most spout covers will work equally well with or without a shower diverter.

Q. Will a bath spout cover keep kids from opening and closing the faucet?
No. Spout covers are only designed to protect against bumps and burns and won't do much to keep kids from playing with the faucet.