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Does shaving make hair grow back thicker?

Whether a major part of your daily routine or a weekly regimen, shaving is a task we have to encounter from time to time. Even when using the techniques most suitable for your skin, there are some longtime misconceptions about the aftermath of shaving. Upon shaving, some have noticed the thickness of their hair once the regrowth process begins. However, according to respected clinical bodies, such as the Mayo Clinic, the perception of hair growing more coarse or thick is entirely false.

The Mayo Clinic refers to this phenomenon and explains that the act of cutting a hair follicle will give the tip of the hair a blunt and coarse edge. This is not reflective of a change in the size or density of the follicles but rather of the result of a precise trim on the skin's surface.

Does shaving cause ingrown hairs?

Unlike the myth related to shaving and the quality of hair regrowth, ingrown hairs are another issue in the aftermath of shaving. Shaving close to the skin can cause hairs to regrow toward the root and create irritated bumps. The Mayo Clinic expresses that these hairs can cause bacterial infections and to ensure skin is lubricated before applying a razor.

Shaving tips

  • Increase the lifespan of your razor by exfoliating before shaving. This will not only prevent the blades from clogging from dead skin but will leave your skin soft and smooth.
  • Use lukewarm water when shaving. Hot water will make your skin too spongy and a razor will more likely cut the skin in this state.
  • Always opt for shaving cream. This will hydrate and protect your skin from quick cuts and magnify any hairs on your skin.
  • End your shower or rinse with cold water to close your pores and prevent pore clogging when applying aftershave or lotion.
  • Many dermatologists suggest using a single or double-blade razor instead of a five or six-blade razor. If you can’t find a single or double, just find the least amount of blades on a razor head. The more blades, the more risk there is of ingrown hairs, razor burn and knicks. The first and second blades are all you’ll need for an effective shave.


Q. How do I shave without getting stubble?

A. Always use aftercare products. A moisturizer or aftershave gel will ease any irritated follicles and soothe the skin. Additionally, refrain from pulling on your skin when shaving curved or looser areas, and shave in the direction of natural hair growth.

Q. How do I prevent razor burn?

A. Shaving with water and soap or cream will prevent dragging along your skin. Rinse your razor head between strokes and ensure the shaving cream you use does not irritate and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Q. How often do I change razor blades?

A. This ultimately depends on the care of your blades. Store them in a dry and cool space after use to achieve the longest life out of your razors. However, keeping blades for five to seven shaves is a good rule of thumb.

What you need to buy for a proper shave

Vanicream Shave Cream

This is a fragrance- and gluten-free shaving cream designed with sensitive skin in mind. Additionally, it contains no alcohol to prevent dry skin. It is a cream formula applied thinly on wet skin before shaving. 

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Solimo Three-Blade Disposable Razors

This is a three-pack of travel-friendly razors that you can dispose of after a few uses. The lubricated strip on top of the blades delivers hydration and allows the razor to glide along the desired area. The strip has a hypoallergenic formula. 

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BIC Comfort 3 Hybrid Disposable Razor

This razor includes six replacement razor heads to interchange upon disposal. These are three-blade razors with a vitamin E and aloe-enriched glide strip. 

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Harry’s Post Shave Balm

Featuring aloe vera and cucumber extract, this aftershave balm calms freshly shaved skin. It leaves a cooling sensation and dries without residue.

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Tweezer Guru Pointed Tweezers

These tweezers are designed to target embedded ingrown hairs. The needle nose tips precisely grip hairs at the root. They are stainless steel, making them easy to clean and sanitize. 

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Kitsch Dermaplaning Tool Set

An alternative to a traditional razor, these razors are made for facial shaving. They remove dead skin and peach fuzz using a stainless steel serrated blade. This is a pack of 12 blades, and you can use each blade multiple times. 

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