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Best Acupressure Sandals

Updated November 2023
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Comfecto Acupressure Massage Slippers
Acupressure Massage Slippers
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These foot-massaging slippers relieve pain and discomfort from acute and chronic foot conditions.


These sandals have earth cobblestones that stimulate acupressure points to relieve pain, provide arch support and improve imbalances. They have adjustable Velcro straps for a customizable fit and can also be used to relieve migraines and lower back pain.


They're difficult to walk in, and it's best to use thick socks while wearing for beginners.

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MOTTLED SKY Acupressure Massage Slippers
Acupressure Massage Slippers
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Best for Everyday Use
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These shoes give you a wonderful massage, all you have to do is walk.


MOTTLED SKY claims these can help soften your soles and remove dead skin with enough wear. They use EVA foam to resist smells and for comfort. They come in 6 sizes and 5 colors.


Some dislike the low-cost look. Others couldn’t find a comfortable size.

adidas Adissage Slides
Adissage Slides
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This model is a popular choice for comfortable massage shoes to slip on and relax in after a long day on your feet.


These sandals are made of 100% synthetic materials with a hook and loop closure. Features a Cloudfoam midsole and a memory foam footbed for impressive comfort. Mostly true to size. Available in multiple colors.


Women may need to order 1-1.5 sizes smaller.

BIKINIV Massage Reflexology Sandals
Massage Reflexology Sandals
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Simple yet Solid
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These slippers more closely resemble regular ones, if you’re concerned about appearances.


They have drainage holes to aid sweaty feet or if you tread through water. An anti-slip design on the bottom keeps you secure. They come in 2 sizes and 3 colors.


Some found them a little too wide. They’re a little thin.

Romonacr Relax Sandals
Relax Sandals
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Bargain Pick
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These sandals are built to strengthen both your body and your mind.  


High-quality and long-lasting. Designed with cobblestone and wooden material to precisely massage acupuncture points. Great for any season.


One customer noted that the feel of the shoes takes some getting used to.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best acupressure sandals

Acupuncture dates back thousands of years to a time when Stone Age man first used sharp-edged stones to pierce and drain boils and abscesses. The first recorded history of applied acupuncture is in the ancient records of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as TCM.

Acupuncture explores the premise that when our body’s life energy, or “qi”, is blocked, health issues arise. To restore and balance energy, which flows through the meridians of the body, acupuncturists insert long, hair-thin needles into specific acupuncture points to balance qi, stimulate healing, and help the body relax. Acupressure is an alternative modality similar to acupuncture. However, in acupressure, physical pressure is exerted upon acupuncture points rather than the insertion of hair-thin needles.

Acupressure sandals, also known as reflexology sandals, utilize raised massage buttons to exert pressure on the soles of the feet. In turn, these stimulate specific meridian points throughout the body, improving circulation, boosting metabolism, and relieving chronic pain.

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Acupressure is sometimes useful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It can also help relieve a host of other symptoms associated with trauma recovery and PTSD.

Are acupressure sandals right for you?

If you are shopping for comfortable, cushy slide-ons, acupressure sandals are not the slipper you seek. However, if you are looking for slip-on sandals that massage the tender pressure points on your feet to help relieve chronic pain, you may want to consider this type of sandal.

Acupressure sandals provide a non-pharmacological intervention. The shoes are shaped like ordinary slippers, slide-ons, or sandals. However, they are unique in that they have wood, stone, plastic, or latex nubs, nodules, or tips strategically placed on the inside of the sandal soles. These points on the shoe are designed to stimulate acupressure points on the foot.

Health benefits of acupressure

Acupressure is a useful component of pain management. Persons suffering from the unrelenting pain of sciatica, arthritis, headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, and foot pain often find acupressure decreases pain intensity and provides better function and increased mobility.           

Acupressure massage sandals are an excellent choice for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, leg cramps, metatarsalgia, edema related to pregnancy, fatigue from long hours standing on the feet, and other swelling and circulatory issues. Foot reflexology massage sandals also help relieve backaches. If you are prone to being stiff and sore with a chronic dull ache in your back, a daily 30-minute walk using your acupressure sandals can provide long-lasting relief and increased mobility. 

Acupressure has been used to treat some less-obvious conditions, as well. For example, some have found it helpful in quitting smoking or controlling alcohol dependency.  However, an acupressure sandal is certainly not a good substitute for medical help, especially when it comes to conditions and dependencies that greatly impact health.


Shoe design

When shopping for acupressure sandals, look for well-constructed sandals with a fully contoured footbed and medical-grade arches designed for support and stability. There are many different designs applied to acupressure sandals. Some include sole magnets for an additional therapeutic effect; others come with thermally controlled sole plates to keep feet warm and toasty.

Size and style

Acupressure sandals are generally unisex shoes. Sizes run from small to medium to large. Styles range from slip-ons to shoes with heel straps. Thong, flip-flop, and big toe strap acupressure massage sandal styles are also available.

While most acupressure sandals have a flat sole, others offer a slight heel. For a comfortable fit, measure your foot size before ordering. Compare the size of your foot to the manufacturer's size chart.

Acupressure sandal prices

The cost of a pair of acupressure sandals varies depending on the manufacturer, material, brand, merchandiser, and quality of the product.


Acupressure sandals in the low price range are not made to last and are best for use as a short-time therapy slipper. However, because they are comparatively inexpensive, they are great to stash in a gym or beach bag or use as shower shoes when traveling. For sandals in the low price range, expect to pay $20 or less.


In the medium price range, you will find better-quality acupressure sandals priced from $30 to $65. In this price range, a pair of therapeutic sandals will provide years of comfortable wear.


Acupressure sandals of the highest quality and customer-tested therapeutic qualities sell for the highest price, which ranges from $65 to $300.


  • Some wearers of acupressure sandals report that they are uncomfortable. However, keep in mind that it may take several wearings to become accustomed to walking on the rigid acupressure nodules. Once your feet become used to the stimulating texture of the soles, they will be your “go-to” shoe when your feet are sore and weary.
  • Acupressure sandals refresh tired, achy feet and release blocked qi energy. Choose acupressure sandals manufactured with sturdy, long-wearing rubber soles and lightweight, breathable straps or sandal bandage tops.
  • When you return from an invigorating run or a lengthy workout at the gym, acupressure sandals are excellent recovery sandals designed to relieve foot and back pain. Acupressure sandals allow your feet to relax and breathe.
  • Acupressure sandals are the shoe of choice for many people who spend a great deal of their day standing. Give acupressure sandals a try: your entire body will thank you.
  • Most acupressure sandals are waterproof and easy to clean. They are great for any dirty job, from farm chores to gardening.
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Your feet carry the load of your body, so treat them kindly. Acupressure sandals are a great way to pamper and stimulate them.


Q. Why would I want to walk around on sandals with bumps and buttons that are designed to poke my feet?

A. Although it may seem like needless poking, the nubs on acupressure sandals actually serve an important purpose. When you wear the sandals, you stimulate thousands of nerve endings and reflexology zones located on the bottoms of your feet.

Q. Can wearing acupressure sandals provide relief for gout?

A. In some cases, yes. Stimulation of the nerve endings in the feet improves circulation while helping the body detox and rid itself of excess uric acid. A build-up of uric acid is the main cause of painful gout. 

Q. Can wearing acupressure sandals help improve my mood?

A. The nerve endings of the feet, when stimulated, can positively affect different parts of the body. As an example, the tender spot in the center of the back of the big toe, the rounded spot at the center of the ball of your foot, and the mound located under the big toe are all associated with emotional stability, mood, and mental health. Using acupressure sandals may brighten your day by calming your nerves, easing fatigue, and relieving other symptoms.

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