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Best Gas Range Protectors

Updated July 2023
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Best of the Best
Linda’s Essentials Disposable Aluminium Stove Burner Liners
Linda’s Essentials
Disposable Aluminium Stove Burner Liners
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Most Comprehensive
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This aluminum stove-top cover is durable, long-lasting, and made from non-toxic materials.


This 50-pack of heat-protective covers prevents food from building up on your stovetop. These disposable liners allow you to save time in cleanup by catching any spills or drips when cooking. Simply place the liner beneath the grate around each burner you want to use and you're set.


Sizes run a bit small.

Best Bang for the Buck
Range Kleen Round Foil Burner Cover Liners
Range Kleen
Round Foil Burner Cover Liners
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Simple yet Solid
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With 2 sizes included, these strong aluminum liners are a great deal and are sturdy, yet affordable.


This 8-pack of disposable liners features 2 different sizes for various stove sizes. The covers can also be cut to fit smaller range burners if necessary. Insert the liner on your stovetop burner, and ensure it's aligned with the receptacle edges and watch it catch all the mess from cooking.


Thin, flexible material, not suggested to use to cook for extended periods of time without switching the liner.

DCS Deals Burner Bibs, 50-pack
DCS Deals
Burner Bibs, 50-pack
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Includes 2 Sizes
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Although they won't work for all burners, they have a lot to offer for the ranges that can accommodate them.


Great for gas or electric, and consumers that prefer round, disposable protectors. Different from other protectors on our list for their unique shape instead of square. Includes 2 sizes in the pack of 50. Does a good job catching spills on burners that they fit. Can be used on gas and electric burners.


Made of aluminum foil that is on the thin side. Won't fit all stoves. Price falls on the higher end of the scale.

FMP Aluminum Foil Square Stove Burner Cover Range Protectors, 75-pack
Aluminum Foil Square Stove Burner Cover Range Protectors, 75-pack
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Basic, frill-free disposable protectors that will last you a long time and won't stress your budget.


An affordable pack of 75 protectors that are made of aluThe 8.5-inch size is universal and fits most standard range burners. Good at catching most spills thanks in part to the square design.


Somewhat flimsy, but users found that they last a while when handled gently.

Spare Essentials Disposable Gas Burner Liners, 50-pack
Spare Essentials
Disposable Gas Burner Liners, 50-pack
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Affordable and Practical
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These inexpensive range burner protectors are worth considering if you want to give the square shape a try.


These disposable gas range protectors are square in shape, which provides excellent coverage for most burners. The 8.5-inch size works for most ranges. They are made of aluminum which is safe and free of harsh chemicals. The pack of 50 is available at an affordable price.


The aluminum material is fairly thin, and doesn't always lie flat against a stove surface.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best gas range protectors

Cooking a meal can be great fun, but cleaning up afterward is not a chore most people savor. A gas range protector is a simple kitchen add-on that can help minimize the workload. These inserts protect your range from spilled sauces and sauté splatters while adding a fresh, clean accent to your range top.

The majority of gas range protectors simply slip into place beneath your burners. However, while these protectors often do a decent job of catching spills and splashes, some may have gapping problems that allow liquids to pool under the protectors. Some are actually heat-resistant while also being flame friendly, which can be a problem if your burners are set low in your range top.

If you are unsure whether gas range protectors are right for you, start out with an inexpensive package so you can take them for a “test run.”

Key considerations

Reusable vs. disposable

The thicker a gas range protector is, the easier it will clean and reuse. PTFE/fiberglass gas range protectors commonly have a thickness of .2 mm to .3 mm. This is much thicker than aluminum, another common gas range protector material. The relative flimsiness of aluminum protectors deems them disposable and potentially recyclable. You may be able to clean them a few times, but they often ship in larger numbers, so it’s easy to switch out old for new.

Size and shape

Gas range protectors come in a couple of different sizes, allowing them to serve a variety of gas ranges. The majority have a square shape, but some are round to fit stovetops with round burner wells.


A unique aspect of gas range protectors is the fact that most can be trimmed with scissors. This allows you to custom-fit the protectors to burners of various sizes. Although a majority of gas range protectors can be trimmed, the task becomes more difficult for thicker covers.

Gas range protectors with a thickness similar to cookie sheets are not designed for trimming. These tend to be more durable and long-lasting.

Ease of cleaning

As mentioned, thinner aluminum protectors are often made to be disposed of when they get too dirty. Thicker protectors are designed to be cleaned and reused over and over. These often feature nonstick surfaces that are easy to wipe down. Some can even be washed in the dishwasher. Check the use instructions to determine the best way to clean thick protectors.


Some gas range protectors come six to a pack; other packages contain as many as 50 per pack. Reusable protectors come in smaller quantities, while disposable aluminum protectors come in larger quantities.

For Your Safety
For maximum safety, select gas range protectors that are free of BPA and PFOA.



While gas range protectors can be made from a variety of materials, three materials in particular — PTFE, glass fiber cloth, and aluminum — are highly popular. Note: If your stove features high-temperature burners, consider going with gas range protectors with higher heat resistance.

PTFE: Similar to Teflon, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a fire-resistant material that has a melting point of around 600°F. PTFE is often found in reusable gas range protectors.

Glass fiber cloth: Similar to PTFE, this is basically a fiberglass material coated with Teflon. It has a higher temperature resistance than PTFE, with some reaching a resistance of over 700°F. Like PTFE, glass fiber cloth gas range protectors are typically reusable.

Aluminum: Less expensive than PTFE, aluminum is commonly found in disposable gas range protectors. These are usually made from recycled materials. In terms of melting point, at 1,221°F, there really is no contest between heat-resistant aluminum and your other choices.


While you typically don’t have a huge range of color options, some manufacturers offer both black and silver. If you are seeking to match your stove or kitchen décor, you may be able to find both of these offerings.


Gas range protectors seldom come with extras, though occasionally a seller will throw something in to entice you such as a silicone oil brush, spatula, or similar kitchen tool.

If you are shopping for gas range protectors with the environment in mind, look for aluminum ones that are recyclable.


Gas range protector prices


For under $10, you will find gas range protectors that are thin and not highly durable. A package featuring PTFE covers will offer a minimal number of protectors, while you will generally receive 40 to 50 disposable aluminum protectors around this price point.


In the $10 to $20 range, PTFE and similar protectors will be thicker, and you will receive more per package. A common offering in this price range is 100 disposable aluminum protectors.


At $20 and over, you will find larger packages of PTFE protectors in addition to full and half-length stovetop protectors. The quality and thickness tend to be higher than in other price ranges, yielding protectors that last for years if used correctly and cleaned regularly.

 Did You Know?
Gas range protectors slip under burners to protect them from spills. Gas range covers fit over burners to protect them when not in use.


  • Keep safety in mind. Select an FDA-approved gas range protector to assure that you are using one of the safest options on the market.
  • Keep flammability in mind. A downside to using PTFE gas range protectors over aluminum ones is that they can burn. While PTFE has a high heat tolerance and melting point, it can burn if you touch a flame to it. If this possibility worries you, stick with gas range protectors made from other materials.
  • Some protectors are disposable and recyclable. If you cook often, consider picking up a package of disposable range protectors to cut down on cleaning while helping to keep your busy stove shining.
  • Stovetop protector sheets are also available. While gas range protectors are typically designed to protect individual burners, you can also pick up entire stovetop sheets for select stoves which will protect the entire cooking surface.
Not only can gas range protectors shield your stove from new spills, but they can also help cover up old cooked-on stains.


Q. What safety precautions need to be taken with gas range protectors?

A. First, never allow your gas range protectors to touch the burner flame, as some contain materials that can burn. You should also be sure that you don’t cover any of the gas holes on the burner. The best way to avoid this is to trim enough of the protector away that you leave a half-inch opening between the burner and the protector.

Two other ways to maximize safety when using gas range protectors include only buying ones that are FDA approved and avoiding ones that don’t explicitly state that they are BPA-free and PFOA-free.

Q. Do gas range protectors fit all gas ranges?

A. Not necessarily. It’s a good idea to do some measuring before you place your order, just to be sure. There are two basic sizes for gas range protectors: 8.5 square inches and 10.6 square inches. Be sure that your range will accommodate whichever size you are ordering. Some manufacturers provide a choice between the two sizes; others include both sizes in the order.

In terms of fitting burners, the ability to trim gas range protectors is pretty standard, so even if they don’t fit your burners right out of the box, a couple of minutes and a pair of scissors should fix the problem.

Q. Will these protectors also work on electric ranges?

A. Unless a manufacturer specifically states that their gas range protectors are also for use with electric ranges, assume they are gas-only. You may be able to trim some gas range protectors to fit an electric range, but if you have an electric range, we advise opting for a protector that is designed with work with an electric range.