Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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LG Electronics 6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Electric Range with ProBake Convection Oven
LG Electronics
6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Electric Range with ProBake Convection Oven
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A spacious, attractive, and easy to use range that cooks fast and evenly, with intuitive features.


Oven heats up quickly, within 5 to 10 mins. Low-temp EasyClean feature does a good job of steaming away oven spills. Speed roast feature cooks fast and evenly. Control knobs provide good grip and turn easily.


Grease splatter can get between the oven door’s glass panes and can’t be cleaned out. Cooktop takes a long time to cool down. Oven fan is loud.

Best Bang for the Buck
LG Electronics 5.4 cu. ft. Gas Range with EasyClean
LG Electronics
5.4 cu. ft. Gas Range with EasyClean
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Simplicity defines this range when it comes to features, which is what many like, along with its price point.


Controls are large and well laid out, with easy to read numbering. In-oven broil feature is a convenient plus. Easy to install. Stovetop burners put out plenty of heat. Exterior and interior finish give range a high-end look.


No broiler pan included. Oven control buttons are difficult to push. Stovetop coating may peel if scrubbed too hard.

LG Electronics 6.3 cu. ft. Electric Range with EasyClean Convection Oven
LG Electronics
6.3 cu. ft. Electric Range with EasyClean Convection Oven
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Bottom Line

Opinions are split on this oven’s low-temperature EasyClean feature, but its convection oven is a standout.


Double burner boils water efficiently and quickly. Oven capacity gets a thumbs-up. Convection cooking is fast and even. Oven’s EasyClean steaming feature works well on spills.


Enamel lining can chip off after a few years of use. Digital controls are cumbersome and must be pressed hard. Stovetop is difficult to clean and can become discolored,

LG Electronics 7.3 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with ProBake Convection Oven
LG Electronics
7.3 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with ProBake Convection Oven
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Bottom Line

A handy conventional oven doubles the benefit of this electric range, but the larger convection oven is very low.


Oven has two cleaning settings for light or deep cleaning. Top oven is small but cooks conventionally, while bottom convection oven is a star at baking. Childproof lock is a bonus.


Stovetop can get easily marked up by pots and pans. Bottom oven is uncomfortably low for some users.

LG Electronics 5.8 cu. ft. Smart Convection Instaview Oven w/ InstaView
LG Electronics
5.8 cu. ft. Smart Convection Instaview Oven w/ InstaView
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Bottom Line

A fast-heating oven and spacious cook top, along with its double-oven feature, make this range a great choice.


Oven heats faster and more evenly than some electric ranges. Convection oven holds the temperature perfectly. Stovetop is spacious enough for several pots. Ultraheat burner boils water quickly.


Convection oven fan is loud. Safety shutoff is annoying when cooking low and slow recipes. Knobs can turn on easily if nudged. Lower oven is too low for some.


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Buying guide for Best LG ranges

A range is the heart of a functioning kitchen, the appliance you turn to for all your boiling, sauteing, simmering, and general cooking needs. A range features a stovetop powered by gas or electricity and an oven for baking, broiling, and general heating. Most have four burners. 

Among the leading makers of home appliances is LG. The company makes gas and electric kitchen ranges in addition to other home appliances and a more recent line of smart home products.
If you’re shopping for an LG range, this guide presents the information you need to know. There are simple, inexpensive options as well as feature-rich, high-end options from LG. It can become a bit overwhelming, but it’s a decision you’ll want to get right, as you’ll likely be using your LG range for years to come. Read on to become equipped with the knowledge you need to make the best buy. If it’s LG range product recommendations you seek, we’ve got those, too.

lg range1
LG also makes wall ovens and cooktops. Both can serve as a space-saving, stylish alternative to a range while performing similar duties.

Key considerations

Gas vs. electric

Perhaps the most important consideration when buying a range is whether you want a gas or electric appliance. Both are popular, and each has advantages and drawbacks. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Electric: These ranges are more modern and offer quicker, more exact heating. The burners evenly distribute heat so you don’t have to worry about random hot or cool spots. They are easier to clean and tend to last longer. What’s more, LG  electric ranges feature flat stovetops that look sleek; there is no grate through which food can fall and burn. Electric ranges are relatively easy to install and set up.

With these benefits, though, electric ranges from LG tend to come with a higher price tag. While they are more precise when it comes to finding the right temperature, they take longer to heat up. Lastly, should you lose power for whatever reason for however long, you lose access to your range.

Gas: Gas-powered ranges heat up quickly and spread the heat evenly under and around the sides of the pot or pan. The direct heat also gives you the option to char or toast items. The visible flame lets you know the stove is on, whereas with an electric option, it can be harder to tell. While gas LG ranges tend to cost a bit less, they also require more care and caution because of the open flame. They require a gas line to set up, and installation takes more time.

Dual fuel: Select LG ranges employ both gas and electricity. The stovetop uses gas for faster results, while the oven is powered by electricity for effective and safe cooking. These larger models are best for households in which homemade meals are frequently prepared.

Freestanding vs. slide-in

After choosing the fuel for the range, you’ll want to determine how it will fit in your kitchen. There are two styles: freestanding ranges and slide-in ranges.

Freestanding: Freestanding ranges have a backguard display and can be put anywhere in the kitchen. The sides are finished for a nice look. While a freestanding range may fit between cabinets, it may not be flush.

Slide-in: As the name suggests, these ranges fit neatly into spaces between cabinets for a seamless look. They are flat on top without the bulky guard at the back. Slide-in ranges are meant to have a built-in look and require proper measurements before purchase.


Most LG ranges come in one of two sizes: 5.4 cubic feet or 6.3 cubic feet. Both sizes are available in the gas and electric variety. The smaller option is ideal for a single person or couple, while the larger option is adequate for some families. 

LG also offers two larger range sizes, both of which feature a double oven. You can choose a range of 6.9 cubic feet or 7.3 cubic feet that uses electricity or gas. 


Most LG range ovens have a proprietary ProBake Convection feature in which the heating element is at the back of the oven instead of the bottom. This results in more even heat distribution.

As mentioned, LG’s larger ranges feature a double oven so you have two separate cooking spaces. The top oven is ideal for quick, smaller meals, while the lower oven caters to larger items. You can use them simultaneously at different temperatures for efficient, effective meal preparation. 

There may be a mild odor or smoke from the range upon initial use due to residue from manufacturing and packaging. This will dissipate quickly, but you can also remove it using water and soap.




LG’s line of smart appliances for the home includes ranges. Using the ThinQ app, you can connect all your devices to monitor usage and your maintenance needs. The app also features tips and guides to keep your appliances working at their best. Compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, you can preheat your range and control its settings by voice or remotely. You can scan recipe barcodes from specific partners to make cooking even easier and more efficient. Other LG ThinQ appliances include refrigerators, televisions, washers, and dryers. 

Black stainless steel

LG offers ranges in several attractive finishes, including black stainless steel, which pairs the functionality of stainless with the sleek, modern look of the color black in the kitchen. LG also offers black stainless steel refrigerators for those who want matching appliances. 

Smudge resistance

Some LG ranges have a smudge-resistant finish. This is particularly advantageous if you have young kids who like to touch things. The surfaces will resist fingerprints and keep your range looking spotless and clean. 


This trademarked feature by LG gets your oven clean in about 10 to 20 minutes by using water to loosen any foodstuffs or residue stuck in the oven. Spray the interior with water, select the EasyClean setting on the range, and the cycle begins. Afterward, you’ll need to scrub up the remaining water. While it does require a bit of work, EasyClean is simple and effective when it comes to keeping your oven spotless and working properly. 

lg range2
LG offers round-the-clock customer service. You can call, email, or chat with their AI helper online. Smart ranges offer in-app diagnostics.


Oven mittsA pair of handy and effective oven mitts are essential for staying safe in the kitchen.

Cookware SetA comprehensive cookware set will help you get the most out of your range.

Dutch ovenA Dutch oven provides deep, consistent heat penetration and retention.

Baking SheetsFor those meals you’ll be making in the oven, baking sheets are essential.

Stove Knob Covers: To prevent you from reaching over flames, gas ranges have control knobs on their front. Some electric ranges also feature front control knobs, which can draw unwanted attention from small children. To prevent accidents, consider getting a set of stove knob covers.

LG Over-the-Range Microwave: If your kitchen is short on space, you can add a microwave over the range that also functions as a vent. Choosing a microwave and a range from the same brand will add consistent styling to your kitchen.

LG range prices


The least-expensive LG ranges run under $1,500 and come in most sizes featuring a gas or electric power source. They lack smart features but may boast the EasyClean feature.


Most LG ranges cost between $1,500 and $3,000. They may be of any size with gas or electric fuel. You’ll be able to purchase a black stainless steel range in this price bracket as well.


For over $3,000, you’ll find any size gas or electric LG range that features smart capability for the modern home.

Some LG ranges feature infrared broiling, which has three settings and is highly enjoyed by those who love seared, flavorful meats.



  • Develop good range habits. Get into the habit of always turning off your range immediately after use. It’s vital for safety and is also an energy-saving measure.
  • Follow recipes. Your range can perform a variety of important cooking feats, but your meals will only taste good if you follow instructions. LG ranges boast precision, so adhere to recipes closely.
  • Use appropriate cookware. Some cookware items are better used with gas ranges and some with electric. Check the oven-safe temperature ranges of your cookware to prolong the integrity of both the cookware and the range.
  • Note the racks. However slight, each oven rack receives a different pattern of heat distribution. LG offers information on these variances and how to position items for precise cooking.
lg range3
After purchase, you may want to register your product online at LG’s website. This will give you warranty information, product details, a manual, and sometimes entry into LG contests.


Q. How should I clean my LG range?

A. Most LG ranges come with a self-cleaning function or the rapid EasyClean feature. Concerning the burners, electric ranges are easier to clean than gas ones. Use a cloth with warm water and soap to clear any messes. In some cases, a kitchen scraper may be needed to clear food. For gas ranges, you’ll have to remove the protective grates, wash them separately, and wipe around the burners. Be sure to do this well after the stove has been used, and allow the top to dry before its next use. 

Cleaning the top of your LG stove should be done at least once a week (or after any messes), while the oven can be cleaned once a month.

Q. How should I install an LG range?

A. Electrical ranges simply need to be connected to an outlet with a sufficient amount of power, but installation does require a screwdriver, a proper power cord, and a bit of time. Turn off power breakers before installation.

Gas ranges take a bit more effort. Setting up a gas connection should always be done by a licensed professional.

Before purchasing a range, make sure that it fits the space in your kitchen and that there is an easy way for you to get it in your house, including a clear path to its final destination. Smart ranges require an additional setup where you connect the device to the app.

Q. What is LG’s Smart Diagnosis?

A. Those who opt for an LG smart range will enjoy Smart Diagnosis, a preventative and reactive feature on LG models that works to curtail and troubleshoot problems. The range will perform a check and send the results via WiFi to a technician. The diagnosis will then be sent back to you, along with the appropriate next steps to follow. In most cases, this saves you time and the potential cost of an in-person maintenance visit. The diagnosis can be sent via text, or you can opt to have an audible, recorded diagnosis to listen to and follow.

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