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Updated August 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Samsung 6.0 Cubic Foot Smart Slide-in Gas Range with Flex Duo
6.0 cu. ft. Smart Slide-in Gas Range with Flex Duo
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This slide-in gas range boasts a split-level convection oven and powerful cooktop, and even comes with illuminated knobs.


Split oven works as 1 big or 2 small ovens. Convection action for faster, more even oven cooking. Five-burner gas cooktop includes 23,000-Btu power burners. Illuminated control knobs. Comes with a reversible griddle grill.


Expensive. Gas is less environmentally friendly than electric.

Best Bang for the Buck
LG Electronics 30-inch, 6.9 cu. ft. Double Oven
LG Electronics
30-inch, 6.9 cu. ft. Double Oven
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One Smart Oven
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This slide-in double oven with an edge-to-edge gas range lets you maximize space and baking flexibility in small cooking spaces.


There's a large-capacity oven and a Probake Convection oven for even baking results. There are 5 18,500-Btu burners and an edge-to-edge grated cooking surface. EasyClean tech cleans the oven in 10 minutes.


Some found uneven cooking between the 2 ovens.

Cafe Smart Double Oven Gas Range, 30 inch
Smart Double Oven Gas Range, 30 inch
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Precision Cooking
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Stainless steel, self-cleaning, slide-in double oven with 6 gas burners, covered by an edge-to-edge grate.


You can wirelessly control it from your phone. The 21,000-Btu burners act quickly. You get 7 cubic feet of cooking space between the 2 cooking chambers. There's an impressive amount of flexibility in 1 standard-sized double oven.


Some found uneven cooking between the 2 chambers.

Cosmo Commercial-Style Gas Range Double Oven, 48 Inch
6.9 cu. ft. Gas Slide-In Range
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Commercial Grade
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This commercial oven makes cleaning easy while delivering consistent results on baked goods.


ProBake convection delivers consistent heat to your entire oven. It can handle large meals, too. EasyClean mode makes maintenance a breeze. It gets your burner clean in under 10 minutes.


This model is quite loud in certain situations.


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Buying guide for Best double oven gas ranges

The kitchen range is where a majority of the culinary magic happens in any house. The proper choice allows you to bake, broil, braise, fry, saute, boil, and steam to your heart’s (and belly’s) desire so you can enjoy your meals just the way you want them.

For cooks who enjoy preparing larger meals or are frequently tasked with concocting more elaborate fare, a double-oven gas range may be most useful. Double-oven ranges, as opposed to the traditional single-oven options, don’t necessarily provide more space to cook, but instead give you the means to cook several items at different temperatures. This allows for more diverse, bountiful meals without sacrificing time and energy.

Meanwhile, gas ranges provide plenty of benefits, including more control, over electric-powered ones. Our guide will detail how gas ranges work, as well as important details and possibilities that come with choosing a double oven. A range is a significant investment, and one that should last a long time, improving your experience in the kitchen and at the dinner table for years to come.

double oven gas range
While gas ranges are typically cheaper than a comparable electric range initially, gas consumption will add to your bills. Consider this additional cost over time when purchasing the appliance.

Key considerations

Gas benefits

Those who prefer cooking with gas enjoy that it provides more precise temperature control. Gas ranges heat up more quickly and typically can reach higher temperatures. Gas ranges also provide more even cooking, with flames also heating up the sides of pots and pans as well as the bottom. The upfront cost of a gas range is typically less than that of an electric range.

Home vs. business

Gas ranges are often used in restaurants, and as such, some double-oven gas ranges are built for industrial use. As opposed to ranges meant for the home, these employ their two ovens in a left-right configuration. Such industrial double-range gas ovens will come at a premium cost involving careful installation and maintenance. Double-oven gas ranges for the home feature a smaller oven on top of a larger one, with the range itself sporting anywhere from four to six burners.


Double ovens range from about 5.6 cubic feet to 7.6 cubic feet or so. The capacity of the double range will be the total of the oven space of the two ovens added together. For example, in a single oven, you may have 6 cubic feet of space available. However, a double oven could feature the exact same capacity, but with one smaller oven of 2 cubic feet and the other with 4 cubic feet of space.

Shoppers should note the size of each individual oven; the larger of the two is still likely to be smaller than the oven in a traditional range. Consider the height of each oven and what food items can, and cannot, be cooked easily and effectively within.

Slide-in vs. freestanding

Ranges are designed to either fit in flush with your cabinets and countertops or created so that they can be moved around as needed. Slide-in ranges feature control knobs on the front of the appliance, and their sides are unfinished. When installed, these ranges are seamlessly integrated into the kitchen. Freestanding options, on the other hand, have finished sides and a matching back panel so they can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen and still look and function appropriately.

Oven layout

In most cases, the lower oven is the larger of the two. Most double-oven ranges sacrifice the usual bottom storage drawer to accomodate a second oven, and thus the lower oven opens closer to the ground. Anticipate much more bending over and reaching down vs. a traditional single oven. This may be uncomfortable or inconvenient, especially when cooking larger items.

It’s easy to tell when a gas stovetop is off, as there is no flame. Not only do gas burners heat up faster, they tend to cool more quickly too.



Specialty burners

Double-oven gas ranges feature anywhere from four to six burners, and some may have designated roles. It’s common for one burner to channel extra power and heat, or another to be tailored for warming or simmering. In certain models, a large oval burner may be incorporated to use cookware like grills or griddles.

Smart connectivity

Some newer range models have Internet connectivity, where they are either monitored or controlled by an app. Some allow only simple functions to be controlled remotely, like turning on lights or the vent, while others accept remote commands for, say, preheating. In such higher-end models, you may be able to link your range to other appliances from the same brand, and control them all from the same app. Even at its most basic, smart connectivity will allow you to monitor the range’s functionality and assist with troubleshooting.


Many double ovens feature a self-cleaning mode, though the specifics of this vary from brand to brand. Some feature steam cleaning, while others work in tandem with some manual assistance. Certain models boast both a quick-clean function that takes five to ten minutes as well as a longer deep clean that requires up to an hour.

Black stainless steel

Some brands offer double-oven gas ranges in black stainless steel, a style increasingly popular the past few years. While it maintains the durability of stainless steel, the black coating provides a sleek, modern look that’s often more compatible with kitchen decor. It also hides dirt better, and it’s often made to resist smudges and fingerprints. Black stainless-steel appliances come with a higher price tag and may be susceptible to noticeable scratches that are hard to fill or cover up.


The height of the oven isn’t the only dimension affecting its cooking versatility. Some models feature racks inside that are fully adjustable and removable, while others provide less accommodation. Position on a rack itself is important, too, as distance from the sides of the oven can affect how quickly and effectively an item bakes.

double oven gas range
More pungent ingredients like fish or garlic can leave behind odors that seep into the next item placed in the oven. With a double oven, you can avoid such cross-contamination.


Nonstick cookwareWith your new range, you’ll need the proper tools to saute, fry, and more.

Casserole bakewareOven-safe dishes are ideal for casseroles and other elaborate recipes.

Double oven gas ranges prices


Your basic, average-size double-oven gas range with few features can cost around $1,200 or less.


Spending between $1,200 and $2,400 will net a medium- to large-capacity double-oven gas range that’s likely to have some higher-end features like WiFi connectivity.


The largest and most featured-packed double ovens cost over $2,400 and generally include specialty burners and smart technology. Industrial double ovens can easily cost $3,000 to $4,000 or more.

Double-oven gas ranges will likely lack a bottom storage drawer, so you’ll need other kitchen space for cookware and bakeware. Hanging racks are an economical and inexpensive option.



  • Clean after every use. Wiping down the range and checking for any residue in the oven after it’s cooled goes a long way toward maintaining your appliance.
  • Safety first. Open flames can be dangerous. Use proper utensils and cookware, manage the flame, and always monitor food while it’s cooking.
  • Practice with heat levels. Cooking with gas may take getting used to. Simmering requires precision so the flame doesn’t go out, and oftentimes, cooking on a medium flame will suffice when a recipe calls for “high.”
  • Be patient. Two common mistakes cooks make involve not waiting. Always fully preheat the oven before putting food inside, and avoid opening the door until you’re ready to remove the meal.
double oven gas range
Before using your gas range, take note of where your gas line shutoff is, in case of an emergency. Maintain a working smoke alarm and fire extinguisher, too.


Q. What is required for installation?

A. Installing a gas range is more involved than putting in an electric range, and it’s best done by a professional. In addition to a power source, the range must connect to a gas line, work that can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. Most appliance retailers offer the option of professional installation.

Q. How do I clean the stovetop?

A. Gas stovetops take a bit more care and effort when cleaning. The burner grills can soak in a bath of warm water and soap, after which wiping away any residue should be easy. When they are removed, employ a soft cloth and soap to clean the stovetop. A paste of baking soda and warm water can help release stuck-on and burned-on food.

Q. How often should I clean my oven?

A. It’s advised to clean the interior of the oven at least once every three months. It’s easy for food to spill or splatter within, and that residue can build up and cause smoking or damage to the oven. Anytime you notice an odor after turning on the oven, it’s best to clean out the interior (once it’s cooled). Don’t forget to wipe the window as well.

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