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Best adult lawn games

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Adult lawn games

When you’re a kid, outdoor games help you develop both fine and gross motor skills. They can increase your coordination, teach you admirable character traits such as good sportsmanship and help you burn off excess energy.

However, when you become an adult, outdoor games serve a different purpose. While they still provide entertainment and recreation, outdoor games encourage and facilitate social interaction. The best outdoor games for adults create an atmosphere that sparks conversation and healthy but not too serious competition.

Read on for a list of favorite outdoor games that are best suited for backyard gatherings of adult friends and family members. To make it easy for you to find one that's best for your needs, they’re organized in five categories: classic games, tossing games, active games, supersized games and novelty options.

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Classic games

These lawn games are timeless favorites that have been around for a hundred years or more.

Franklin Sports Croquet Set

Croquet is a fun game of skill that’s been around for nearly 200 years. It involves hitting a ball through a course made of wire hoops and a peg. This set comes with everything you need: six durable mallets, six balls, nine hoops, two pegs and a carrying case.

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Hey! Play! Family Bocce Ball Set

Bocce is a simple game of skill that’s been around for over 7,000 years. This set from Hey! Play! offers quality materials at a low price, which translates to value. The balls come in two colors with two distinct patterns to facilitate four-person play.

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Long Game Outdoor Bowling

You thought bowling was only an indoor sport? In 5,000 B.C., ancient Egyptians used to have fun knocking down objects by rolling stones. With this quality set of ten hardwood pins and two hardwood balls, you can carry on the tradition at your next picnic. This game works best on level, short-cut lawns or dirt.

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Tossing games

Whether tossing steel or beanbags, these fun adult games are designed to test your underarm throwing skills.

St. Pierre American Professional Series Horseshoes

This is not a set for kids. The durable blue and gray horseshoes in this kit are manufactured using forged steel. The set also includes two solid steel 24-inch stakes, an official rule book and a carrying case.

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GoSports Premium Metal Ladder Toss Game Set

If you're looking for a high-quality ladder toss game, this model is made out of steel, is easy to assemble and comes with a carrying case. The bolos are manufactured using soft rubber with thicker strings to help prevent tangles.

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GoSports Classic Cornhole Set

This regulation-size cornhole game has a vintage style and is manufactured to look like steel-framed barnwood planks but is UV- and water-resistant. The set comes with eight 16-ounce, all-weather beanbags.

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Active games

These active games are best for individuals who like to get a little workout in while playing.

Hammer Crown Paddle Ball Set

For the individual who takes paddle ball seriously, this high-quality, solid wooden set is made using pine, sapele and beechwood to create a distinctive design. The handles are wrapped in neoprene to provide a confident grip, and the set comes with a canvas drawstring bag for storage and transport.

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Franklin Sports Family Badminton Set

If you'd like to save a little money and still get a great badminton set, this is the way to go. This family-friendly unit features a net that is 20 feet x 1 foot, 6 inches. It’s easy to set up and comes with four steel badminton rackets, two nylon birdies and six ropes and stakes.

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Park & Sun Sports Permanent Outdoor Tetherball Set

Tetherball is a fun and challenging game that is permanently installed so you can play whenever you'd like. The object is simply to wrap the rope completely around the pole. This kit features a two-piece galvanized steel pole to resist rusting along with a soft-touch ball with a durable nylon-wound bladder.

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Supersized games

The fun only gets bigger when you play these tabletop games in extra-large size.

Hasbro Giant Jenga Party Game

This is the official Hasbro version of the popular stacking game. However, in this supersized version, you can use the 54 hardwood blocks to create towers that are over 5 feet tall.

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ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-to-Score Game Set

Yes, this is the popular kids' game that goes by a slightly different name when sold by other manufacturers. The object is to connect four giant rings in a straight line on the huge 4-foot-tall game grid. It’s manufactured using lightweight, weather-resistant material so it can be played either indoors or outdoors.

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Triumph Sports 28-Piece Lawn Domino Set

If you've ever wanted to play dominoes outside, this is your chance. This wooden set features 28 pieces that are 3 1/2 x 7 inches, making them large enough to play on a picnic table or in the grass. The color-coded pips add a splash of fun while the varnish finish helps with durability.

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Novelty options

If you'd like to look a little off the beaten path for backyard entertainment, these outdoor novelty games might be the best option for you.

University Games Flickin’ Chicken

This creative novelty game is modeled after golf. There’s a target that serves as the hole, and each round, players see who can land their chicken on the target with the least number of throws. Up to four players can play a game.

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GoSports Foam Fire Trophy Hunt

Admittedly, this game was designed for kids, but that doesn't mean adults can't have just as much fun playing. Players take turns shooting foam balls at a target that features big game animals to try and earn the most points. The set includes two blasters, 40 foam balls, a target, a carrying case and a rule book.

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GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong Table

Yes, we've saved the best for last! This regulation-size beer pong table is what every serious competitor needs. The compact, fold-up design turns this table into a 2-foot square case in a matter of seconds. While the table comes with six pong balls, you need to supply your own red Solo cups.

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