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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Disguise Woody Deluxe Infant Costume
Woody Deluxe Infant Costume
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Popular Movie Character
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A detailed full-body costume of Woody from the Toy Story movies.


One-piece jumpsuit with covered feet, long sleeves, and pants. Made of polyester with Velcro closures. Styled after Woody's outfit with a handkerchief and boots. Comes with a cowboy hat. Has cuffs and a 3D belt buckle.


Sizing may run small.

Best Bang for the Buck
Iontakids Infant Dinosaur Costume
Infant Dinosaur Costume
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Cozy & Warm
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A soft plush jumpsuit with 3D dinosaur features and features for easy diaper changes.


Made of fuzzy polyester with a cotton lining. Machine-washable. Has a zipper that runs both ways for faster diaper changes. Hood features a dinosaur mouth, nose, and eyes. Has 3D scales down the back and a tail.


May be too hot for warmer climates.

Party City Flamingo Costume for Babies
Party City
Flamingo Costume for Babies
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Most Unique
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A vibrant costume with a variety of textures and matching booties.


Pink plush jumpsuit made of polyester. Sleeveless with faux feathered wings on the shoulders. Includes non-slip booties shaped like bird feet and a Velcro hat that covers the head. Hat features a flamingo face and fluffy hair.


Needs layers for cooler weather.

InCharacter Lovable Lion Infant Costume
Lovable Lion Infant Costume
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Cute & Comfortable
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A soft and warm costume that can be used on its own or with various matching family themes.


Plush polyester jumpsuit with long sleeves and pants. Has a Velcro closure on the back and hat with a lion head. Machine-washable. Has snaps on the legs for easy diaper changes and non-slip grip on the bottom of the feet.


May be lacking in durability.

Dress Daisy Baby Girl Princess Romper Costume
Dress Daisy
Baby Girl Princess Romper Costume
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Easy to Wear
Bottom Line

A replica of Snow White’s dress that is made like an infant onesie with elegant accents.


Blue cotton onesie with snaps by the diaper area and puff sleeves. Features an attached skirt made of satin and tulle with a bow on the waist. Comes with a red elastic headband with a bow. Machine-washable.


Colors may not be exactly as advertised.


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Buying guide for Best Halloween costumes for babies

It’s your little one’s first Halloween, and chances are you’re thrilled to start your search for Halloween costumes for babies. After all, buying a Halloween costume takes the stress out of having to piece together a DIY outfit. But there are so many to choose from!

Some parents are excited about finding matching family costumes. Others are looking for that perfect baby costume for that perfect “baby’s first Halloween” photo. Whether you go for a cute, funny, or scary costume, there are seemingly endless possibilities. .

Keep in mind that safety and comfort are of utmost importance for your baby. Consider the degree of bulkiness and warmth offered by the costume as well as its material and sizing. Remember, too, that babies can get messy and need frequent diaper changes. As such, a costume that can be easily removed, wiped clean, and washed may be your ideal.

Baby in Snow White costume
Some older babies fit in toddler costume sizes. This adds more variety to your options.

Finding the best Halloween costume for your baby

Themes to consider

The primary themes for baby Halloween costumes are cute and cuddly, whimsical and witty, and scary. 

If you want your baby to wear a costume that speaks to their youth, an animal costume or a pumpkin costume are both great choices. If you want to add a little humor or history to their get-up, think of a food item costume (Tootsie roll, hot dog) or a famous personality costume (politician, movie character, actor). Some matching family costumes can be humorous as well, such as a baby dressed as a scuba diver and a parent dressed as a shark.

Scarier Halloween costumes for babies exist too, although even these are often made to look cute. Think of a “softened” vampire or Frankenstein. 

To match or not to match? 

If you plan to match costumes with your baby, ask yourself this: What do you want to be for Halloween? Once you have a few ideas, look around for matching costumes in baby sizes. Easier to find are matching costumes based on movie characters, superheroes, and occupations. But if you don’t mind getting creative and perhaps adding a little DIY work to your project, you have even more options.

In other cases, you might have found a baby costume you love and want an adult costume to match. Again, it’s time to get creative. If you’re dressing your baby as a lion, for example, you could dress as a Wizard of Oz character, a zookeeper, or a circus ringmaster. You could also dress in an adult version of the baby’s costume.

Sizing and age

Newborns and young infants who are not yet mobile can wear bunting costumes without separated pants. The bottom of a bunting costume is like a blanket around the child’s legs. Keep in mind that this style of costume may prohibit the baby from riding in a traditional stroller or structured baby carrier.

It can be trickier to find newborn costumes than costumes for slightly older babies. Many “newborn” costumes are actually cotton onesies or footed pajamas designed to look like different characters rather than something more ornate or fluffy. 

Note: Bulky costumes can pose a safety hazard and should be avoided for newborns. Keep your child under your close supervision the entire time they wear their costume.

Using a decorated baby carrier as part of the Halloween costume makes it easier to dress up the baby with minimal accessories.


Features to consider in a baby Halloween costume


Many Halloween costumes for babies are made of gentle cotton, polyester, or a fuzzy plush material. Some include felt and plastic parts, such as animal faces. Most are made with elastic for mobility. There could also be Velcro on certain parts, such as a detachable cape. 

Make sure you take note of – and are comfortable with – whatever materials are included in your baby’s costume. And of course, avoid anything that could pose a choking hazard, such as rhinestones or buttons.


Halloween costumes for babies tend to have zippers or snaps down the back or front. Some have snaps near the diaper area. If you anticipate stopping your Trick-or-Treating for a diaper change or two (and this is a real possibility), look for a closure type you’ll be happy with.


One-piece outfits are similar to onesies or footed pajamas and may include an attached hood and covered feet. Other costumes have separate headwear and footwear. Some have individual tops and bottoms.

Your primary concern is safety. If you believe a piece included with the costume could pose any type of hazard for your child, avoid it. Another top concern is convenience. If you think your baby would dislike a certain aspect of a costume (like a hood) or are daunted by the prospect of changing your baby’s diaper in a certain costume, it’s best to avoid those.

Best Halloween Costumes for Babies-Sleeping Baby in Halloween Costume
Staff Tip
Saving your baby’s first Halloween costume is a great idea if you plan to have more children. You could even save the costume for your grandchildren someday.

Accessorizing your baby’s Halloween costume


Headwear is a possibility: think cat ears, cute hats, and such. But some babies may pull off their headwear, which is something to consider before purchasing an accessory. 

If you’re accessorizing just for a photo op (not for a whole night), a wig can be funny on a baby. A hat is another accessory that can not only finish a baby costume but also keep the child warm (if they “agree” to wear it). For example, a brown hat is an easy accessory for a baby dressed in a football costume. 


Especially if the weather will be cold, adding leggings, tights, or pants to a baby’s Halloween costume can help make them more comfortable. It might also make some princess and animal costumes more realistic.


Many babies can be barefoot or wear socks for Halloween. That said, there are costumes that work well with shoes or booties that match the outfit.

Face paint or makeup

Babies have sensitive skin and tend to touch their faces, so face paint and makeup may not work well. Some older babies may do well with using non-toxic face paint or makeup made without harmful ingredients. Adding these products completes many animal costumes: think painted-on whiskers or a darkened animal nose.


Sunglasses and eyeglasses with non-prescription lenses are stylish accessories for babies for many costumes: surfer, television or movie character, or even a grandparent. Make sure any eyewear is sturdy and secure and does not obstruct the child’s vision.

Handheld accessories

Accessorizing a Halloween costume for a baby with a baby-friendly item makes the outfit more realistic and fun. It can even help support the baby. For example, you can find plush wands, swords, and other accessories that pose no safety hazard but look very cute and give the baby something comforting to hold.

Stroller, wagon, or baby carrier

Decorating your baby’s stroller, wagon, or carrier to match their outfit sends the costume over the top and adds fun to functional baby gear. Some families decorate wagons and strollers like cages to house their dinosaur-dressed babies. Others turn wheeled accessories into vehicles or animals. Baby carriers can be decorated to match the costume or act as part of the costume. 

Some onesie and footed pajama Halloween costumes for babies can be worn on other days for playtime or bedtime.


How much do Halloween costumes for babies cost? 


Inexpensive Halloween costumes for babies cost between $10 and $20. Many of these are cotton infant onesies, footed pajamas, and top and bottom sets designed like Halloween costumes.


Mid-range Halloween costumes for babies cost between $20 and $40. Many off-brand baby costumes and less-complex costumes fall in this range.


Expensive Halloween costumes for babies cost over $40. Most brand-name costumes and those made with extreme detail are more expensive.


  • Get a washable costume. If you’re concerned about irritation, germs, and messes, choose a costume that is machine washable or hand washable.
  • Consider an additional costume. If your baby spits up or makes a different mess on their Halloween costume, you would be happy that you purchased an extra to have on hand.
  • Buy the costume before Halloween, but not too soon. Babies grow fast. If you buy a Halloween costume too early, it may not fit by the time the big day rolls around. It is helpful to buy one a couple of weeks early to make sure it fits and does not sell out.
  • One-piece costumes are easier to put on. Halloween costumes that are all one piece are easier to put on a small, wriggly baby. Keep in mind, however, that a one-piece may make diaper changes more difficult unless there are snaps by the diaper area.
  • Outfits with separate bottoms or snaps are easier for diaper changes. Halloween may be “all about the kids,” but you certainly want to have a pleasant evening, too! Note that one-piece costumes will have to be taken completely off to change a diaper if there are no snaps or bottom zippers.
Baby in Onesie Halloween Costume
It is fun to dress babies up for Halloween even when they are not old enough to do traditional Trick-or-Treating. Parents can take pictures for memories, take the costumed child to visit relatives on Halloween night or walk the baby up to a few neighbors’ doors for a little fun.


Q. Do Halloween costumes for babies pose any safety hazards?

A. Some do. For example, very bulky costumes for young infants can be unsafe if the baby is not watched constantly. Too much material could create a suffocation hazard. Very warm outfits could cause a baby to overheat. Use common sense, and focus on your child the entire time they wear their costume.

Q. How should I dress my baby if the weather is cold?

A. When the weather is very cold, choose a plush costume for the baby, and add extra layers underneath. If you need to put thick layers like a jacket on your baby but don’t want to hide the costume, buy the costume one or two sizes larger to fit over a jacket or bunting.

Q. I’m nervous about buying a baby costume online. What if it doesn’t fit?

A. You can find a lot more variety in baby Halloween costumes when you shop online at places like Amazon. That said, it can feel a bit daunting to order a costume from Amazon without seeing it or trying it on your baby first. Fortunately, Amazon usually features a sizing chart to help you get a good idea of how the costume would fit. Most Amazon retailers have a window of time in which you could return the costume, too. 

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