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Best snow cone makers for beating the summer heat

Snow cones are frosty treats that are perfect for summertime. All it takes is a snow cone maker to create these icy concoctions at home.

Which snow cone machine is best?

Snow cones are frosty treats that are perfect for summertime. Many people have fond childhood memories of enjoying these sweet, colorful mounds of slushed ice from a neighborhood snow cone stand or ice cream truck. However, all it takes is a snow cone maker to create these icy concoctions at home. Once you find a model to match your needs, chances are you’ll reach for it time and again when the weather is hot and everyone wants a snack that’s cold and refreshing. 

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Features of snow cone makers

Do you need a snow cone maker to prepare a few treats for a couple of kids? Or do you want a powerful machine to keep numerous partygoers satisfied during summertime backyard gatherings? A machine with the right features will keep the gang happy, whether it’s a group of three or thirty. 


While some snow cone machines make just a few cones at a time, others have a bin that holds ice once it’s shaved for preparing multiple snow cones. What’s more, large party-sized machines can hold ice for 70-plus snow cones. They have powerful motors that quickly pulverize large amounts of ice.

Keep in mind that machines with large capacities take up a bit of space. If you only need a machine for occasional use or a few snow cones at a time, a compact model that makes a few cones at a time should suffice. 


Some snow cone makers are faster than others. The speed at which a machine performs determines how much ice it can prepare per hour. Larger capacity machines are typically faster, preparing as much as 100 pounds of ice in 60 minutes. 

Ice texture

Snow cone makers prepare ice with textures ranging from small, coarse pieces to a fluffy snow-like consistency. Additionally, some machines have settings to change the texture of the ice they produce. The choice between coarse and fluffy ice for snow cones is a matter of preference, as both forms are delicious once doused in sweet, flavorful syrup.

Keep in mind that shaved ice machines are slightly different from actual snow cone makers. They typically make ice that’s light, fluffy and ideal for beverages in addition to snow cone preparation. Although they make excellent snow cones, they don’t often include snow cone accessories. 


Most snow cone machines come with accessories that are useful for making and indulging in snow cones. Paper cups, reusable plastic cups, straws, spoons, syrup bottles and ice scoops are some of the items you can expect to find with a quality snow cone maker. Some models even come with syrup or syrup mixes so you’ll be ready to prepare tasty, icy treats right out of the box. 

Best snow cone makers

Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker

Made by a trusted brand, this snow cone maker prepares ice with a coarse texture that’s ideal for preparing classic snow cones. The machine is easy to use and backed by an impressive five-year warranty on the motor. It includes both paper and reusable snow cone cups.

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Great Northern Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine

Because it can prepare up to 6 pounds of ice fast and efficiently, this model is ideal for making snow cones for gatherings such as parties, reunions and backyard barbecues. It boasts a ⅓ horsepower motor and stainless steel components that are made to last.

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Nostalgia Countertop Snow Cone Machine

The vintage design, easy-to-use functions and strong stainless steel blades make this machine the perfect addition to any countertop. It comes with reusable accessories for snow cone making, including syrup pump bottles, snow cone cups and an ice scoop.

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Snowie Little Snowie Max Snow Cone Machine

This machine may be compact, but it’s powerful thanks to the patented design and strong motor. It produces fluffy ice that kids love. Syrup powders, mixing bottles and snow cone spoons are included with the purchase.

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Manba Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine

When it comes to making snow cones at the park, beach or campground, a manual model will do. This portable machine works with a hand crank and sharp stainless steel blades for shaving ice on the go. It comes with an ice cube tray.

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Brentwood Snow Cone Maker

This snow cone maker is easy to use, compact and straightforward to clean. It produces finely crushed ice that’s appealing to snow cone lovers. It comes with four reusable snow cone cups. 

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Hawaiian Shaved Ice Electric Snow Cone Machine

We love that this machine has an adjustable setting for preparing ice of various textures. Not only is it compact, but it’s also available at an appealing price.

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Nostalgia Snow Cone Cart

A large capacity, ample snow cone-making accessories and a cart make this snow cone maker ideal for special occasions where multiple people want to indulge in snow cones. It offers the capacity for enough ice for up to 72 snow cones.

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Courant Blizzy Snow Cone Maker

Fast and compact, this little low-priced machine is ideal for small spaces and limited budgets. It comes with paper snow cone cups and straws to get you started. 

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