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Which kiddie pool is best for keeping your kids entertained outside?

When the sun heats up on summer days, many kids’ thoughts turn towards fun in the water. That’s where a kiddie pool comes in. These summertime must-haves are designed for splashing and playing. They are great for afternoons of play in the backyard and an effective way to cool down on hot days. 

Shopping for a kiddie pool can be fun, too, as many cute and colorful designs are available. The best one for your youngster will match their age and invoke the urge to indulge in classic warm-weather water fun. Add important safety precautions, and a kiddie pool will provide hours of fun and many fond memories that will last beyond childhood. 

Age range for kiddie pools  

As the name implies, kiddie pools are made for kids. While they aren’t designed for swimming, they have dimensions that accommodate youngsters who like to wade, splash and soak in the water. Their bright, cheerful colors and themes are also appealing to kids. For these reasons, kiddie pools are available in various designs and sizes that are ideal for babies, toddlers or school-aged kids up to about 10 years old. Additionally, some models are large enough to accommodate parents who want to relax in the water while supervising the kiddos. 

Kiddie pool features


There are three main types of kiddie pools: inflatable, rigid and frame. Inflatable pools are the most popular and readily available. They are affordable, simple to inflate and easy to transport. The downside is their longevity is questionable, as they are made of flexible vinyl or PVC and prone to wear and punctures. 

Rigid pools feature hard plastic or fiberboard walls typically covered in PVC. They are more durable than inflatable models and easy to assemble and fold for storage. 

Less common are frame kiddie pools. Similar to adult-sized models, they have easy-to-assemble frames that support the pool section that’s typically made of a tough PVC material. Quality models have padding that fits over the frame to protect little heads, arms and legs during pool time. 


As you shop for a kiddie pool, you’ll find a selection of sizes for babies, toddlers, or multiple kids. Family pools that fit kids and an adult or two are also available. The depth of these range from a few inches for baby models to about two feet for larger pools. Some kiddie pools feature a shallow design for wading. 


From bold colors to cute beachy themes, kiddie pools come in almost any design you can imagine. This makes it easy to find a pool your child will love.  


Although basic kiddie pools offer plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun, some models have additional useful features during play. Sun covers or canopies, slides, built-in games and sprinklers are some components to look for if you want more than a basic pool. 

Safety tips for using a kiddie pool

Safety is vital when kids are playing in a kiddie pool to prevent accidents and injury. An adult should always supervise kids as they play in the water. Running and rambunctious activities that can result in falls should not be permitted. You should repair any leaks or damage promptly to maintain a pool's structural integrity. Finally, when you’re not using the pool or the season is over, clean kiddie pools thoroughly to prevent bacteria and mold growth. 

Best kiddie pools

Intex Fun ‘n Fruity Inflatable Play Center

Kids will play for hours in this model that features dual pools, a slide and an interactive game. The adorable fruit theme is appealing to youngsters. Although it’s a bit time-consuming and challenging to inflate, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Monobeach Baby Pool with Sun Shelter

An ideal model for babies, this small kiddie pool is made for little ones to splash and soak. It comes with a protective tent that blocks out the sun that you can remove when it’s not needed.

Sold by Amazon

Intex Mini Frame Pool

We like this kiddie pool’s durable frame that provides stability during play. The top beams of the frame are padded for kids’ safety and comfort. It’s also straightforward to assemble.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Bestway H20GO! Summer Pool Set

This kiddie pool is brightly colored and has a three-ring structure for stability. It’s basic yet affordable, so it is a good choice for beginners and occasional use.

Sold by Kohl’s 

Jasonwell Foldable Kiddie Pool

The rigid construction of this pool makes it hold up well to frequent play. It’s crafted of fiberboard that’s covered in PVC for added strength. When it’s time to put it away for storage, it’s simple to disassemble.

Sold by Amazon

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Kiddie Pool 

In addition to the spacious interior, this inflatable pool includes a bench so parents can sit back and relax while the kids play. It inflates quickly thanks to the dual air chambers.

Sold by Home Depot and Amazon 

Big Summer Three Rings Kiddie Pool

A low price and colorful design make this pool an appealing option. The three-ring build makes it stable when it’s filled with water.

Sold by Amazon

Zen Laboratory Splash Sprinkler Pad

Kids who love to run through sprinklers will welcome the features of this sprinkler pad. You can adjust the height of the sprinkler to accommodate kids of various heights. It’s shallow and ideal for wading.

Sold by Amazon

Intex Ocean Scene Kiddie Pool with Canopy

Kids can soak and splash while being protected from the sun’s rays with this kiddie pool that includes a removable canopy. It sports a cute beach scene that kids love.

Sold by Wayfair and Amazon

Toozey Foldable Kiddie Pool

This foldable pool is constructed of fiberboard and PVC and has ample space for wading and soaking. It folds easily for storage too.

Sold by Amazon 


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