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Best track hurdle

Which track hurdle is best?

Hurdling can be one of the most challenging track and field events to do well. It combines jumping and sprinting in one race. It requires precise techniques and a repeatable stride to have success. Training with a high-quality track hurdle gives you a better chance to be in top technical form for a race.

The Champion Sports Adjustable-Height Training Hurdle is the best. It's a versatile choice that lets you get the most out of your training regimen.

What to know before you buy a track hurdle

Competition hurdles

A competition hurdle consists of the highest-quality materials. It uses a design that matches the requirements for an official hurdle from World Athletics, which oversees track and field rules.

Competition hurdles are adjustable in height to match the requirements of each race. Many hurdlers use them for specific types of training. However, they have a much higher cost than training hurdles.

Training hurdles

Training hurdles can have a wide range of designs, letting athletes and coaches determine the exact type of training technique they want to use.

Many training hurdles weigh less than an official competition hurdle. Should a hurdler hit them in training, they shouldn’t provide much resistance, helping the hurdler stay upright. For safety, some training hurdles pop apart when a hurdler makes contact with them.

Speed hurdles

Speed hurdles are extremely low in height, sometimes as low as 6 inches. They teach hurdlers to use quick footwork and to stretch their hips to step, hop, jump or swing their legs over the hurdles. Some hurdlers like using speed hurdles as a warmup before moving to training or competition hurdles.

Some speed hurdles are adjustable in height, letting athletes set up different types of training sessions.

What to look for in a quality track hurdle

Adjustable height

For most hurdlers, it's important to have hurdles with an adjustable height. They let athletes use different training techniques and prepare for different kinds of races.

Additionally, multiple athletes can use an adjustable-height hurdle. For instance, novice hurdlers may have to train with a shorter hurdle than a more experienced hurdler needs.


Because hurdlers bump into and knock over hurdles regularly during training sessions, hurdles must consist of durable materials.

Competition hurdles nearly always use a metal frame with a wooden cross board. An adjustable-height system should use metal pins or buttons that stand up to repeated adjustments and uses. This hurdle can crash to the ground hundreds of times without showing wear and tear. 

To keep the price lower than a competition hurdle, training hurdles may substitute a plastic in the frame, such as polyvinyl chloride, known as PVC. These materials are durable, but less durable than metal and wood.


Competition hurdles use a white cross board with a silver or black metal frame. However, when you are using training hurdles, you might be in the grass, on the track or somewhere else. Consequently, such hurdles often use bright yellows, oranges or reds in the frame to make sure everyone sees them, especially when you set them at a low height.

How much you can expect to spend on a track hurdle

Training-style hurdles cost $10-$75 per hurdle, while speed hurdles may cost $2-$10 each. Competition-level track hurdles should cost $150-$500 apiece.

Track hurdle FAQ

Does hitting hurdles make you run slower?

A. Official hurdles are weighted, and slow runners a little bit if they strike them. The amount of momentum lost depends on how hard you hit the hurdle. Training hurdles help you learn to avoid clipping hurdles and slowing you down.

How do I train with adjustable hurdles?

A. Some coaches use a shorter hurdle height than appears in races to help you learn to maintain your speed. Some use a taller height to help you learn to avoid striking the hurdles during a race.

How do speed-training hurdles help you?

A. Speed-training hurdles can help you improve your foot speed and explosiveness, improving your speed when sprinting between the hurdles. They also help create explosiveness in your leg muscles for attacking the hurdles.

What’s the best track hurdle to buy?

Top track hurdle

Champion Sports Adjustable-Height Training Hurdle

What you need to know: This training hurdle gives track athletes 11 height settings, so they can work on the precise techniques they need.

What you’ll love: The steel legs and plastic cross board provide excellent durability. You can pick among training height settings between 6 and 42 inches. When a hurdler hits the cross board, the entire hurdle collapses for safety.

What you should consider: The cross board almost collapses too easily after contact, which may feel strange to an experienced hurdler.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top track hurdle for the money

Trademark Innovations Speed Training

What you need to know: Speed training can be great for hurdlers as they try to develop quick feet, and these 6-inch hurdles are the ideal training height.

What you’ll love: With five hurdles in the set, you can work on footwork drills in succession. Select among any of the four colors of hurdles to create specific training areas. They stack into each other when it's time to store them.

What you should consider: These are plastic speed hurdles, so they may not stand up well to having people step on them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sportime Adjust-a-Hurdle

What you need to know: These training hurdles work well for at-home workouts for younger track athletes, as they have a lightweight design.

What you’ll love: This kit ships with three adjustable hurdles, so athletes can set up a row of hurdles. You can select among six heights between 21 and 36 inches. They stack together to simplify storage.

What you should consider: These hurdles use PVC tubing on top, rather than a cross board, so they don’t look much like competition hurdles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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