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Best Steering Wheel Covers

Updated July 2022
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Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Cover
Steering Wheel Cover
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Premium Pick
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This model provides the look, quality, and feel of a genuine leather product.


Cover feels soft and smooth. Offers a good grip. Thick and well-made. Genuine leather. Doesn't slip. Cushion-like feel. Good quality at the price point. Comes very quickly. Fits a 15" steering wheel very well.


The product comes folded and has a crease when it first comes out of the packaging.

Best Bang for the Buck
SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover
SEG Direct
Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover
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This steering wheel cover doesn't get at hot in the sun.


Tends to stay cooler to the touch. Comes in 8 color combinations. Protects wheel. Grip is comfortable. Decent price. Fits well over the wheel. Soft suede-like feel. Stitching is tight.


Can be tight to put on and will need to be stretched to fit on many vehicles.

Ylife Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover
Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover
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Breathable Pick
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This doesn’t get hot in the heat of the sun and the breathable material stays warm in the winter.


The installation is straight forward and it fits tightly on 15-inch steering wheels without slipping. The microfiber leather material has a thick comfortable grip regardless of the weather or the temperature. It is both soft and durable.


Some people reported cracking in the material from it being folded and compressed too tightly during shipping.

CAR PASS Classical Leather Automotive Universal Steering Wheel Covers
Classical Leather Automotive Universal Steering Wheel Covers
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Simple Yet Solid
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A basic and good looking leather-like cover that can quickly spruce up a tired steering wheel.


4 color options. PVC leather-like material. Made to fit most steering wheels. Feels durable. Does not smell bad. Comfortable to hold. A good value for the money.


The color tends to be a little off from the pictures. The black color can get hot in to the touch in the sun.

Bell Automotive Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover
Bell Automotive
Baja Blanket Steering Wheel Cover
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Cloth Choice
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A cloth cover that keeps your steering wheel cool to the touch and protects your original wheel from fading.


Good color on the cloth. Doesn't slide around on the wheel. Cloth stays a neutral temperature – not too hot or too cold. Unique look. Quality construction. Tight fit on the wheel.


The cloth on this model can make the steering wheel more slippery than other covers.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best steering wheel covers

There are a lot of reasons to get a steering wheel cover for your car. One big reason is that factory steering wheels are boring. They don’t have any pizzazz or excitement to them. If you like a little exhilaration in your life, a steering wheel cover can get it for you for less than $25.

There are other reasons to own a steering wheel cover. The factory fabric could be worn out with age or simple wear and tear. Maybe the wheel gets too hot to hold in the summer and freezes your fingers in the winter. Maybe it gets too slippery to hold sometimes, and you want something with a better grip.

Whatever your reason, we can help you figure out which steering wheel cover is right for you and your vehicle. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of the different steering wheel covers so you can make an informed decision. There’s a lot to cover, so keep reading.

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A steering wheel cover allows you to customize your car with your own signature style.

Key considerations

What size is your steering wheel?

From Audi to Volvo and everything in between, most automobile steering wheels are 15 inches in diameter. Some people think that’s the inside distance of the wheel, but it’s not. Rather, it is the distance on the outside of the wheel from one side to the other. Even a lot of passenger trucks have 15-inch steering wheels.

However, there are larger steering wheels out there. This is especially true if you’ve customized your car and put a non-standard wheel on the steering column. Get out a tape measure and measure the distance just to be sure. Then you can start looking at steering wheel covers.

Do you want an improved grip?

Auto manufacturers are getting better at putting non-slip surfaces on their steering wheels, but sometimes it is not enough. Who wants a steering wheel that feels like it’s going to slip out of your hands when you turn a corner or need to react quickly in an emergency? No one. A good steering wheel cover can eliminate that problem.

What’s more, many steering wheels are too skinny to properly grab hold of them. They feel as thin as a pencil. They’re not, but they sure feel like it. That feeling doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence when you’re driving down the road. Putting a steering wheel cover on it adds some thickness to it, making it easier to hold.

Are you dealing with black residue?

Steering wheels are constantly exposed to damaging UV rays from the sun, which can break down many plastics and several types of rubber. Add to that the fact that steering wheels endure more use than any other part of a car’s interior, and you have a situation where the surface of your factory steering wheel can start flaking and peeling, leaving you with a black residue on your hands or a slippery steering wheel — or both. Once again, a good steering wheel cover can solve the problem.



  • Leather: Some steering wheel covers are genuine leather on the outside. Leather is a natural material that breathes, so you won’t have to worry about mildew getting under it. (Covers that breathe will last longer than ones that are airtight. They also provide a better grip with more give to it.) Leather is an excellent choice because it can withstand abuse from constant use and the elements.

  • Rubber: Soft rubber interiors are common on steering wheel covers, giving them their squishy feel. This improves your grip on the wheel and gives you a larger surface to hold. A thick ring is easier to hold than a thin one.

  • Microfiber: Any material made of microfiber has more give to it and produces a better grip when you curl your fingers around it. Microfibers have a more natural feel than some other materials, too.


Black is no longer the only color option for steering wheel covers, although it is still widely available. There are also plenty of two-toned steering wheel covers with thicker padding and material under one color than the other. Positioned properly, this gives you a better grip on the wheel, which comes in handy all the time but perhaps even more so on long road trips.

Multi-colored steering wheel covers may exude a bohemian style, a flowery appearance, or an ethnic vibe. There are snakeskin designs, rainbow patterns, and butterfly motifs available. Whatever you prefer, there’s a steering wheel cover for you. There are even some fuzzy or furry steering wheel covers. Pay close attention to the details, though; quite often, these specialty covers don’t have a rubber backing.


The stitching on black steering wheel covers often comes with a contrasting color. Available colors for stitching include blue, red, green, white, tan, gray, and yellow, to name a few.


Some steering wheel covers include rhinestones to give you some sparkle. Put one of those on your steering wheel, and your passengers will notice.


Not all steering wheel covers have warranties, but many of the better ones do. If a company is confident enough to give you a 60- or 90-day full warranty, that’s a pretty good indication that they believe their product is a good one.

On a hot summer day, the temperature of your steering wheel can reach 127ºF.


Steering wheel cover prices

A price that’s considered low for a steering wheel cover is $10 or less. Although covers in this price range might have rhinestones or multiple colors, it is mainly the quality that suffers. Low-cost covers may not have as much rubber backing as high-cost covers — or they may not have any backing at all. That can make them slip on the wheel when you’re turning it. These covers may not last very long, either.

Between $11 and $19 is the middle price range, where you’ll find most steering wheel covers. Often, these products have breathable or microfiber materials with a rubber non-slip backing. They’re available in a wide range of colors, accents, and patterns. These are good, dependable covers.

The priciest steering wheel covers cost $20 or more. You’ll find high-quality materials and construction along with excellent warranties in this range. You’ll have a great choice of colors, designs, and materials, including genuine leather.


  • The key to installing a steering wheel cover is patience. Take it one step at a time. Allow time for the cover to warm up and loosen up between each step.

  • Before attempting to install the cover, put it inside the car in direct sunlight to let it warm up for a few hours. This will soften the rubber inside the cover.

  • Install the cover with the car parked and turned off.

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Using a steering wheel cover during the winter lets you drive without having to wear gloves.


Q. Can steering wheel covers be adjusted once they’re in place?

A. No. Steering wheel covers fit so tightly that the rubberized backing makes it extremely difficult to adjust the cover once it’s in place.

Q. Are fabric-only steering wheel covers the best?

A. Fabric-only covers are often gorgeous in appearance, but the lack of a rubber backing means the fabric can slide on the underlying steering wheel.

Q. How long should a steering wheel cover last?

A. It should last approximately three to four years, though some owners report their steering wheel covers lasting two or three times longer than that. After three years, examine your cover on a yearly basis to catch any deterioration before it becomes a problem. Since the prices are generally low, changing it won’t break the bank.