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Best Double Oven Electric Ranges

Updated April 2024
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GE 6.6 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with Steam-Cleaning Convection Oven
6.6 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with Steam-Cleaning Convection Oven
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This popular product from a trusted brand is packed with features to ensure fast and even cooking and baking.


Stainless steel construction. Able to preheat and steam-clean quickly. Built with power boil elements for quicker boiling and wall-to-wall bake elements for more even baking. Each oven is able to hold a lot of food.


The stovetop is made of glass, so scratches and smudges may be more noticeable.

Best Bang for the Buck
Whirlpool 6.7 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with True Convection
6.7 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range with True Convection
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Powerful Dual Oven
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This electric free-standing range from Whirlpool boasts 2 ovens and an impressive array of features.


Electric range. Dual-oven model. Smooth cooktop boasts flexible heating elements for small to large pots and pans. Powerful convection technology evenly distributes oven heat. No-preheat mode for quickly cooking frozen foods.


Smooth cooktop can discolor and scratch with use.

LG Electronics 7.3 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range
LG Electronics
7.3 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Range
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Most Stylish
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This product is easy to use and allows you to cook or bake multiple dishes at once.


Stainless steel exterior with large window for easy visibility. Built with 5 stovetop features for customized cooking and warming. Designed with intuitive SmartTouch glass controls for simple operation.


The cooktop may be difficult to clean.

Maytag Double Oven Electric Range with Convection Oven
Double Oven Electric Range with Convection Oven
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This product is built to simultaneously cook multiple meals quickly, easily, and evenly.


Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel construction. Includes hidden bake feature to protect the oven from spilling and delay bake feature to allow you to schedule baking start time. Easy to clean. Has five heating elements.


The product is pricier than others.

KitchenAid 30-Inch 5 Burner Electric Double Oven Convection Range
30-Inch 5 Burner Electric Double Oven Convection Range
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Sleek Stainless Steel Design
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If you're looking for speedy results on the stovetop, this is the range for you thanks to its exceptional design.


Stovetop includes power burner and warming burners to keep dishes at perfect temps. Ovens both heat accurately. Plus, the digital display walks you through directions for easy use. Utilizes electric elements. The dials are sleek and easy to use.


Stovetop can be difficult to keep clean.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best double oven electric ranges

For those who love to cook —broiling, baking, frying, sautéing, you name it — a quality and effective oven range should be the cornerstone of a lively and functional kitchen. Oftentimes though, one oven isn't enough, which is why double-oven ranges are increasing in popularity.

In particular, double-oven electric ranges provide the capacity, verastily, and efficiency sought by home cooks of all interests and skill levels. Typically, they consist of a smaller top oven and a larger bottom oven, allowing users the option of simultaneously cooking two different items at two different temperatures. This saves a considerable amount of time and energy while properly executing your recipes.

A double oven and electric stovetop provide even and easy cooking and often come with a variety of useful features. Double-oven electric ranges are no small investment: they are large and costly and come with the expectation that they will be a decadeslong fixture in the kitchen. As such, there is much to consider when shopping for this appliance.

double oven electric range
Double ovens not only make cooking multiple items more efficient, but your meals may taste better too. Smells from more pungent foods like fish may linger in the oven and affect whatever follows.

Key considerations

Pros and cons

The main draw of the double oven is the ability to cook two items at different temperatures. This is particularly helpful when preparing large meals; you can keep one item warm while another item cooks, or you can bake dessert in one oven while dinner settles in the other. However, double ovens are usually larger in size; they take more energy to operate and clean. In most cases, the larger of the two ovens will still be smaller than most single-oven options, so you may be sacrificing size for versatility and convenience.

Electric range benefits

Double-oven ranges are made in both the gas-powered and electric varieties. Electric ranges are easier and safer to install and use, and they tend to be easier to clean. They provide consistent, even heat and are typically cheaper over time as compared to gas ranges.


The size of your double-oven electric range may vary. The smallest options run around 5.8 cubic feet, which may be the same size as some single-oven ranges. Larger options are over 7 cubic feet in size.

The upper oven is typically the smaller of the two, and it’s generally best used for cooking with baking sheets or other items that are low in height, like pizzas. The large, bottom oven, meanwhile, should feature enough room for roasts and more sizable fare.

Measure the space available in your kitchen so that you are confident the range will fit. It’s also worth measuring the path into the kitchen, including alongside corridors or stairwells, so that the range will easily slide to its final destination without drama.

Slide-in vs. freestanding

In most cases, you’re likely to want a slide-in double-oven range, as they are designed to fit among cabinets seamlessly. As double-oven ranges often are larger investments, buyers typically install them in a kitchen with a set design, usually as part of a renovation.

Still, there are freestanding double-oven electric ranges available, too. These feature a back console as well as finished sides; the appliance can be moved anywhere around the kitchen and not necessarily look out of place. However, these freestanding options likely won’t fit flush with cabinets or countertops and also may require more frequent cleaning on all sides.

Lower oven

If you’ve never used a double oven before, it may take some getting used to, particularly your interactions with the oven lower to the ground. Double ovens usually require more bending to load and unload and may require more effort when dealing with larger meals, like roasts.

Double ovens are likely to offer a solid return on investment for homeowners who eventually sell their residence. These large, often-featured-packed appliances should improve the worth of the kitchen.



Storage drawer

In most cases, the bottom storage drawer so commonly seen on single ovens is sacrificed to allow space for the second oven. However, some larger models still include a storage drawer, which provides the convenience many are accustomed to.


Many ranges have a self-cleaning function to tend to the insides should any food residue adhere. The specific operation varies from brand to brand and model to model and may require assistance from the user. Most take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes and offer a simple, convenient way to keep the inside of the oven safe and effective.

WiFi connectivity

Newer ranges may feature WiFi connectivity, allowing you to monitor or operate them from a smart device. In some cases, you may be able to link your appliance with other kitchen appliances from the same company. The connection may also help troubleshoot any problems, as the compatible app should be able to identify issues.

Black stainless steel

This trendy new finish is available on some double-oven electric ranges. It combines the durability of stainless steel with the sleek look of the color black. Typically, this option is smudge-resistant and comes at a premium price.

Samsung FlexDuo

Samsung offers a specific type of double oven called FlexDuo. You may use the oven as a single, large option or employ a partition to divide the oven into two parts, cooking items at different temperatures. This model features a door with a unique hinge that allows you to open just the top portion or the entirety of the oven.

double oven gas range
Resist the temptation to open your oven doors to check on the food. Use the window and interior light to monitor your dishes, and trust the recipe so that you don’t let hot air escape.


CookwareA proper cookware set allows for efficient and effective cooking on your range and in your oven.

Dutch ovenWith your large range, you can bake your favorite items in a Dutch oven.

BakewareYour double-oven electric range offers a world of baking possibilities. You’ll need a reliable bakeware set to take advantage of your new ovens.

Oven mittsProtect your hands every time you interact with the oven with a quality set of oven mitts. This option from Cuisinart is durable, effective, and comes at a decent price.

Stove knob covers: These keep little hands from causing big accidents by preventing stove knobs from being accidentally turned.

Double oven electric range prices


For $1,200 or less, you can find a decent double-oven range in different sizes, but it likely will include few extras.


Most double-oven electric ranges cost between $1,200 and $2,400. These are offered in various sizes and feature any number of perks.


Double-oven electric ranges that cost over $2,400 tend to be the largest sizes available and sport plenty of features, including smart connectivity.

Unless you’re frequently cooking varied meals for large groups of people, don’t expect to often use both ovens simultaneously. In most cases, that will be reserved for parties and holidays.



  • Double-check burners. While some electric ranges make it clear when the burners are on, other models’ indicators are more subtle. Get into the habit of checking whether a burner has been left on.
  • Use appropriate cookware. Electric ranges’ stovetops are compatible with most types of cookware, but you’ll want to check if, and to what degree, cookware can be used in the oven.
  • Avoid scratches. A flat electric-range stovetop can easily be scratched or damaged by moving pots and pans laterally. Avoid sliding anything atop the range that could mar the finish and damage the burner.
  • Rack position matters. The distance of your food from the heat source affects how it’s cooked. Depending on the size of your meal, you may want to adjust the racks within the oven.
double oven electric range
You may want to clean and wipe the interior of the double oven upon purchase before you use it. There may be some residue left from manufacturing and packaging that leaves an odor.


Q. How should I clean the stovetop?

A. Electric ranges are fairly easy to clean, as they tend to have a flat stovetop. In some cases, you’ll want to use ceramic glass cleaner on your stovetop, but a soft cloth with warmy, soapy water works just fine. After each use, once the stovetop has cooled, tend to any spillage or mess so nothing adheres to the surface.

Q. How often should I clean the interior of my oven?

A. A clean interior that is free of residue helps maintain your appliance’s longevity while also providing safe usage and quality-tasting food. It’s recommended to clean the interior every three months or so, depending on usage. Your oven may have a self-cleaning function to assist. If your oven starts to smell or smoke when turned on, it likely means something is leftover inside and needs to be cleaned.

Q. How should I install my double-oven electric range?

A. Electric ranges are fairly easy to install since they only require a proper power supply. Note that the outlet needs to be able to provide a higher-than-normal output, though most kitchens are already equipped with such a power source. You’ll want to pay attention to the range’s feet, positioning the appliance on a level surface where it won’t slide or move easily. Note that double ovens are typically larger and heavier than traditional ovens.