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Best kitchen gadgets for preparing a Passover Seder meal

These tools can make it easier to prepare your favorite Passover meals

Passover is a Jewish holiday celebrating the Hebrews’ freedom from slavery in Egypt. It begins with a special meal called a Seder, a joyful celebration that includes symbolic elements representing the enslaved Hebrews’  liberation.

If you have the right kitchen tools, you can take much of the stress out of preparing your Jewish Passover meal. These are the best kitchen gadgets for Passover Seder meal preparation. 

In this article: Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor, Braun MultiQuick 7 Immersion Hand Blender Set and Farberware Nonstick Steel Roaster.

What is the Passover meal?

The main dietary restriction for a traditional Passover meal is the exclusion of leavened bread. This includes any bread made with wheat, rye, oat, spelt or barley flour that has been in contact with water and left to rise. In addition to bread, some cakes, cookies, pasta and other foods that include flour are banned during Passover.  

The full Passover meal menu differs from family to family. However, these dinners all have a Passover Seder plate that features six elements of symbolic foods: 

  • Zeroa, a roasted lamb shank bone, represents the Passover sacrifice.
  • Beitzah, a roasted egg, symbolizes how life endures.
  • Maror, a bitter herb such as horseradish, represents the bitterness of slavery.
  • Karpas, a green vegetable such as parsley, symbolizes hope. 
  • Haroseth, a paste made of fruit, dried nuts and other spices, represents the mortar used by the enslaved Hebrews to build for the pharaohs.
  • Chazeret, or another bitter herb, is not included on all Seder plates. 

In addition to Passover Seder food, common dishes served at the dinner include brisket, roast chicken, gefilte fish, potato kugel, roasted vegetables and various soups

Best kitchen gadgets for preparing a Passover Seder meal

Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor

This large food processor can help with blending and chopping for many Passover recipes, including making your own horseradish. It has a large food chute to cut down on prep work and a 14-cup bowl that’s ideal for preparing large family meals. 

All-Clad Copper Core Five-ply Bonded Stockpot

Prepare your favorite soup or gefilte fish recipe in this large, high-quality stockpot. It boasts five-ply bonded construction with stainless steel, aluminum and a copper core for even heating and warp resistance. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron 7-quart Round Covered Casserole

This round casserole dish is perfect for preparing brisket or roast chicken. It features porcelain and cast-iron construction that can keep your food warm. Its sturdy, wide handles make it easy to carry to the table for serving.

Priority Chef Potato Ricer and Masher

This dishwasher-safe potato ricer comes in handy for making many potato dishes for Passover, including potato blintzes. It is made of stainless steel that’s corrosion- and stain-resistant and has easy-to-hold silicone handles. 

Braun MultiQuick 7 Immersion Hand Blender Set

If your Seder meal includes soup, this hand blender makes it easy to puree ingredients right in the pot. It has an extra blade that provides additional power when blending large or hard ingredients. It comes with a whisk and two-cup chopping attachment.

Farberware Nonstick Steel Roaster

Whether roasting chicken or vegetables for your Passover dinner, this durable alloy steel roasting pan is oven safe up to 450 degrees. It has easy-to-grip handles for safe handling and includes a chrome-plated drip rack.

Microplane Classic Zester

This zester and grater can zest lemons and other citrus fruits for Passover recipes, as well as grating garlic and other ingredients. It’s dishwasher-safe, comes with a plastic cover for easy storage and is made of durable, surgical-grade stainless steel that stays sharp. 

Dash Everyday 2.5-Quart Stand Mixer

If you like to make meringue cookies or other cookies and cakes for Passover, this stand mixer makes it easy to whip up any batter. It has six preset speeds for versatility and a tilt-head design that lets you add ingredients without making a mess.

KitchenAid Plastic Mixing Bowls

These durable plastic mixing bowls have integrated handles and pour spouts to prevent spills and other messes in your kitchen. They’re dishwasher-safe and have non-slip bases to provide stability, keeping them in place during mixing. 

Wilton Recipe Right Medium Bread Loaf Baking Pan

Make your favorite honey cake recipe for Passover with this heavy-gauge steel loaf pan. It has a non-stick surface, so it releases your breads and cakes easily. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 

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