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Best Razors for Women

Updated August 2022
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Best of the Best
Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Women's Razor
Gillette Venus
Extra Smooth Women's Razor
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Premium Design
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Earns praise from those with dry skin for the ribbon of moisture that pretreats skin before the razor glides over it.


Features five long-lasting coated blades perfectly balanced to glide over skin. There's also an added ribbon of moisture to help the razor shave each area easily. Compatible with any Venus blades. Pivot head makes it easy to glide over knees and behind ankles.


A pricey option for a razor. Harder to shave smaller areas due to the bigger head size.

Best Bang for the Buck
BIC Soleil Bella Sun-Twist Scented Disposable Razor
Soleil Bella Sun-Twist Scented Disposable Razor
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Affordable Disposables
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A no-frills, easy to use set of disposable razors at an unbeatable price point from a trusted brand.


Pack of three razors with four flexible blades, soothing moisture strips enriched with shea butter, and scented handles with rubber grips. Razors glide across skin easily. Bonus points for vibrant, fun colors. Lasts longer than most disposable razors.


Some say they rust easily. Easy to cut yourself with these if you're not used to the shape of the razor head.

Gillette Venus Swirl Extra Smooth Women's Razor
Gillette Venus
Swirl Extra Smooth Women's Razor
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Intense Moisturizing
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Designed just for women, this razor has been created to contour tricky areas better, like knees and ankles.


Five blades individually adjust to every curve of the body. Water-activated MoistureGlide serum helps the razor glide along with ease. Any Venus cartridge fits with any Venus handle. Comfortable grip handles and pivoting heads contour to curves. Legs feel smooth after use. Comes with two razor blade refills.


Pricier than other options, and blades are extremely sharp so care and a light touch are required during use.

Schick Quattro for Women Razor
Quattro for Women Razor
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Ergonomic Design
Bottom Line

One of the brand’s more affordable razors that remains a favorite for its pivoting head that minimizes cuts.


Equipped with four ultra-thin blades for a close shave and long-lasting smoothness. Lined with conditioning strips formulated with aloe and vitamin E to minimize irritation and razor burn. Razor is ergonomically contoured and is easy to maneuver with its pivot head.


Some consumers feel the blades dull quickly, especially when compared to disposable razors.

Gillette Venus Radiant Skin Razors
Venus Radiant Skin Razors
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Best for Sensitive Skin
Bottom Line

Reliable razor, from a trusted brand, excellent for women with sensitive skin.


Excellent razor for women with sensitive skin. Infused with natural ingredients that refresh and replenish dry and tired skin. Reduced gradient for a smoother shave each time. Easy use and easy clean step by step function.


Moisturizing foam infused razors may turn off some users.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best razors for women

Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy a close, smooth shave. Women’s razors have come a long way to compete with the many styles available for guys. Not only can you find them in more feminine colors, but, more importantly, they come in designs that cater to a woman’s specific needs (i.e., all those tricky curves and awkward spots).

Heads that swivel, pivot, and flex help the blade stay against the skin while moving over the contours of your body, such as the leg, knee, and underarm area. Built-in gel and hydration bars moisten skin. Some razors have features that even eliminate the need for separate shave gels.

From vital design features, like the handle shape and contouring, to color options, women’s razors are no longer just a smaller, pink version of a men’s model. They’re truly made for the female body.

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The more times you pull the blades over your skin, the more likely you are to nick or irritate it. Therefore, the sharper the blade, the less likely you’ll experience skin irritation.

Key considerations


There are several designs, and this article focuses on disposable or manual razors. See our article on electric razors here. Read on for everything you need to know about women’s more simple, manual razors.

  • Single-use disposable: These razors may have a single or double blade and typically have a narrower blade head with a smaller handle. They’re the least expensive option and can be useful for emergencies or targeting areas where a small blade head can be beneficial (like the bikini area). But they aren’t intended to be used day after day.

  • Multiuse disposable: These disposable razors are of high enough quality that you can use them for several shaves. They may have two or three blades per head and some have a hydration or lubrication strip. The handles may be contoured but don’t usually have any rubberized-grip features. They don’t, however, have replaceable blades, so once they get dull, it’s time to throw the entire razor away.

  • Disposable with replacement blades: These are the most expensive models, but they also have the best durability. These models may have anywhere from two to six blades, contoured handles with hanging hooks for your shower caddy, and lubrication or hydration strips. You can buy replacement blades, and the handle can last for the long term if well cared for. While these may be the most durable, be sure to take into account the cost of replacement blades, as they can be pricey.


The size of the razor varies from brand to brand and model to model. Handles with extra grip features, like a rubberized thumb and finger contours, are larger and heavier. Women with exceptionally small hands may find these models cumbersome to hold compared to a single-use model that has a simple plastic handle with a textured grip. Generally speaking, the more features the razor has — hanging hook, rubberized grip, and built-in hydration or gel bars — the larger and heavier it becomes.

Razors/blades per package

Before you buy, take a good look at what you’re really getting in the package. Some razors are definitely a better deal than others. Compare the quality of the razor and the number of razors included in the package along with everything the package entails, such as multiple razors or the number of replacement blades.

Cost of replacement blades

Sometimes, you will see an amazing deal for a brand-new razor handle that comes with a few replacement blades. But, before you buy, take a serious look at how much those replacement blades cost on their own. Depending on the razor model, they can be as pricey as the razor itself.


Handle shape and grip design

The handle shape and grip design can make a big difference in comfort and effectiveness. Some handles are designed with a wide rubberized thumb and finger grip that fan out from the handle to increase control. These designs allow you to effortlessly apply pressure for a single long stroke, like those you would take to shave your legs.

However, these highly contoured designs aren’t for everyone. They don’t always provide adequate control when shaving the armpits or bikini area. For these areas, a straight handle with a grooved grip may provide better control, because it allows your hand to move and flex to shave at odd angles.

Single vs. multi-blade

In the shaving world, you can’t avoid the debate that surrounds using razors with a single or multi-blade design. On paper, a multi-blade design should always provide a superior shave. After all, more blades gliding over the skin get all that hard-to-reach stubble, right? As it turns out, the quality of the blade has more to do with getting the best shave possible. A single sharp blade can remove more hair growth than several low-quality blades combined.

The trick is to find a balance between blade quality and blade number. If you want a razor that will last you a long time, then opt for one with good blades. Any number will do as long as they hold their edge, which reduces tugging and skin irritation.

Lubrication and hydration strips

No one likes dry, flaky skin, and manufacturers have addressed this problem by adding lubrication and hydration strips to the blade head. Some strips are below the blade to lubricate for a smoother shave, while hydration strips are usually located at the top of the blade to moisturize the skin while you shave. Some designs feature one or the other — or both. You can also search for a razor with a lubrication/hydration combo strip, which does everything.

However, there are a couple of issues to think about before jumping on the hydration-strip bandwagon. These strips can sometimes protrude out from the razor head, which means that you may have to apply extra pressure to the blade for everything to work as it should. While that’s fine over long straight surfaces like the shins, it can lead to more nicks over areas like the knee or around the ankles. Secondly, sometimes the strips put out enough lubrication to gum up the blades, reducing their effectiveness and slowing you down. Finally, any design with a lubrication or hydration strip will cost more than a model without.

Head movement

Blade heads with swivel, spring-loaded, or pivoting action can adapt to the knees, ankle, and bikini area more easily than a straight head. Swivel heads move over rounded areas without you having to adjust your grip, while spring-loaded heads maintain pressure over these same areas, reducing your need for a second pass. Heads that pivot may do little more than tilt up or down depending on the angle of the razor but that can be enough to help shave your hard-to-reach areas.

Prices of razors for women


Single-blade, single-use razors can be found for as little as 34 to 75 cents per razor in packages of ten to 40 razors. These are obviously not the highest quality razors, but if you want a package for emergencies, these models are budget friendly and will get the job done. While you could use soap for a better glide, we recommend using a good quality shave gel or cream.


Multi-use disposable razors can range in price from $1 to $2.50 per razor. They usually have multiple blades and may also have lubrication or hydration strips. The handles of these models aren’t usually rubberized, but they may have some contouring and extra grip features to offer better control.


Disposable models with replacement blades may be anywhere from $6 to $20 for a handle and several blade-head refills. Price depends on the number of blades and whether or not they have hydration or lubrication strips. The handles on these models may have hanging hooks and rubberized thumb and finger holds, while the heads may have as many as six blades.


  • Razor blades get more worn out from exposure to water than regular use. Oxidation and rust can cause flaking on the blades, which leads to tugging and irritated skin. Dry your razor after each use to prolong the life of the blade and protect your skin.

  • Blade quality plays a bigger role in the closeness of your shave than blade quantity. A razor with a single blade made of high-quality stainless steel will last longer than a four-blade model of questionable quality.

  • Some women replace their razor blades on the same day every week or two so that they’ve always got a fresh blade. Others rely on how the blade feels. Either way, if you notice the blades of your razor pulling or tugging on your skin, it’s time for a replacement.

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Replacement blades can easily get rusted if they’re stored where moisture can reach them. Several manufacturers now make replacement blades that come sealed in individual packages to prevent rust. They’re pricey, but if you live in a humid climate, it might be worth the extra cost.


Q. How often should I replace my blade?

A. How often you replace your blade depends on a few factors, including how often you shave, your skin’s hydration level, the quality of your shave gel, shave style (with the grain or against the grain), and the thickness of your hair follicles. Shaving every day wears out the razor’s blades faster than if you were to shave once or twice a week. Daily shavers should probably change out the blade once a week, but if you shave less often, you can extend that time. You want a clean, sharp blade every time the razor touches your skin.

Q. If my razor has a lubrication bar, do I need to use a separate shave gel?

A. The answer to this question is a matter of personal preference. Some women get a smooth shave with just a lubrication or hydration bar. Others who may have sensitive or dry skin may need the extra moisture of a shave gel for the blade to smoothly glide over the skin.

Q. Can I put lotion on my skin right after shaving?

A. Your skin is at its most sensitive immediately after you’ve shaved. If you can, wait at least 30 minutes before applying lotion to give your skin a chance to breathe. However, let’s be honest: we all may not have that much time on our hands, in which case you can go ahead and lotion up, but opt for a skin cream rather than a lotion.

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