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Barbiecore is coming to home decor. Are you ready for it?

Greta Gerwig's “Barbie” opens in theaters July 21, up against Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.”

Which Barbiecore items are best?

With the hotly anticipated “Barbie” movie finally hitting theaters in a matter of weeks, Barbie mania continues to grow. There are already dolls based on the film’s version of classic Barbie characters and even real Barbie clothes made for humans available at Bloomingdale’s. Another major effect of the “Barbie” movie is the growing prevalence of “Barbiecore” designs used throughout homes. Like most major aesthetic trends, what Barbiecore is and how to use it effectively is open to interpretation. One thing is for sure, though; there’s plenty of pink for all to see.

What is Barbiecore?

After years of modern and postmodern aesthetics, styles defined by minimalism and abstraction, ruling home decor, there was an urge to bring back fun and fancy. That’s what Barbiecore is about in a nutshell. It’s not about turning your home into a Barbie’s Dreamhouse replica but instead adding life and spirit to your home decor.

Barbiecore basics

There are four Barbiecore basics.

  • Color: Pink is queen in Barbiecore but that’s not limited to the bright, plasticky pink associated with Barbie dolls. Any shade of pink you like is suitable, including mixed colors such as rose gold.
  • Playfulness: Barbiecore is about surrounding yourself with things that make you smile. It could be adorable chairs, cute lamps or even fun glassware. When you see your Barbiecore collection, be happy.
  • Comfort: A polar opposite to modern aesthetics, Barbiecore embraces comfort over looks. If you find yourself in a chair, for example, and you don’t want to get up, you’ve found the right chair.
  • Individuality: The most important basic of Barbiecore is that you make it your own. Even to the point of ignoring basic design tenets. Heather Goerzen, the design editor of Havenly, agrees and is quoted in Better Homes & Gardens saying, “Throw out the rulebook and let your imagination guide you.”

Best Barbiecore goods

Wahson Plush Living Room Chair

This chair uses faux fur, so you can have both style and a sense of fun without the guilt. It also makes it easy to clean; just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Sold by Amazon

NeuType Full-Length Mirror

Full-length mirrors are a must-have item for anyone who cares about every detail of their outfits, from shoes to headwear. This one measures 6.5 inches by 22 inches and has a beautiful rose gold border.

Sold by Amazon

Maxax Feather Floor Lamp

Have you ever looked at the sky on a cloudy evening while the sun sets, stared at the way light moves through the clouds and wished you could have that effect in your home? With this lamp, you can.

Sold by Amazon

Crosley Suitcase Vinyl Record Player

Audiophiles have long preferred analog music players as they have a more authentic sound. Fashionistas also prefer vinyl records because the retro look is so hot right now. This one can also serve as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone.

Sold by Amazon

Bloflo Stu Hydroponic Vase

This cute vase has a modern aesthetic in its shape and a perfect Barbiecore aesthetic in its color. Pair it with white flowers or flowers with shades of red for maximum impact. Its dimensions are 7.1 inches by 3.5 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Darlion Drinking Glasses

These highball glasses are perfect for serving fruity cocktails and pink lemonade or as a way to spice up your water. Six are included, and they have a 12-ounce capacity.

Sold by Amazon

Kate Aspen Hobnail Glasses

These shorter, squatty glasses have a 10-ounce capacity, making them better for stiffer cocktails or if you’re simply not as thirsty. The exterior beads add a tactile element, giving you and your guests something to absently play with.

Sold by Amazon

Smeg 2-slice Toaster 

The Smeg 2-slice Toaster isn’t just a trendy addition to your kitchen, it toasts bread quickly and evenly and the defrost function is a nice touch. The perfect small appliance to bring Barbiecore into the kitchen.

Sold by Amazon

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