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Updated June 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Crocs All-Terrain Clogs
All-Terrain Clogs
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Do it all
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We love how well these held up to every day use even on less than ideal terrain.


The lug outsoles feel great on a variety of surfaces including smaller hiking trails. The adjustable heel strap make it an ideal pick for someone who wants a fair bit of customization. The vents kept our feet cool during hotter weather.


Its a bit heavy when compared to the other options Croc offers.

Best Bang for the Buck
Crocs Classic Clogs
Classic Clogs
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Customer Favorite
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This classic design started the phenomenon that is the Crocs brand.


The heel strap can be moved out of the way to make them simple slip-on shoes, or it can be positioned on the heel to keep them on during water sports. They come in 7 colors and 14 sizes.


Some customers found the sizing was inconsistent between orders.

Crocs Yukon Vista Clog
Yukon Vista Clog
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Ruggedly Handsome
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A mix of a fashionable look and durable construction make this a fan favorite.


In addition to Crocs' classic clog structure, this pair offers updated cushioning and extra-rugged traction that makes them suitable for outdoor adventures. Leather uppers add to their durability and style.


Straps are attached with plastic hardware that have questionable durability. Sizes may run slightly large.

Crocs Santa Cruz Loafer
Santa Cruz Loafer
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Laid-back Style
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Handsome loafers that are versatile, lightweight, and comfortable for most who try them.


Appealing boat style is made for vacation wear and lazy days. The slip-on structure is easy to wear and looks nice with shorts and jeans. Padded heal cups provide comfort and support.


A few wearers found the canvas material stiff and scratchy. Sizes run quite small; ordering up in size.

Crocs Classic Slide Sandals
Classic Slide Sandals
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Best for the Beach
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Simple summer slides that are fun for kids to wear for strolling, lounging, or playing in water.


Cute slides that look great with kids' warm-weather fashions. Can be worn by boys and girls. Lightweight and water-resistant construction makes them great for wearing to the beach or around the pool.


They slip off the feet as easily as they slip on. Sizing can be challenging.


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Buying guide for Best Crocs for men

Some people see Crocs as some of the most comfortable shoes around, while others find them hideous. There are also plenty of people who would agree with both sentiments. However you feel about them, Crocs are popular, enduring, and versatile shoes that have gained a following all around the world.

Initially conceived as a lightweight, durable boat shoe, Crocs have undergone rebranding in recent years to widen their appeal with new styles and designs. Crocs was founded by three men interested in making and selling an innovative style of shoe, and today the brand continues to sell a range of options for men seeking comfort and support for all kinds of activities.

Crocs for men can be casual, professional, or utilitarian, designed for casual jaunts outside or prolonged security while at work. Understanding what options are available is important for finding the right fit and style. Don’t forget to check out our picks for the best Crocs for men when you’re ready to buy.

The very first Crocs debuted in 2002, designed with grip, breathability, and comfort in mind. Specifically, they were meant for boaters and were first given away, fittingly, at a boat show.

Key considerations


Crocs for men come in a number of popular styles. Men will find a selection of loafers, sneakers, boots, and even sandals. For those looking to wear Crocs at the beach, sandal styles include both the common flip-flop as well as the slide, which offers a bit more control.

However, the brand’s most iconic style is its classic clog. The Crocs clog is comfortable, wide, and breathable, with holes on the top and a strap at the heel to offer some airflow and control. Clogs, by quite a margin, make up the largest collection of Crocs styles for men. There are only a handful of loafers, sneakers, and boots available, all incorporating Crocs’ comfort and durability.


Crocs are made in three different fits: roomy, relaxed, and standard. The loosest fit is the roomy option, which provides ample space around the foot for more casual wear. These Crocs are also ideal for those with wider feet. Your toes should not touch the front of the shoe.

Those who desire something slightly more snug that still allows a bit of space for the toes should opt for the relaxed fit. These Crocs fit closer to the sides and tops of your feet, but the toe box is still spacious. They balance control with comfort and breathability.

Lastly, the standard fit is ideal for those who want Crocs that closely conform to the foot and offer more control. These Crocs are best for when you’re moving around frequently and need more security.


Crocs for men are sold in a wide range of sizes, from size four all the way up to size 17. Crocs are true to size and will stretch out over time to better conform to your feet. Crocs are not available in half-sizes. For those shopping online, Crocs offers a handy sizing guide as well as customer ratings on the trueness of the fit.

Work shoes

Crocs are known for providing comfort and support for those workers who spend lots of time standing or walking. They are highly regarded in particular by service and healthcare professionals.

Certain Crocs are targeted specifically for work use, designed with closed heels and toes to meet certain safety standards. What’s more, these shoes typically feature advanced treads to further reduce the risk of slipping or falling, which is useful for those working in busy kitchens, hospitals, or other hectic and potentially dangerous places. For teachers, Crocs offers a discount on select purchases.

Crocs is an American company founded in Boulder, Colorado. Today, Crocs are sold in over 90 countries around the world, with over 700 million pairs sold since 2002.




Croslite is the patented material that separated Crocs from other footwear companies and made Crocs so successful and popular when they first debuted. Croslite is a closed-cell resin that feels and looks like a cross between foam and rubber. It offers quality support and durability, shaping to your feet while providing plenty of ventilation. It’s lightweight and buoyant, making Crocs ideal for warm weather excursions, especially at the park or beach. The technology does mean, however, that Crocs shoes come at a slightly higher price than competitors.


Crocs are popular in part due to all the colorful options available. The classic clog, in particular, is offered in many colors, with over 30 shades available. Sneakers and boots may have limited color choices, but for clogs and sandals there is plenty of potential to sport something bright and eye-catching. Along with the standard colors, you’ll find some more intriguing shades like powder blue, banana, flame, and pistachio, to name a few.


If solid colors don’t cut it for you, there are also many printed Crocs available. Camouflage, marble, floral, tropical, and even tie-dye are among some of the more exciting options. These prints are available on clogs as well as sandals.


Crocs frequently works with artists and brands to create unique, limited-edition footwear. Collaborations are announced ahead of time, and once they are sold out the collection is closed. Only a set number of these anticipated styles are offered directly from Crocs, but secondary retailers may have a larger supply. These collaborations are more expensive than regular Crocs. Past collaborators include music stars like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Luke Combs. Crocs has even sold limited-edition shoes inspired by the fast-food chain KFC.

Crocs for men
Did You Know?
The classic Crocs clog features exactly 13 holes on the top of the shoe. These holes not only help with ventilation but can be used to decorate the shoe as well.


Shoe deodorizers: Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray
While Croslite is antimicrobial and should prevent intense odors from seeping in, there still may be some unpleasant aromas that need tending to. This natural shoe deodorizer spray from Lumi Outdoors is inexpensive and effective for keeping shoes fresh.

Men’s socks: Amazon Essentials Men’s Cotton Crew Socks
For summer outings, you don’t need to wear socks, but when working you may want to supplement your Crocs with a pair of comfortable socks. Cozy and breathable, this 10-pack by Amazon Essentials comes at a great price.

Crocs for men prices

Inexpensive: Crocs sandals for men cost around $20 to $25, including flip-flops and slides. These are the cheapest Crocs available.

Mid-range: Most Crocs for men cost between $25 and $50. This range includes a wide selection of styles, including the most popular classic clogs.

High-end: For over $50, you will find less common styles, including sneakers, loafers, and boots. This range also includes clogs with exciting or limited-edition designs and patterns.

Those who fall in love with Crocs can join the Crocs Club. You’ll enjoy discounts, sneak peeks, early access, and more surprises as a member.



  • Embrace the brand. Crocs shoes boast a reputation for being both comfortable and fun. If you’re interested in a pair for casual use, be bold when selecting styles, colors, and patterns.
  • Break them in. Crocs tend to break in more quickly than other shoe brands, but they still require a bit of walking around to fully settle. If you’re buying a pair for work, be sure to wear them in short intervals before full shifts.
  • Check for sales. Crocs regularly lowers the prices on certain models, particularly uniquely designed clogs. If you’re willing to be patient and search around, there’s value to be had.
  • Dress accordingly. The unique appearance of Crocs means you’ll need to put some effort into your outfit. Monochromatic outfits and slim-cut pants complement the bulkier, colorful appearance of Crocs.
Some Crocs are unisex in design, catering to both men and women’s feet. The size listed matches men’s sizes, while women will want to add two sizes to what’s listed to find their ideal fit.


Q. How should I wash my Crocs?

A. Most Crocs are easy to wash and require just water and mild soap to tend to any dirt. The Croslite material allows for quick and easy cleaning. Sometimes simply rinsing under warm water will do the trick. Crocs made with Croslite can also be soaked in soapy warm water or even thrown into the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Crocs footwear made of other materials will require more care, however.

Q. Are Crocs for men fashionable?

A. Crocs have long been mocked for their boxy appearance, but that hasn’t stopped the company from selling tens of millions of shoes around the world. Comfort and durability are popular among a wide range of people, including kids and those working on their feet regularly. Their breathability is ideal for casual wear in warmer months, and the bright, vibrant colors feel fun and exciting. While Crocs clogs aren’t appropriate for formal affairs or fancy dinners, they are fitting when the sun is shining.

Q. How long do Crocs last?

A. You can expect your Crocs to last at least a few years with proper care and regular wear. Those donning Crocs for work may need to replace them more frequently, depending on the demands of the job. If the treads wear out or a strap breaks, it’s time to replace the Crocs in order to maintain their security benefits.

Classic Crocs clogs are known for their durability, making a pair a worthy investment. Just keep in mind that the color may fade over time, though that will not affect the quality.

Q. Can I paint my Crocs?

A. Some consumers opt to paint their Crocs to give them a new, unique, and exciting look. The Croslite material welcomes paint, specifically acrylic or latex paint, for those trying to get creative. There are a few different ways to go about it, but the simplest is to fill a bin with water, mix in the paint, and dip your shoes in. This method also allows for some trial and error as the paint won’t set for a few hours, so you can wash it off and try again if you please.


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