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Best tie-dye Crocs

Which tie-dye Crocs are best?

Ever since their debut, Crocs have been among the most eye-catching shoes. If you want to attract even more gazes, then you need to go with tie-dye Crocs. There are plenty of tie-dye designs available, from brightly colored jewel tones to more subdued pastels.

The best tie-dye Crocs are the Crocs Tie-Dye Classic Clog. The original clogs design remains the most popular, and there are four tie-dye designs to choose from.

What to know before you buy tie-dye Crocs

Tie-dye Crocs types

Crocs come in many forms and almost all of them offer at least one tie-dye design. Some of the most popular include:

  • Clogs are the design that started it all. They have several ventilation holes above and along the front of the toe box and an ankle strap to keep it secured. There are multiple subtypes of clogs as well, including ones with different layouts of ventilation holes or ones with no holes at all.
  • Slides, sandals and flip-flops are all different styles going for the same design: being as easy as possible to slip on and off. Many tie-dye versions of these styles only color the straps, leaving a solid color as the base to help the tie-dye look pop out more.
  • Sneakers are a more recent type of Crocs. They keep many of Crocs’ design ideologies intact, such as having multiple ventilation holes and being made of the same materials, but they’re almost unrecognizable as Crocs.


Crocs typically come in child or unisex sizes, though a handful of designs are listed as being men’s or women’s. There are also no half sizes; you need to order a size down or up depending on how tight or loose you like your shoes to feel.

What to look for in quality tie-dye Crocs


Crocs come in one of three fits.

  • Standard fits conform tightly to the foot and don’t leave much space anywhere. Choose this if you want to eliminate as much shifting around the foot as possible and especially if you plan on wearing Crocs on unsteady ground.
  • Relaxed fits open up the toe box and add a little space around the foot but not enough to let them slide around freely. This helps with breathability without sacrificing much control.
  • Roomy fits have space all around. These can slide easily, so don’t choose this fit for unsteady environments. Positively, these are the most breathable and leave plenty of space for those who like to wear socks with their Crocs.


Jibbitz are special charms that fit in the small ventilation holes synonymous with the Crocs brand. Official Jibbitz come in almost any design you can think of, and if you can’t find an official one, there are endless options on sites such as Etsy. Many pairs of Crocs even include a few Jibbitz to get your collection started.

How much you can expect to spend on tie-dye Crocs

Most tie-dye Crocs cost $30-$50. Child-sized Crocs or Crocs with little material can cost as low as $20. More advanced Crocs, such as sneakers, can cost $80 or more.

Tie-dye Crocs FAQ

Can I make my own tie-dye Crocs?

A. Yes. In fact, it’s a common practice to take plain white Crocs and personalize them, including with tie-dye. That said, the synthetic material used to make Crocs renders the usual dyeing method for tie dye ineffective; it will just wash off immediately. As such, you need to use special dyes meant for use on synthetic materials. These dyes are easily found on Amazon or in most hobby stores, and they don’t cost more than any other dye.

You can also use the hydro dipping method to tie dye them, though again this takes special materials and is a little harder to pull off by those not used to the method.

How durable are Crocs?

A. Crocs are among the most durable shoes you can find. Even when poorly taken care of, they can last for several years. All you need to do is not leave them out in the sun or they can shrink and have their tie-dye bleached out.

You know it’s time to replace them if the outsole gets worn off or if it rips or tears. If it has an ankle strap and it breaks, that’s also a sign to replace them.

What are the best tie-dye Crocs to buy?

Top tie-dye Crocs

Crocs Tie-Dye Classic Clog

What you need to know: The best overall Crocs are always the original clogs.

What you’ll love: These come in four designs using a mix of bright or muted colors with a black or white base. All the ventilation holes make these perfect for hot summer days and wearing around water, plus the holes leave room for 13 Jibbitz on each shoe.

What you should consider: Some consumers had issues with the paint starting to wear off or chip as soon as a month after purchase.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top tie-dye Crocs for the money

Crocs Bistro Clog

What you need to know: These are the best canvases for those wanting to do their own tie-dye.

What you’ll love: The lack of the usual vent holes in this special clog subtype makes any custom tie-dye method easier to apply. They have special extra-grip soles for walking on slippery floors. There are also three tie-dye options for those not wanting to make their own.

What you should consider: With the lack of ventilation holes comes decreased breathability and the inability to attach Jibbitz. A few customers suggested ordering a size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Crocs Tie-Dye Kadee II Sandals

What you need to know: These are perfect for those who only want a splash of tie-dye color.

What you’ll love: Special bumps on the inner sole of these sandals increase your grip and provide a mild massaging feeling. The zigzagging straps are more stylish than the usual sandal design. The white base helps the pastel tie-dye stand out.

What you should consider: Leaving these out in the sun can cause them to shrink and the tie-dye to be bleached out.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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