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Best RV Awnings

Updated June 2022
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Solera Black Topper Awning
Black Slide Topper Awning
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For those wanting a reliable product that you can add onto over time, this option serves an excellent starter.


Universal hardware allows for installation onto most vehicles. Automatically pulls out and in with the slide-out. Leaves room to support several attachments, such as LED lights, security sensors, additional toppers, and more. Available in black or white.


Initial installation can be difficult since some of the bolts are hard to handle.

Best Bang for the Buck
Carefree ZipBlocker RV Awning
ZipBlocker RV Awning
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Full Coverage
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The combination of a fabric awning and zipper barrier allows this pick to offer optimum coolness during the day.


Offered in various sizes that users can pick between depending on their needs. Open weave fabric allows breathability while protecting users from the sun. Rolls up within the awning, so no setup required after the first installation.


Some users prefer the older model over the updated version.

Tentproinc Black Mesh Sunshade RV Awning
Black Mesh Sunshade RV Awning
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Most Durable
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This product integrates several layers of security to provide users with weather-resistant protection.


Blocks majority of UV light so that users can peacefully relax in the sun. Additional wind protection prevents outdoor furniture from flying away. Includes a storage bag for ease of transportation. Available in several colors, such as brown, blue, and more.


Some users would have preferred that it provided more shade.

ARB Retractable RV Awning
Retractable RV Awning
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Best for Nighttime
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With an integrated light strip, this model brightens up the outdoors for the user's comfort and safety.


Simply install the LED strip onto your roof rack or bar to illuminate the night. Warm color offers clear vision without hurting the eyes. Awning pulls out within a minute, reducing time and energy on the users' end. An ideal choice for campers or hikers.


Poles are poor quality, especially when compared to other parts of the package.

EXCELFU RV Awning and Sun Shade Screen
RV Awning and Sun Shade Screen
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Simple Yet Solid
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This is a reliable product that includes all the fundamental features needed for a casual road trip.


Comes with zippered shade that is easy to operate. No ladder or difficult assembly required after initial installation. High-density mesh offers both privacy and protection from the sun. Stays durable against most weather conditions, including wind and rain.


Some complaints about the placement of the zipper.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best rv awnings

Are you in the market for a new RV awning? If so, it could be because you don’t like the one that came with your RV. Most RVs come with an awning that was pre-installed at the factory. Often, however, the manufacturer will skimp on that part of the construction.

It may also be the case that your RV doesn’t have an awning at all. In either scenario, it’s time to shop for a new RV awning. You’ve come to the right place.

An awning on your RV can make your outings more pleasant. You can sit outside while relaxing in the shade of your awning, gazing at nature and soaking in the peace of nature. As with all good things, it takes some preparation to get the right awning for your RV. You need to get all the parts to the awning installed properly so they work. RVs generally have the connections already in place, which makes it easier, but many folks will want to hire a professional to perform awning installation.

Which awning should you get? That depends on a number of factors, and the shopping process can be a bit confusing. Keep reading, and we’ll present the facts as well as some great options.

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Awnings are treated to be UV resistant, but extended exposure to the sun can wear through the treatment. Always put a cover on a rolled-up awning to prevent a bleached stripe from appearing on it.

Key considerations


The size of your RV dictates the length of awning you can accommodate. The longer your RV is, the longer your awning can be. If you’re not sure what length awning your RV can handle, check your owner’s manual. Even if your RV didn’t come with an awning installed, the measurements for one should still be referenced in the manual.

Awning crank

  • Manual: Most awnings extend and retract via a manual crank. The long crank is usually stored inside the RV in a closet and taken out when needed. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to open and close the awning. If it does, consider having it looked at.

  • Electric: Awnings with electric motors are easy to use; you just flip a switch. They run off the battery, and some of them draw quite a bit of juice. It’s best to open and close an electric awning while the engine is running. That will help keep the battery charged and prevent it from draining.

Assembly parts

  • Arms: If your RV came from the factory with an awning already installed, you might not need to replace the whole thing. If the arms were damaged, they can be purchased and replaced separately.

  • Roller assembly: The roller assembly with the spring can also be purchased and installed separately. Often, the awning fabric comes with the roller assembly.


Some awnings you will find for sale are fabric only, without any arms or rollers. This is the least-expensive item to replace on your whole awning.



Weight is a concern for awnings, so most of the parts are made of lightweight aluminum. Lightweight steel might be used in places where more strength is needed. The fabric usually nylon or acrylic. The rest of the awning, including the roller housing, is typically made of PVC plastic.


White is the normal color for the arms and other exposed metal parts of an RV awning. The fabric comes in a wide assortment of colors and designs. Feel free to do some window shopping to find a design that complements your RV.

Type of arms

The arms on an RV awning come in two varieties. Some arms are connected to the body of the RV at an angle to create a triangle when the awning is extended. Others stand straight up and down to form a square. The first type is the most popular and widespread, but the type of arms you prefer is mostly a matter of personal taste.

Expert Tip


These are padded clips that clamp onto the side of the awning. A nylon strap attaches the clips to the arms of the awning. The de-flapper from Camco has a universal fit and is quite affordable, and it keeps the fabric from flapping in the wind to prevent noise, rips, and tears.

This black mesh screen from Tentproinc blocks out the sun along the long side of your RV awning. It keeps it cooler and blocks almost 86% of the sun’s UV rays. You can also get Tentproinc’s screen in blue or brown.

This is the companion piece to Tentproinc’s front mesh screen sunblocker. Use it when you want protection from the sun on all sides. It’s lightweight and easy to install.

In windy conditions, these long spiral steel anchors can be sunk deep in the ground to provide extra stability for your awning and prevent damage at the same time. Camco’s kit is easy to use and comes with a pull tension strap.

This large reversible outdoor patio mat has a black and white checkerboard design. It resists mildew and mold and is easy to clean with a broom or hose. If you’re looking to keep mud and dirt away from the entrance of your RV, it’s a worthy investment.

This 12-foot long string of LED lights fit under the awning and plug directly in your 12V system. You get beautiful illumination at night without draining your battery. You can also choose this product in 6-foot and 16-foot lengths.

Keeping your RV awning clean can certainly extend the useful life of your awning and other outdoor fabrics you use with your RV. Camco makes this affordable cleaner for use with its awnings and other fabrics.

In spite of your best efforts, rips and tears occasionally happen. When they do, use some awning repair tape to fix the problem. This specially made tape can fix awnings, tents, boat sails, and more.

RV awning prices

If you want an inexpensive RV awning, look in the “under $200” category. In this price range, you’ll find replacement fabrics for awnings that include no arms or roller assemblies.

From $200 to $800, you’ll find a wider range of kits. Some kits will include all parts; others will require the rollers and/or arms to be purchased separately.

Over $800 is where you’ll find high-end kits as well as electric awnings that extend and retract via an electric motor.

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Did you know?
The beading on the edge of the awning is one of the most important parts of it. If the beading tears, it’s almost impossible to repair the fabric. You’ll have to replace it.


  • Leaves and other debris often get stuck between the awning case and roof of the RV. Get some clear plastic tubing from your local hardware store that is cut to the length of your awning case. Push the tubing down into the gap, and presto! No more leaves and junk getting stuck in there.

  • Never roll up your awning and store it when it’s wet. If water is left in place inside the rolled-up awning, it will eventually give rise to mildew and rot, no matter how much the fabric has been treated. If a sudden storm catches you by surprise and you have to roll up the awning right away, unroll it to air dry as soon as you can.

  • Scrubbing the awning on your RV to clean it should be done very lightly. A vinyl awning should only be scrubbed with a soft brush, but you can use a stiff brush on an acrylic one.

  • Never leave your awning unrolled at night or when you’re away from the RV. Sudden storms or strong winds could do tremendous damage to it a matter of minutes.

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The biggest enemy of your awning is a sharp corner on the RV door. If the pitch of your awning is too low, the upper corner of your door can catch it and rip a big hole in one careless moment.


Q. Can I use laundry detergent to clean my awning?

A. Yes. Mix your laundry detergent in a bucket of hot water. Use a soft brush to gently wash the fabric. Then, use a hose to rinse it off.

Q. What does “pooling” mean?

A. “Pooling” refers to how water accumulates on the lowest spot of an awning. The weight of the water depresses that point, creating a deeper depression to hold more water.

Q. Is rolling up the awning the only way to stop pooling?

A. No. You can lower one arm of the awning below the other to create a slope or pitch to one side. The water will run off the lower side instead of pooling in the middle.

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