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Best Adidas football cleats

Which Adidas football cleats are best?

When you think of football gear, you probably think of helmets and shoulder pads first. It’s a violent game, after all, and the body needs protection. But without good football cleats, players wouldn’t be able to make the speedy, dexterous plays necessary to win. Adidas offers a range of good-quality cleats for reasonable prices.

The best Adidas cleats are the Adidas Freak Ultra 22 Football Cleats. They provide maximum ankle support with a laceless design so you never have to retie your cleats again.

What to know before you buy Adidas football cleats

Football cleat parts

By understanding the parts of a football cleat, you can choose one that perfectly fits your needs.

  • Upper: This is everything that touches the top of your foot. It includes the tongue, and laces if it uses them. It should be durable enough to handle intense contact but breathable enough so as not to lead to excess sweating.
  • Outsole: This holds your studs. It should be the toughest part of the cleat, with just enough give to follow the natural flexibility of the foot.
  • Midsole: This connects the upper to the outsole. It should balance flexibility with stiffness and provide enough cushioning, all to protect and support your foot.

Ankle length

Adidas cleats come in three ankle lengths.

  • Low ankles offer no ankle support but provide the highest range of motion. Wear them if you want to be able to change your direction on a dime, but remember to watch your ankles.
  • High ankles are the opposite, offering maximum ankle support in return for restricted movement. These are integral for players who need to protect their ankles and are especially good for players on the line of scrimmage.
  • Mid ankles are for everyone in between, offering a good balance of freedom of movement and ankle support.

What to look for in quality Adidas football cleats

Stud types

Adidas uses two types of studs in its cleats for play on natural or artificial fields.

  • Long, narrow studs work best on natural fields. These studs are better able to pierce into the ground for more traction. They're especially important when playing on soggy or muddy fields.
  • Short, wide studs work best on artificial fields. They offer more space for gripping and provide extra traction since there’s nothing to pierce.


Football is almost as much about personality and presentation as it is about playing the game. Adidas understands this and offers a huge range of colors so you can flash some of your personality while you speed to your next touchdown.

How much you can expect to spend on Adidas football cleats

They typically cost $50-$200. Budget cleats and those for kids usually cost $50. Average Adidas cleats cost $100, with the best ones costing $120 and up.

Adidas football cleats FAQ

Does Adidas make football cleats for women?

A. No, but those who wear women’s sizes can wear men’s sizes — just subtract 1.5 sizes from the women’s size to find the men’s size most likely to fit. You may still need to try a few on to find a good fit, and keep in mind that men’s sizes are typically wider than women’s.

Do I need more than one pair of football cleats?

A. That depends on how often you play and practice. If you just play flag football here and there, one pair should be plenty. If you’re part of a dedicated team it’s a good idea to have one pair for practice and another for games — just remember to use the same model, so there’s no change in your performance.

Can I use cleats not meant for football when playing?

A. That depends on the situation. If you’re meeting friends for a casual game, you should be fine, but anything semi-serious requires football cleats. This is because each sport that uses cleats has different requirements, reflected in their design. Football cleats, for example, have a stud on the toe tip for extra traction that soccer cleats lack to avoid affecting your kicks.

What are the best Adidas football cleats to buy?

Top Adidas football cleats 

Adidas Men’s Freak Ultra 22 Football Cleats

What you need to know: These cleats are sleek and provide plenty of ankle support.

What you’ll love: Adidas’ Boost midsole adds some comfort and helps transfer the energy of impact into forward momentum. Heel and tongue tabs make it easy to put on and take off but tightly seal around the foot to prevent slipping. The gold or silver on white designs is eye-catching.

What you should consider: Players who rely on fancy footwork may dislike the movement restriction caused by the high ankle. The lack of laces means there’s no way to adjust fit.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Adidas football cleats for the money

Adidas Kids’ Freak Spark Mid Football Cleats

What you need to know: These are the perfect low-budget cleats for kids trying out the sport.

What you’ll love: Portions of the cleat are made with recycled materials to limit the environmental impact of production. The upper is synthetic with a padded mesh tongue for solid durability and breathability. A padded bounce midsole runs the length of the cleat for extra comfort.

What you should consider: These run a little big and wide — don’t be tempted to let your kids grow into them, as loose cleats can lead to ankle damage.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Adidas Men’s Adizero Big Mood Football Cleats

What you need to know: These are excellent all-around cleats for players who switch positions.

What you’ll love: A thermoplastic urethane outsole helps with durability and traction. TPU layering in the upper offers some sturdiness, while mesh in the upper increases breathability. They come in black and a vibrant green or orange.

What you should consider: A few purchasers noted these cleats as being heavier than most. Others had issues with seams in the heel causing discomfort.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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