Updated May 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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ADLORYEA Long-Handle Wooden Soup Spoons
Long-Handle Wooden Soup Spoons
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Most Stylish
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A beautiful, rustic way to enjoy your favorite homemade soup.


Set includes six rustic wooden spoons. Smooth, shiny finish gives pleasing mouth feel. Lightweight but durable. Extra-long handle provides balanced, comfortable grip. These don't retain heat like traditional steel spoons do.


Must be hand-washed.

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Hiware 12-piece Asian Soup Spoons
12-piece Asian Soup Spoons
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Set of 12 deep, affordable spoons with ergonomic design fit whatever goodies, small or large, await you in the bowl.


Sturdy build fits well with most bowls. Deep wells hold more than many other spoons. Great for large gatherings.


Spoons run large for some. Others find hole on handle uncomfortable.

Happy Sales Notch and Hook Asian-Style Spoons
Happy Sales
Notch and Hook Asian-Style Spoons
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Easiest to Use
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Never worry about your spoon falling into your soup again with these well-designed notch and hook melamine soup spoons.


Safely rests on side of bowl. Bold, eye-catching design. Slightly longer handle than most Asian-style spoons is comfortable to hold. Deep bowl holds a lot of soup and reduces spilling.


Can't be microwaved.

AmoVee Stainless-Steel Soup Spoons
Stainless-Steel Soup Spoons
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Simple Yet Solid
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Don't let the simple design fool you: These smooth, sturdy soup spoons fit in easily with most silverware collections.


Available in a set of six or eight. Smooth edges are gentle on mouth. Same look and feel as restaurant-quality versions. Simple design matches easily with other silverware. The handle, while thin, is sturdy.


Lighter than some buyers expected.

DOWAN Asian Soup Spoons
Asian Soup Spoons
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Most Stylish
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These authentic porcelain Japanese soup spoons have deep wells for large, hearty sips.


Porcelain spoons are built to withstand years of use. Long, hooked handle great for young and old eaters who might struggle with coordination. Available in three colors. Great for wonton soup.


Larger than some users prefer. Others find rounded edges somewhat unstable.


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Buying guide for Best soup spoons

Soup is a culinary dish integral to the cuisine of many different countries around the world. The idea of having a special spoon used only for soup originated in the 18th century at a time when soup bowls were long, oval, or egg-shaped and carved from wood or animal horn. 

A small, deep spoon was required to get to the bottom of the bowl to savor every last drop of the soup.

If you are looking for a quality set of soup spoons, you have some decisions to make. The large variety of sizes, shapes, and prices is somewhat surprising considering this is but one little (highly specialized) spoon. However, there is a soup spoon for every taste and budget, and we will help you get to the bottom of your shopping so you can get to the bottom of some delicious bisques, soups, and stews.

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When setting a formal table, the soup spoon is placed on the right side of the flatware service to the far right of the butter knife.

Key considerations


The term “mouthfeel” is usually reserved as a descriptive word for how food feels in your mouth. However, different soup spoons interact with the mouth differently. How do you like to eat or drink your soup? Some folks prefer a tiny soup spoon so they can saver each exquisite sip. Some prefer to consume soup in large gulps with the help of a hefty scoop. Still others prefer to drink their soup from a mug.

When shopping for soup spoons, think about how the size of the spoon will feel in your mouth. Is the bowl so big that it is a poor fit for your mouth? Is it so tiny that it will take too many little spoonfuls to consume your soup? If you have strong feelings in either direction, keep this in mind, and examine the bowl size of a spoon closely before making your investment.


If you want to ensure uniformity in your serving flatware, you may wish to purchase soup spoons as part of a flatware set. That way, you will never have to worry that your various spoons, forks, and knives match.

If you prefer an eclectic presentation and a less formal table, it's fun to amass different sizes and shapes of soup spoons for different types of soup. When purchasing soup spoons, you will find spoons specifically designed for cream soups, chunky or thick soups, and even bullion.

If you’d just like to purchase one nice set of soup spoons that can be used with all types of soup (and perhaps breakfast cereal, pudding, curry, or other dishes you like to eat), your best bet may be a standard set of stainless steel soup spoons.

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Did you know?
A U.S. tablespoon, which is sometimes (mistakenly) referred to as a soup spoon, is equal to three U.S. teaspoons.


Handle design

Used to consume soup or liquid foods, a soup spoon has an elongated handle terminating in a bowl, with the bowl orientated at a slight angle to facilitate lifting liquid from the soup bowl to the mouth.

Some soup spoon handles are of contemporary design, solid and smooth. Other soup spoons have handles that are carved or ornately decorated. Soup spoon handles may be metal, ceramic, or crafted from organic materials. Some are designed with a notch in the handle to hang on the lip of the soup bowl.

Spoon material and quality

Soup spoons are made from a wide variety of materials including hardwood, bamboo, hemp, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, glass, melamine, stainless steel, copper, pewter, and silver. The quality of soup spoons can vary based on the thickness and weight of the flatware. Low-budget or extra-lightweight spoons are less than 2mm  thick. A medium-weight and medium-priced soup spoon is about 2.5 mm thick. Luxury heavy-weight soup spoons tend to be between 3mm and 3.5mm thick.


Soup ladle: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ladle
If you want to serve with style with a soup ladle that complements your table service, you can’t go wrong with this stainless steel ladle from OXO. Like other handheld utensils in the Good Grips line, it sports a cozy-grip handle that will help you serve your soup with confidence.

Soup bowls: KooK Soup Crocks with Handles
There are lots of great soup bowls on the market, but if you’re looking for something a little different, check out these soup crocks. Available in red or white, these hearty crocks have two handles for your convenience, and they easily slide into the microwave or oven as needed.

Cloth napkins: Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins
Slurping soup can be a messy endeavor. This set of 12 cloth napkins from Utopia Kitchen comes in your choice of seven colors and makes an elegant serviette.

"In Japan, some soups (such as miso) are consumed without a spoon. Instead, you bring the soup bowl to your lips to drink the liquid."

Soup spoon prices

The price of soup spoons depends on the manufacturer, the brand, the merchandiser, and the material from which the spoon is made.


Budget-friendly soup spoons vary in cost, from disposable plastic soup spoons that cost pennies apiece to lightweight stainless steel spoons that cost about $1 or $2 each.

Mid-price range

In this price range, soup spoon prices range from $3 to $6 each. You will find soup spoons sold individually or in sets of 4, 8, or 12 spoons. Materials used in this price range include porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, silicone, wood, bamboo, and hemp.


In this price range, collectors of hand-carved or antique soup spoons can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $200 per soup spoon.


  • Know how to wash your soup spoons. Stainless steel soup spoons can be washed in the dishwasher, while silver and silver-plated spoons should be washed by hand with soapy water, dried, and polished. Silver will tarnish over time and will require cleaning with silver polish and a soft cloth. Stainless steel silverware does not tarnish.

  • Be mindful of cracks and fissures in spoon material. If you choose to use porcelain or ceramic soup spoons, make it a habit to check the lip of the spoon for chips or cracks, which can harbor bacteria and germs.

  • Consider silicone soup spoons for children. Silicone works perfectly for eating most types of soft foods, and it will not cut tender lips or gums.
  • Think about your flatware pattern. Many flatware patterns offer soup spoons, though if you're investing in a new flatware set, you may have to buy your soup spoons separately. If you want other specialty spoons, like grapefruit spoons, you may have to look a bit harder for patterns that offer these specialty pieces.

Soup spoons in various cultures

We examined the types of soup spoons used in different cultures to give you an eclectic look at what’s available. You are not limited to the “traditional” soup spoon of your culture by any means, though it may be what you prefer.

  • In the US and throughout western Europe, the bouillon spoon, also known as a round bowl soup spoon, serves as the preferred spoon for clear, broth-based soups. The bouillon spoon is also the preferred spoon for chilled jellied soups such as a madrilene. A bouillon spoon is a small, round-bowl spoon rather than the traditional oval-shaped soup spoon. It is curved to accommodate the rounded edge of a soup bowl.

  • Cajun gumbo spoons, which have a somewhat shorter handle and a slightly wider and deeper bowl than a traditional soup spoon, function as popular utensils for consuming chili, stew, bisque, chowder, gumbo, and all kinds of heavy or creamed soups. Size-wise, the round gumbo or cream soup spoon’s bowl depth and handle length sit in the middle: smaller than a tablespoon and bigger than a bouillon spoon.

  • It was not until the nineteenth century that the soup spoon earned a respected place at formal table settings in dining rooms across Europe. Today, the European version of the standard soup spoon is the size of the American dessert spoon: oval in shape, smaller and deeper than the traditional teaspoon.

  • In China, soup spoons are ceramic with a distinct elongated shape. The size of this type of soup spoon varies from the size of a traditional teaspoon to the size of a small sauce dish. Ceramic spoons are typically sold in sets of 8 or 12 stackable spoons. The Chinese soup spoon is approximately 5.25 inches long by 1.75 wide with a capacity of one ounce.

  • In Japan, the soup spoon boasts a thick, stubby handle extending from a deep, flat bowl. The wide bowl allows the soup liquid to cool just a bit before it touches the lips. Used for soups, loose solid foods, and other liquids, it is the primary eating utensil of Japan.

  • In India, China, and Thailand, the dawat spoon is the perfect spoon for eating soup, curry, cereal, and creamy desserts. The dawat spoon can hold up to four times as much as a traditional soup spoon without spilling.

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Sustainable, recyclable bamboo soup spoons are becoming very popular. Bamboo resists odors and stains. Soup spoons made of bamboo are durable and strong yet flat and flexible.


Q. Which type of spoon holds the most liquid: a soup spoon or a tablespoon?

A. The amount of liquid held in a soup spoon varies depending on the style of the spoon. Some soup spoons hold as much as three tablespoons of liquid, while others contain less than a teaspoon.

Q. How do you keep a soup spoon from sliding down into the bowl between tastes of soup?

A. Some soup spoons have hooks or notches in the handle designed to hook or balance on the side of the soup bowl. Alternatively, you could rest your spoon on a napkin in between sips.

Q. Is there such a thing as an edible soup spoon?

A. Yes! Some environmentally friendly bakeries are now producing soup spoons and soup bowls that are entirely edible. These are usually made from sorghum, wheat, or rice flour.

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