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Best Beer Pong Tables

Updated August 2022
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Best of the Best LED Glow Lights, Dry Erase Surface 8' Beer Pong Table
LED Glow Lights, Dry Erase Surface 8' Beer Pong Table
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Party Crowd Pleaser
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A beer pong table with all the bells and whistles that create an atmosphere of pure entertainment.


Built with lights that last up to 12 hours, even in environments with poor lighting (i.e. the great outdoors) and provides much appreciated extras such as towels. Packs neatly into the size of a briefcase. A favorite of loyal beer pong table aficionados.


The directions may be difficult for some at first, but they do lay out all the steps.

Best Bang for the Buck
GoPong 8' Portable Beer Pong Table
8' Portable Beer Pong Table
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Portable Convenience
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A sleek design that won't take up space, and can be set up quickly at parties.


Designed specifically for beer pong along with graphics and structural features that pay homage to a party game that many now expect when friends entertain. Taller than expected, providing ease of use for your guests.


There are some reports that this table doesn't hold up well with extended use. 8' Professional Beer Pong Table w/Cup Holes
8' Professional Beer Pong Table w/Cup Holes
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Trusted Brand
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A fun-looking beer pong table by a top brand with the bonus of cup holders to keep drinks secure.


Features holes for holding cups of beer, which help prevent spills during beer pong competitions. Table has a reasonably durable build and is easy to set up for parties and fold for storage. Bold graphics are designed to grab the attention of party-goers.


Lights are optional, but don't come standard with this model.

Red Cup Pong American Flag 8' Beer Pong Table
Red Cup Pong
American Flag 8' Beer Pong Table
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Patriotic Partying
Bottom Line

A crowd pleasing table that looks great and is easy to transport.


A depiction of the American flag adorns the table, which represents an ideology to live free and have fun while doing so. Customers appreciate the design notes that went into the patriotic decal. Looks great in photographs and can inspire beer pong greatness. Has a bottle opener.


The pong ball holder could be sturdier.

Red Cup Pong 8' Beer Pong Table w/Custom Bottle Opener
Red Cup Pong
8' Beer Pong Table w/Custom Bottle Opener
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Affordable Fun
Bottom Line

An affordable table with a combination of some nice features and a few durability concerns.


A folding beer pong table at a decent price. Easy to store when folded. Surface finish wipes clean with minimal effort. Like other tables by the brand, it comes with its own bottle opener that comes in handy when partiers are ready for more beer.


Legs are somewhat wobbly. Decals tend to peel over time.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best beer pong tables

According to the official rules of beer pong, the cups are to be filled 1/3 to 1/2 with water and no person shall be encouraged to drink during gameplay. Keeping that in mind, beer pong turns from a frat house fête to a fun fest that can be played anywhere there's a table. To have the most enjoyment while playing, you'll want to purchase the best beer pong table.

A full-size beer pong table that can withstand knocking and is resistant to spills is key. The top tables have holders to keep your cups exactly where they need to be. If you want to exhibit a little personal flair, you can even find a beer pong table with color-changing lights.

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If you'd like to spruce up the game, you can purchase special beer pong balls in a wide variety of colors and designs, including emoji balls.

10 beer pong rules

If you want to play the game, you need to learn the rules. Listed below are ten generally accepted rules.

  • There are two teams and each team consists of two players.

  • A player may not come in contact with the table while making a shot.

  • Distractions are permitted.

  • There is no penalty for accidentally (or intentionally) scoring in your own cup.

  • A ball may be grabbed or swatted away only after it has made contact with a cup.

  • A ball that is inside a cup may not be touched in any way.

  • The penalty for interference is the loss of a cup.

  • Bounce shots count for 2 cups – the defensive team chooses the second cup to be removed.

  • If a cup is not touching any other cups, a player may call an "island" shot. If the player scores in the designated cup, a bonus cup is removed as well.

  • Disputes are only valid if witnessed by two or more individuals.

Key considerations

Before purchasing your beer pong table, it is important to make a checklist of features you want your ideal table to have. Following is a wide assortment of specifics to consider before buying.


If you want the best experience, make sure that you purchase a beer pong table that is the official size: 8 feet long by 2 feet wide and 27.5 inches high. The height is important because it's low enough to allow for good aim, but not so low that you'll feel the need to lean in, which is not permissible while throwing.


Your beer pong table is going to take a few hits — it's just the nature of the game — so it must be tough enough to endure them. If it's not, it will become increasingly wobbly and make playing much less fun or even impossible. Look for a beer pong table that is sturdy, but not too heavy — especially if you want it to be easily portable.


You want a beer pong table that's not going to warp. Playing on a warped surface takes the skill element out of the equation when attempting bounce shots. It also can be frustrating or unfair if one side of your table is better than the other.

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Did you know?
The origin of beer pong is rather unclear. Many different colleges and fraternities claim to have invented the game. Curiously, these claims cover a wide period of time that spans the '50s, '60s, and '70s.

Beer pong table features

Waterproof surface

Your beer pong table is going to have to withstand numerous spills and splashes. Because of this, you’ll want a waterproof table that won't get damaged when it gets wet. Something as simple as a wax coating is fine.


Chances are, you're not going to need or even want a permanent beer pong table because it has to be ready to go with you wherever the party is. Something that sets up and breaks down easily is best. A lightweight table that folds up into an oversized briefcase with handles is generally desirable.

Cup holders

Many beer pong tables feature marks so you know where to place the cups. The best models, however, have cup holders built into the table so even if the table is accidentally bumped, you can continue playing without needing to reset.


There's nothing wrong with having a generic beer pong table. But if you prefer, you can purchase a model that looks like a basketball court, a gridiron, a soccer field, or even an American flag. The choice is yours.

Bells and whistles

There are a few other elements that can elevate the "wow" factor. Glow in the dark balls, cups, or table, or color-changing LED lights, for instance. Unless you want to have a game in the dark, these won’t enhance the playability of the table – but they might make playing more fun.

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Did you know?
Although there are official beer pong rules, when playing for fun, the house rules vary greatly, depending on the host's preferences.

Beer pong table variations

As noted above, the official beer pong table is 8 feet long by 2 feet wide and 27.5 inches high. However, sometimes you find yourself in a different environment, like a pool party, and that 8-foot-long table just isn't practical. Below, we've listed a few variations that allow you to experience the thrill of beer pong in any situation.


In environments where space is a concern, beer pong stands might be a better choice. Instead of one long table, this design features two stands that can each hold 10 cups. To facilitate bounce shots, you can place a cooler in the center of the two stands.


A traditional beer pong table isn't going to work in a pool. For that, you need an inflatable raft. Most rafts are not going to be 8 feet long, but they will allow you to play a game of beer pong in tranquil water.

Mini pong

Sometimes, you don't have room for a full-size table. In that case, look for an executive option that can be played on a miniature table with smaller cups and balls.

Yard pong

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you can go big with a jumbo set. This type of design doesn't include a table because you play on whatever surface is available, like the beach or a backyard, but it can still be a whole lot of fun.

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Did you know?
In some circles, Beer Pong is called Beirut.


Beer pong tables have three fairly distinct price ranges.


At the lower end, from about $15 to $40, the "tables" are inflatable rafts that are designed to be used in a pool. The cups fit snugly in cup holders to prevent them from sliding off the raft while playing.


In the $50 to $100 range, you will be able to purchase a wax-coated table that folds up and can be easily carried by a set of handles.


The beer pong tables that cost over $100 add bells and whistles such as a sports theme, cup holders built into the table to keep your cups from moving, and color-changing LED lights around the edge of the table.

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Beer pong is typically viewed as a college activity where, over the course of play, excessive amounts of alcohol may be consumed. Playing responsibly is highly recommended.


Q: Are cups included with the table?

A: Cups are very rarely included with the purchase of a beer pong table. To play, you will need 20 cups – 10 for each side. It is also possible to play with only 12 cups – 6 for each side. Typically, you use red Solo cups, but there are a number of options available if you prefer different colors or reusable cups.

Q: How much do cups cost?

A: If you buy in bulk, it is possible to find plastic cups that cost as little as 8 cents per cup. If you prefer the higher-end reusable cups, they can run $3 or more per cup.

Q: Are balls included?

A: Often the beer pong balls are included with the table, but you will get a limited supply. If you lose them all or would like other options, you can buy balls featuring special designs.

Q: How much do balls cost?

A: If you buy in bulk, you can find beer pong balls for as little as 6 cents each. Since you won't need 150 balls to play a game, most people end up paying quite a bit more for fewer balls. Spending a dollar or two on a single ball is not uncommon.

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