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Best Batman Toys

Updated January 2023
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BATMAN 8-Pack of Mini Collectible Batman Figures
8-Pack of Mini Collectible Batman Figures
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Most Comprehensive
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This series of miniature Batman figures offers a wide variety of characters from the comic's universe.


Set features 8 mini-figures. Impressive paint job. Includes Clayface, Nightwing, Harley Quinn, Joker, Red Hood, Robin, and 2 Batman figures.


These little figures have no articulation.

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DC Comics 12-Inch Attack Tech Batman Action Figure
DC Comics
12-Inch Attack Tech Batman Action Figure
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A larger action figure with a unique costume and affordable cost.


Plastic action figure resembling Batman with a black and gold suit. Cape is fabric and limbs and head move for different poses. Measures 12 inches tall. Recommended for ages 3 and older.


Cape is not as durable as the rest of the toy.

DC Comics Bat-Tech Batman and Robin Action Figures
DC Comics
Bat-Tech Batman and Robin Action Figures
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Hero and Sidekick
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An articulated character set that is a staple to add to a Batman fan’s collection.


Comes with Batman and Robin figures measuring 4 inches tall. Figures have movable body parts for various poses. Features Bat-Tech costumes and fabric capes. Each character includes 3 mystery extras like weapons and armor.


Figures are small.

DC Comics Batman 3-in-1 Batcave Playset
DC Comics
Batman 3-in-1 Batcave Playset
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Sets the Scene
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A Batman playset for imaginative play with a variety of interactive parts.


Large plastic playset with scenes on both sides and a small Batman figure included. Features 3 different segments that combine or can be used separately. Lights up and has a zip line, jail, and Bat Signal.


May be lacking in durability.

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Toy Helicopter
Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Toy Helicopter
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Best for Young Kids
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A durable, engaging toy for kids/toddlers who love vehicles; comes with a mini figure and helicopter.


Posable Batman and helicopter designed for preschool ages up to 8 years old. A thumbwheel turns the propeller and the hatch opens for Batman to sit inside. Features a button that changes the base into a claw.


Toy may seem smaller than expected.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best Batman toys

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes. To a lot of people, he’s relatable because he doesn’t have super powers like Superman or come from a secret island like Wonder Woman. Instead, Batman is just a regular guy who uses technology and know-how to create impressive tools and vehicles that help him catch the bad guys. (And who wouldn’t want a house with a Batcave in the sub-basement level?)

Although the relatability of Batman means that toys featuring this character will be highly popular and collectible, the other reason these toys are popular is because Batman has such a large number of cool gadgets.

The best Batman toys can feature the superhero himself, some of the villains and sidekicks he encounters, his inventions, the Batmobile and other vehicles, and the ultra-cool Batcave.

Batman has appeared in cartoons, TV shows, movies, comic books, books, and video games.

Key considerations

When looking for Batman toys, think about whether you seek collectible items or toys for regular playtime for the kids.


New collectibles: Batman collectibles are typically Batman toys with a limited number of copies available. Newer toys that have a limited run will draw attention from collectors. The majority of collectors love obtaining Batman toys that other collectors may not own or may struggle to find.

Vintage collectibles: The other type of collectible toy is something that’s a vintage item from decades ago. These toys rarely appear in retail stores, so you’d have to go to a specialty vintage toy store or purchase one from another collector. Watch out for remakes and fakes when considering vintage Batman toys.

Ultimately, you may not want to let children play with toys you plan to keep as collectibles because of the value they carry. Often, collectors will leave the toy inside the original packaging to keep it in the best possible condition, so it will maintain its value.

Note that no guarantee exists that a Batman toy you purchase as a collectible will go up in value in the future. If you choose to collect Batman toys, it’s probably better to do so because you enjoy the process of amassing a collection than because you are hoping to turn a significant profit by selling your collection in a couple of decades. (And if you do turn a profit down the road, it’ll be a pleasant bonus.)

Toys for play

The vast majority of newer Batman toys on the market have very little value as collectibles. They are mass-produced and intended for kids to use for playtime. You certainly could save these toys in the original packaging and hold them as collectibles but allowing kids to play with them may be more fun.

If you’re choosing toys for playtime, try to match the type of toy you select to the age of the child who will be using it. Older kids may become bored with Batman toys made for younger children, while Batman toys made for older kids and adults may pose a choking hazard or be a little scary for younger children.

Did You Know?
The first Batman character appearance in DC Comics occurred in 1939 as part of the Detective Comics series.


Here are some of the primary categories of Batman toys and their features.

Action figures

As with the majority of superheroes, Batman action figures are highly popular and collectible. For imaginative play, kids can have Batman battle other action figures representing classic Batman villains, such as the Joker or Catwoman.

Building kits

A highly popular brand within the LEGO universe is Batman. LEGO has dozens of kits that feature various Batman scenes and include the LEGO Batman character.


For kids who want to dress up as Batman, numerous costumes are available. Some costumes cover the entire body, but you can also select a mask alone, a cowl alone, or a cape alone.


Batman video games are popular, and they are available for nearly any gaming console you own.


Certainly, Batman isn’t a cuddly character, but there are multiple plush toys featuring the caped crusader that younger children may love as an introduction to the Batman universe.

Printed items

If you consider trading cards and comic books as toys, Batman has an almost unlimited number of these available for collectors as well as for kids to just enjoy.

Tech toys

Batman is a superhero who relies on tech gadgets, so it makes sense that there are tech-related toys available featuring Batman. You can select from things like walkie-talkies, watches, and Bat Signal lights.


Batman has a huge number of vehicles ready to use when fighting crime, including the Batmobile, Batcopter, Batboat, Batcycle, and many, many others. For kids who love vehicles, toys featuring Batman’s vehicles will be a treasure trove for them. Some Batman vehicles even work as RC vehicles.

Avoid collectible Batman toys as gifts until children are older. Younger children typically just want to play with their toys rather than worrying about collecting them.


Batman toy prices


Batman toys aimed at toddlers and babies may cost $5 to $15. Batman action figures or plush toys may cost $10 to $40.


Batman video games may cost $30 to $60. Batman LEGO toys can cost anywhere from $40 to $200 or more.


Vintage collectible Batman toys could be quite costly, priced anywhere from $25 to $1,000 or more. The original Detective Comics issue where Batman initially appeared in 1939 recently sold at auction for $1.5 million.

Did You Know?
LEGO toys featuring Batman are extremely popular, thanks in part to the Batman character in the LEGO movies.


If you’re interested in starting a collection of Batman toys, here are some tips to help you.

  • Starting out: To start collecting Batman toys and collectibles, find something you really like, and focus on that first. For example, some people decide to start with action figures or Batmobile replicas.
  • Display or keep in storage: If you want a collection you can show off, you’ll want items that are easily displayed such as plush toys, completed LEGO kits, or action figures. If you want a collection that you’ll store in a box to protect it from the elements (and small kids), good choices include comic books, toys in the original packaging, and trading cards.
  • Space available: Think about how much space you want to devote to your collection. If you collect large items, you’ll need far more space than if you stick to easily stackable trading cards or comic books.
  • Sticking to one brand: Among Batman toys, LEGO toys featuring the Batman universe or the DC Comics universe are highly popular. LEGO offers a lot of cool Batman gadgets, and some LEGO kits even feature villains from Batman’s world.
  • Collecting comic books: Batman comic books are highly popular collectibles, so it is easy to find guides to learn what each issue is worth. However, you may encounter quite a bit of competition for rare comic books from other collectors.
  • Select pro-Robin or anti-Robin: Certain collectors want to act as if Batman’s sidekick Robin never existed, while others want to stick to items that only feature the Dynamic Duo. Deciding whether you want to include Robin may help you zero in on the Batman items you want to collect.
Batman, with his numerous gadgets and vehicles, offers an almost endless number of toy design possibilities.


Q. Are Batman toys durable enough for roughhousing?

A. It depends on the type of toy you select. The majority of Batman action figures and vehicles are meant for imaginative play and should survive regular use. Costumes are meant for active play too. Comic books, on the other hand, will tear or crease with rough treatment. Ultimately, there’s no guarantee these toys will last a long time, as some kids are simply harder on their toys than others.

Q. Is it easy to find educational Batman toys?

A. There are some introductory reading books featuring the Batman character as well as a number of toys that need assembly, teaching children to follow directions. However, Batman toys typically do not focus on education.

Q. How can I be sure a Batman toy is safe for my kids?

A. Some Batman toys have a minimum age recommendation printed on them, which can be helpful in finding an appropriate toy. Otherwise, for younger children, avoid toys with choking hazards and toys that might contain flammable materials.

Q. Isn’t the Batman character too scary for young children?

A. Batman does have a scary side that is a part of the character’s personality in some movies and comic books. However, some iterations of Batman have a persona that’s more kid-friendly. A large percentage of Batman toys focus on the friendlier Batman superhero. If you worry about Batman being too scary for your child, focus on toys that feature the friendlier version of Batman rather than the brooding Dark Knight version.