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Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume? These bestsellers can be shipped in time

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Which Halloween costumes are best?

Halloween is only a week away. If you're the type of person to put off costume shopping to the last second, you need to order one today. Otherwise, you risk having no costume. Or worse, you have to put together a last-second costume from whatever you have lying around the house.

Halloween costume shopping doesn't have to be a pain, no matter if your planned events are small get-togethers with friends, trick-or-treating with your kids or a big night out at the club. Just order it as soon as possible.

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Who is it for?

Halloween costumes are typically divided into five categories: men's, women's, babies', boys' and girls'. These are only body-type suggestions; you can wear whatever costume you like.

However, you do need to keep sizing in mind as costumes, regardless of body type, typically use their own unique sizing charts. So if you normally wear a small, a given costume's small size may be too big or small for you.

What is it for?

When shopping for Halloween costumes, the most important thing to keep in mind is what kind of event you'll be attending. For example, if you’re going to a kid-friendly neighborhood Halloween party, it's best to avoid costumes that are risque or realistic and scary. On the flip side, if you're going to a huge event at a bar or club or a college house party, something kid-friendly may stick out like a sore thumb.

What's included

Halloween costumes run the gamut between a single accessory and large multi-piece collections of necessary gear, with the cost being more dependent on quality than quantity. For example, one costume can be just a single special accessory for $50 while another can include pants, a shirt and several accessories for the same cost.

Additionally, you must be careful when ordering a costume from the picture alone. Many costume manufacturers have their models hold accessories that aren't actually included but can be purchased separately.


Children's costumes usually cost less than adults, typically topping at around $60. This is compared to adults', which can cost $100-plus. Meanwhile, the lows for children and adults are roughly $10 and $20 respectively.

Best unisex Halloween costumes

Rubie's Adult Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

This inflatable dinosaur jumpsuit lets you channel your inner T. rex. It comes in plus, standard and teen sizes. The purchase includes a fan used to inflate the costume, powered by four AA batteries (not included).


Beauty Shine Unisex Adult Halloween Cosplay Pajamas

These cute costume onesies double as loungewear or pajamas, made from a cozy polyester fleece fabric. The brand offers 34 designs ranging from cartoon favorites to animals. You can dress up and lounge around as a Disney or Pixar character, be part of the "Winnie the Pooh" gang, and other fun options.

Disguise Harry Potter Hogwarts House Robes

Are you a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin? These themed robes come in four designs representing the different houses of Hogwarts. You'll need a white collared shirt, black pants, a Hogwarts house tie,  and a wand replica to complete the look.

Toloco Inflatable Alien Costume

This is another excellent casual costume as you can dress comfortably underneath and it works for both adult and child-friendly events. Just don't wear it to places with sharp objects.

Best Halloween costumes for men

Halloween Mask and Skeleton Gloves Set

This set includes light-up LED gloves and a mask, perfect for club events even outside the Halloween season. The mask can be either red and blue or pink and blue.

Rubie's Superman Costume

This T-shirt with a detachable cape makes a fine casual costume on its own, but if you arrive wearing it underneath a suit with some costume glasses and change halfway through your event, you can make a big splash.

Spooktacular Creations Robin Hood Costume

This deluxe costume set includes a leather tunic with a long-sleeved shirt, a hood, a vest, a cape, two gauntlet gloves, a belt with a pouch and pants with boot covers.

Vivo Ghillie Suit

A ghillie suit is typically the military's domain, so try wearing one to military-friendly events. You can also say you're some kind of woodland monster and wear it to any other type of event.

Best Halloween costumes for women

Naywig Cowgirl Outfit Hippie Disco Costume Pink Flare Pant 

Dress up as the top doll herself in this costume dupe from the "Barbie" movie. The '70s-themed disco outfit features a V-cut vest, bell-bottomed pants and a cowgirl scarf that adds a fun Western vibe.


Just Love Onesie Costume

This onesie is perfect for those who value comfort over all else in a costume. It comes in three designs: an orange pumpkin and a black one with either a skeleton on both sides or only on the front.

Rubie's Supergirl TV Show Costume

This high-end Supergirl costume is made to impress. It includes a long-sleeved dress, a detachable cape and a golden belt. Grab some knee-high red boots to go with it and you're set.


Spooktacular Creations 1980s Costume Set

This radical costume set includes a tutu-like skirt, leg warmers, fingerless mesh gloves, a T-shirt, multiple bracelets, earrings, two kinds of headbands and heart-shaped glasses. It comes in pink and purple.

Best Halloween costumes for babies

Ollull Baby Animal Costumes Unisex Toddler Onesie

These baby and toddler onesies work as both Halloween costumes and loungewear, featuring a cozy flannel fabric. There are 15 animal-themed designs to choose from, all absolutely adorable.

Dressy Daisy Baby Girl Princess Romper Dress

This costume brand offers 18 colorful, intricate princess dresses for baby girls, complete with matching headbands. Dress your little one up as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White or another beloved princess character. 


Oneflow Toddler Baby Halloween Costume Clothes Pant Set

This brand gives you 15 costume options for babies and toddlers, from Halloween-themed figures including a ghost, monster or pumpkin to animals including a flamingo, duck and shark. The costumes feature comfortable fleece and cotton, each containing a top and pants. 

Best Halloween costumes for boys

Disguise Nintendo Super Mario Costume

This Super Mario costume is perfect for fans of the movie and video game. The boys' costume comes with a jumpsuit, hat and self-adhesive faux mustache. 

Kangaroo Grim Reaper Costume

This costume set is perfect for kids who like to feel scary. It includes a long black robe, a see-through faceless hooded mask and glasses with glowing red eyes.

Spooktacular Creations Werewolf Costume

This costume set is perfect for letting out your child's inner animal. It includes a faux-fur body suit with an attached torn plaid shirt in either red or blue, a werewolf mask, a pair of boot covers and a pair of gloves.

Best Halloween costumes for girls

Zalongye Black Costume Girls Dress

Dressing as Wednesday Addams never goes out of style. This costume includes a Gothic-style dress, belt, stockings and a black wig with braids.

Kaisebile Magic Family Princess Costume

These two costume sets are modeled after two of the major characters from Disney's ''Encanto'' One set represents Mirabel and the other represents Isabela.

Spooktacular Creations Grim Reaper Costume

This Grim Reaper costume set includes a black top with skirt and waist chain, a cape with a hood, printed glovelettes and tights and a toy scythe.

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