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Best Squishies

Updated January 2023
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OPount 6-Piece Slow Rising Jumbo Fruit Squishies
6-Piece Slow Rising Jumbo Fruit Squishies
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A set of colorful squishies that's ideal for both kids who enjoy playing with them and adults who use them for stress relief.


Includes 6 large fruit-themed squishies approximately 4" to 7" each. Set includes a banana, pineapple, peach, lemon, strawberry, and watermelon. Squeezable yet slow-rising—traits buyers love.


Mixed reviews on the scent— some find it pleasant while others think it's strange.

Best Bang for the Buck
Outee 16-Piece Animal Squishies
16-Piece Animal Squishies
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Though you get a wide variety and a lot of squishies for the price, the downside is more quality-control issues than others on our list.


Numerous types of animals with smooth, easy-to-clean textures make up this large 16-piece set. Squish and rise as advertised—not too fast.


They are small, and some sets contain deformed squishies. Occasional reports of peeling paint, sticky residue, and an offensive odor.

AOLIGE Jumbo Cute Panda Kawaii Cream-Scented Squishies
Jumbo Cute Panda Kawaii Cream-Scented Squishies
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Fragrant Pick
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Worth considering if you want one large squishy with some nice features.


A large squishy (5.5" x 6.7") with a cute panda design and ideal qualities. Both slow-rising and soft, yet maintains its shape. Garners praise for the subtle, sweet smell.


A bit pricey, especially considering you get only one. A few reports of colors peeling.

Kingyao Slow Rising Squishy Toys
Slow Rising Squishy Toys
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Food-Lover's Choice
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A 6-piece set of food-themed squishies that are nicely sized for a good squeeze.


In the shape of typical comfort food items, like pizza and an ice cream cone. Made from super-soft Polyurethane foam that is slow-rising. Improves circulation and reduces stress.


They don't last very long, and some come with a chemical smell that takes a while to wear off.

Anboor 13 Inches Squishies Jumbo Unicorn Donut
13 Inches Squishies Jumbo Unicorn Donut
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Magical Charm
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This jumbo unicorn squishie is not only adorable, but can be used as a decorative piece on a table or kid's desk.


A nearly 14-inch-tall giant donut with unicorn face and horn. Made from nontoxic Polyurethane foam. Can be used to de-stress and relax, and it even functions as a pillow. Cute, fun gift for family or friends.


Expensive for just a single squishie. Requires airing out to get rid of plastic smell.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best squishies

Bright, squidgy, and downright adorable – squishies are some of the hottest toys around right now. Whether you want to enjoy them for their tactile properties or simply start a collection, you'll find a huge range to select from.

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Some small squishies come with attachments so they can fit on a keychain or even a cell phone.

What are squishies?

For anyone completely new to the squishy game, we'll give you a quick 101. Squishies are essentially a take on the classic stress ball.

Available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, squishies are designed to be squeezed before returning to their original form when you let go. The vast majority of squishies are made from polyurethane foam, which is flexible and can be molded into shape.

So, what's the point of squishies? Well, that's up for debate. Squishies are extremely popular with kids, who tend to enjoy collecting them as much as they enjoy squeezing them. However, these toys are also becoming increasingly popular with adults who appreciate their stress-relieving qualities (though that's not to say some adults don't enjoy collecting them, too).

They also make decent fidget toys, which can discourage other forms of fidgeting and improve concentration.

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Expert Tip
You may come across squishies labelled "slow rise" or "slow rising." This means they take longer to return to their original form after being squished, which is seen as a desirable trait by many squishy enthusiasts.

Considerations for selecting squishies

Squishy size

You can find squishies in lots of different sizes. The tiniest squishes are often less than half an inch long. On the other end of the spectrum, jumbo squishies can be as large as 12 inches long.

Small squishies are pocket-size and therefore great for carrying around with you. They're also ideal for anyone who wants to start a large collection of different kinds of squishies but is short on space to store or display them.

Medium-size squishies tend to be just the right size for squeezing in the hand. Giant squishies are perfect for hugging or displaying on a desk or bedside table.

"Make sure that young children know squishies aren't to be eaten, especially those that look like realistic food."


Yes, you read that right. Squishies aren't just squeezable and cute to look at; some of them are scented, too.

In the case of food-related squishies, the scents tend to relate to the food they're representing. For instance, fruit squishies usually have fruity scents and cake squishies may smell of chocolate or vanilla.

Other squishies generally have a nondescript "sweet" smell, which is often referred to as cream-scented.

If you happen to be sensitive to smells, we recommend looking for unscented squishies.

"Mochi squishies are squishies which feel slightly more sticky and gelatinous than regular squishies – a bit like Japanese mochi rice cakes."

Pack size

Many squishies come in multipacks that feature anywhere between three and 30+ squishies of different designs. Some multipacks offer random squishies, so you could get any combination of squishies of a certain size.

Random multipacks are fine for people who don't really mind what squishies they get or who are starting a squishy collection and want to increase the number they have before they start getting picky about the varieties.

However, some squishy collectors are much more particular about which kinds of squishies they buy, so if they were to buy a multipack, they'd want to know exactly which ones they'd receive.

"Texture is important to many squishy fans – the softer the better. Some squishies are very soft, whereas others may be too hard or foamy."


One of the first things you'll notice about squishies is that they're available in a seemingly endless variety of forms and designs. From loaves of bread to poop emojis, you can find a squishy version of almost anything, as long as it's "kawaii" (that's Japanese for cute).

While there's a huge range of choice, most squishies fall into one of the following categories.

  • Foodstuffs: You'll find many food-related squishies available. Some are extremely realistic (loaves of bread and other bread products are a popular theme in realistic food squishies), whereas others are stylized to look extra cute – for instance, milk cartons with a face or Swiss rolls that have the face of bear.

  • Animated characters: Ever think your favorite animated characters are so cute you just want to squeeze them? Well, now you can – if you can find a squishy version of them. Sanrio squishies (such as Hello Kitty) and Disney squishies are both fairly common, but you can find other animated characters, too.

  • Animals: You can find squishy versions of both real animals (such as whales, cats, and bears) and fantasy animals (unicorns are a common theme). Of course, the cuter, the better.

  • Plants: Plants – especially cacti, succulents, and fruits and veggies (though the latter also falls into the "foodstuffs" category) – are commonly found in squishy form.

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Did you know?
Like fidget spinners, squishies can help some children to focus better in class, since having something to do with their hands can curb other fidgeting behaviors.

Squishy prices

Squishies aren't especially expensive, which is good news for your pocketbook if you (or your children) have developed a squishy-collecting habit.

  • Small squishies are usually found in multipacks. The cost generally works out to be between $0.50 and $1 apiece.

  • Medium squishes tend to cost between $2 and $6 apiece depending on the exact dimensions and quality.

  • Large squishies cost in the region of $5 to $15 each – larger ones are more expensive.

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Expert Tip
The cheapest squishies often aren't as durable as those you spend a little more on. This is important if you plan to use your squishies a lot, but it doesn't matter as much if you simply display your squishy collection rather than squeezing them.


  • Think about who you're buying for and what they like. If you're buying squishies as a gift, it can be hard to select the right one. Think carefully about what the recipient likes and go from there.

  • Consider whether you want a large pack of squishies or just a few. You might only want a single squishy for stress relief, or you might want a large number to add to your collection. Decide how many you'd like, and look for a pack of an appropriate size.

  • Choose between realistic and fantasy squishies. Some squishies look just like the item they represent, whereas others feature things you wouldn't find in real life, like toast with a bear face or a fox dressed as a ninja.

  • Look for quality squishies. Some squishies are disappointing upon arrival. They may be too hard, the outer portion may crack or peel, or they may not look as good as they did in the photo. Choosing high-quality squishies with good customer reviews can help avoid disappointment. The product list above is a great place to begin your hunt for the perfect squishies!

  • Be careful with size. Though many squishies are suitable for kids ages three and up, we generally recommend larger squishies for young children – anything that can fit in a young child's mouth is a potential choking hazard.

  • You can renew a squishy’s smell. Squishies tend to lose their scent after a while, so if you don't like how your squishy smells, let it air out for a few days. The scent should be less pronounced.

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Serious squishy fans may enjoy making or watching squishy-related YouTube videos.


Q. I want to collect squishies. Where do I start?

A. Starting a squishy collection can seem overwhelming at first; it can be difficult to know where to begin. If you don't want to collect indiscriminately, we suggest starting out with a theme. For instance, you might only want to collect squishies of between four and six inches, or food-related squishies, or brightly colored squishies. This helps narrow down the market and focus your collection. You could always branch out into other types of squishies further down the line if you get bored of your focused collection.

Q. Is there a minimum age limit for squishies?

A. As with the majority of toys, squishies do have a recommended minimum age limit. This age may vary between products (which is why we always advise checking the minimum age when buying for a child), but most squishies are suitable for children ages three and up. Since squishies are relatively fragile, younger children may attempt to bite parts off.

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