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Best Halloween Costumes for Women

Updated October 2023
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Leg Avenue Women’s Wonderland Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume
Leg Avenue
Women’s Wonderland Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume
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Most Elegant
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A flattering and stylish gown with eye-catching contrasting colors and a lace collar.


A-line-shaped zippered gown based on the Queen of Hearts character from Alice in Wonderland. The gown is full-length and has short puff sleeves. Features a slight V-neckline with an upright lace collar. Includes a crown.


Does not come with a hoop underskirt or gloves.

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California Costumes Pirate Queen of the High Seas Adult Costume
California Costumes
Pirate Queen of the High Seas Adult Costume
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A more affordable costume with a feminine pirate look and comfortable wear.


Made of polyester with stretchy off-the-shoulder sleeves and shoulder straps. Features a faux leather belt, loose sleeves, and a loose angled skirt. Torso has faux suede and gold accents. Comes with a matching head tie.


Some customers felt that the sizing ran a bit too small.

Leg Avenue Women’s Classic Cinderella Princess Costume
Leg Avenue
Women’s Classic Cinderella Princess Costume
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Most Feminine
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An elegant gown based on a popular Disney princess that is easy to put on with a back zipper.


Full-length polyester gown inspired by what Cinderella wears to the ball. Features a fitted bodice with a loose-fitting A-line skirt. Has sparkly accents and short puff sleeves. Gown has a sweetheart neckline. Comes with a matching headband and collar.


The durability was questioned by some wearers.

Leg Avenue Women’s Classic Bewitching Witch Halloween Costume
Leg Avenue
Women’s Classic Bewitching Witch Halloween Costume
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Simple Yet Solid
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A traditional women’s costume with fashionable features and a variety of stylish materials.


All-black witch costume with a flowy skirt that falls over the knee. Features a flat velvet collar with buttons underneath and short puff sleeves made with a sheer material. Comes with a belt and a witch hat.


Some of the material may irritate the skin.

ElevenThirteenENT Popcorn Costume
Popcorn Costume
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Fun Design
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This is a unique costume that's sure to grab attention during trick-or-treat or at your next Halloween party.


Features a cute shirt with realistic popcorn graphics and a red and white striped skirt. Made by hand of quality material that's comfortable and easy to wear. Available in a choice of 6 sizes, from X-small to 2X-large.


The fit of the high-waisted skirt may be tight for some wearers.

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Buying guide for Best Halloween costumes for women

Halloween may seem like a holiday solely for kids, but it’s an occasion that anyone who’s young at heart can enjoy. You may not go trick-or-treating, but even adults can dress up to get in on the fun—and Halloween costumes for women make it easy to find the perfect look for a party or other celebration.

While you could put together your own costume, a pre-made Halloween costume provides all the pieces you need to pull off a specific look. These costumes usually consist of an outfit or some type of attire as well as any needed accessories, such as a hat, cape, or gloves. You can find Halloween costumes in a wide array of characters and themes, so there’s an option for nearly anyone. If you don’t have the time or patience to create your own costume, a pre-made option is your best bet.

If you want a great Halloween costume that will be comfortable all night, start by deciding what type or theme you prefer. Consider the climate or weather in your area, any accessories you want or need, and any other features that would enhance your fun.

Halloween costume for women
Pairing your costume with props can bring your look to life. For example, adding a broomstick to a witch costume or a pitchfork to a devil costume can tie the look together.

Choose your Halloween costume theme

When shopping for a Halloween costume, choosing the right theme is the most important—and fun—step. Some of the most popular Halloween costume themes include the following.

Pop culture costumes

Whether it’s your favorite movie, TV show, book, video game, comic book, or even internet meme, you can choose from plenty of Halloween costumes that depict well-loved characters from pop culture. You can also find costumes that help you look like famous pop stars, singers, or other icons, like Marilyn Monroe.

Occupation costumes

Many Halloween costumes depict people in classic occupations—firefighter, police officer, nurse, doctor, and such. But that’s certainly not all. You can also find chef costumes, flight attendant costumes, zookeeper costumes, astronaut costumes, and judge costumes, to name a few.

Spooky costumes

For many people, Halloween is all about getting a good scare. You can find classic monster or occult costumes, including witches, vampires, ghosts, zombies, and werewolves. Some costumes depict characters from horror movies, such as Freddy Kreuger from A Nightmare on Elm Street or Pennywise from IT.

Historical costumes

Some Halloween costumes celebrate historical periods or figures. For example, you might choose a 1920s flapper costume or a 1950s poodle skirt ensemble. Some costumes go even further back in the historical record, like ancient Greece or the 1800s Wild West.

Sports costumes

If you’re a sports fan, you might enjoy dressing as an athlete from your favorite sport. For example, you could wear a football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or hockey player costume for Halloween. You could transform yourself into a race car driver, boxer, wrestler, or cheerleader. Some sports-related costumes even let you dress up as sporting equipment, such as a football, baseball, or basketball hoop.

Animal costumes

Animals are another popular choice. Cat, dog, lion, tiger, bunny—there are many to choose from. Some insect costumes are also available, such as a bee or ladybug.

Group costumes

If you’re celebrating Halloween with friends or family, you may want to consider a group theme. While these costumes are usually sold separately, you could opt for a common theme for each participant’s look. For example, everyone in the group might dress up as a character from the same movie. Another example: A few people might dress up as bees while another dresses in a beekeeper costume.

You can also find couples’ costumes, which are often sold as sets. They work well if you’re dressing up with your partner, but you could also wear one with a friend. Some examples of couples’ costumes include a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips and salsa, and milk and cookies.

Keep the weather in mind

If you want to be comfortable in your Halloween costume, consider the weather forecast and climate in which you’ll be celebrating. Also, think about whether you’ll be wearing the costume outdoors to take the kids trick-or-treating or indoors at a party.

Some costumes expose a significant amount of skin, and most people don’t want to wear a coat over their outfits. However, depending on the climate, you can get pretty cold if you’re outside in a more revealing costume.

Other costumes offer more coverage and can keep you fairly warm. That said, if you’re celebrating outdoors in a warmer climate, it may become uncomfortable to wear a heavier costume.

Halloween costume for women
If you plan to reuse your Halloween costume, store it in a garment bag to prevent dust, moisture, and other environmental damage from ruining it.

What features do Halloween costumes for women have?

Number of pieces

Many Halloween costumes consist of a single piece of clothing, such as a dress or one-piece suit. Other costumes feature separate top and bottom pieces.

You can also find costumes that contain a single item that covers only the upper body for a lower-effort costume, such as a cape or tunic.

Bear in mind that a one-piece costume can make it more challenging when using the restroom. A costume with separate top and bottom pieces is typically easier to get off when nature calls.


Most Halloween costumes consist of only the clothing you need to pull off the look, but some include accessories to bring the ensemble together, such as a hat, mask, gloves, cape, or jewelry. Some costumes even come with a wig appropriate for the character or look.

If you find your costume is lacking, it may be possible to purchase the accessories you need separately, too.


Inflatable Halloween costumes fill with air and expand for an impressive appearance. These costumes are larger and taller than traditional cloth costumes; some reach 10 feet in height.

How do inflatable costumes work? A battery-powered fan pulls in air, filling the costume like a balloon. Inflatable costumes are lightweight and easy to wear. Some cover the entire body (except the face or eyes); others cover the bottom half of the body to make it look like you’re riding a dinosaur, unicorn, or other creature.


Halloween costumes for women tend to run small, so be sure to consult the sizing chart when shopping. Use a tape measure to gauge the size of key areas of your body, including the chest, waist, and hips. Next, compare them to the size chart to determine what size would fit you most comfortably.

If your Halloween costume has a mask or hood with eye holes, make sure you can see clearly out of them. The last thing you want is to trip or bump into others while you’re out celebrating.


How do you accessorize a Halloween costume for women?

Face painting kit

To complete your look, you may want to pair your Halloween costume with a face-painting kit. These kits usually contain multiple paint colors and can be used to change the color of your skin or create specific facial designs.

Costume wigs

Some Halloween costumes require a costume wig to truly sell the look. You can find wigs designed for specific characters, such as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Or, you may prefer a general costume wig. These wigs come in various colors and cuts, allowing you to choose the best color, length, and style for your costume.

How much do Halloween costumes for women cost?


The most affordable Halloween costumes for women are usually simple outfits consisting of a single item, like a tunic or cape. You can also find some lower-quality costumes with a dress or jumpsuit in this price range. Expect to pay $10 to $25 for these costumes.


Mid-range Halloween costumes for women are usually outfits with multiple pieces or higher-quality dresses and jumpsuits. They often come with accessories such as a hat or gloves. These costumes typically cost $30 to $60.


The most expensive Halloween costumes for women are high-quality outfits with separate tops and bottoms, dresses, or jumpsuits. Accessories are often included. Expect to pay between $60 and $120 for these costumes.

Halloween costume for women
In addition to trying on your costume before Halloween, practice applying your makeup ahead of time. If it’s a complicated look, you may want to apply it more than once to be sure you can do it with confidence.


  • Choose your Halloween costume as early as possible. If you shop early, you’ll have more options, making it easier to find something you like.
  • Read Halloween costume descriptions carefully when shopping online. Online retailers often use photos of models wearing additional accessories that don’t actually come with the costume. In the description, the retailer should list precisely what comes with the costume and whether you might want to purchase other items separately.
  • Try your costume on as soon as you get it. Don’t wait until Halloween to find out if it fits. Taking it out of the packaging and wearing it also helps you determine if you need to iron or steam it to remove wrinkles.
  • Use makeup to pull your costume together. You don’t necessarily have to buy special Halloween makeup or costume makeup. You may be able to use makeup you already have to create a look that matches your costume and brings your character to life.
Halloween costume for women
If you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating, consider wearing a costume that complements theirs. For example, if your kids are dressed like the Three Little Pigs, you might wear a Big Bad Wolf costume.


Q. When is the best time to buy a Halloween costume?

A. It depends on what your goal is. If your main concern is saving money, take advantage of sales right after Halloween. Retailers are usually looking to get rid of that year’s stock, so they offer significant discounts on the days after the holiday.

If you want to buy a specific Halloween costume, however, start shopping in late summer or early fall, when retailers like Amazon have the most options available.

Q. Can I reuse a Halloween costume?

A. If you don’t mind wearing the same costume from year to year, you can certainly use the same costume multiple times. However, be sure to purchase a high-quality costume so you don’t have to worry about rips, tears, or other damage that occurs more easily with cheaper fabrics.

Q. Are any Halloween costumes off limits?

A. You can wear nearly any Halloween costume you feel comfortable in. However, it’s best to avoid costumes that stereotype other cultures, such as wearing a Native American headpiece. Many people are sensitive to these types of costumes, and offending another person is probably not the way you want to spend your Halloween.


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