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Best Jellycat Stuffed Animals

Updated September 2022
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Jellycat Bashful Monkey
Bashful Monkey
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Customer Favorite
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Jellycat’s iconic Bashful series of stuffed animals are silky soft and well-made, making them a top toy for cuddles and playtime for years to come.


Especially soft and smooth textured fur. Effortlessly sits in place. Sits 12 inches tall. Durable stitching. Perfectly proportioned for little hands to hold and play with. Adorable. Many other Bashful animals available.


Not machine washable.

Best Bang for the Buck
Jellycat Bashful Bunny Baby Security Blanket
Bashful Bunny Baby Security Blanket
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Cuddly Design
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This soft security blanket makes an ideal gift for expecting parents.


Made from polyester. Grey. Attached stuffed bunny. Machine washable. Is 18 inches by 13 inches. Soft material. Portable. Easy to put in storage.


Blanket's size may be too small for some.

Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Puppy
Fuddlewuddle Puppy
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Simple Yet Solid
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Has a weighted bottom that makes it well-suited for sitting around and waiting for the next cuddle.


Fuzzy and fluffy puppy. Proportioned for little hands. Easily sits in place without tipping over. Cute details include perky ears and wide nose. Many other Fuddlewuddle stuffed animals available.


At 9 inches tall, this puppy is shorter than some other Jellycat stuffed animals.

Jellycat Dexter Dragon Stuffed Animal
Dexter Dragon Stuffed Animal
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Unique Design
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This soft dragon is the perfect toy for children playing pretend.


Made from polyester with plastic pellets and eyes. Winged dragon. Soft material. Long-lasting. Durable and lightweight construction.


Some buyers may not like how floppy the toy is.

Jellycat Squiggle Kitty
Squiggle Kitty
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Cute and Classic
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Between its fluffy fur, cute design, and squishiness, it is easy to see why the Squiggle Kitty is one of Jellycat’s most popular stuffed animals.


Extra-fluffy and plush grey fur. Sits 12 inches tall. Long floppy arms, tail, and legs. Durable stitching. Proportionally large and soft head. Sweet details like perky ears and pink nose.


Surface-clean only.

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Buying guide for Best Jellycat Stuffed Animals

If you’re in the market for a cuddly buddy for your kids, look no further than Jellycat stuffed animals. These charming plush critters hail from jolly England and are best known for their luxurious materials. Jellycat stuffed animals are quirky creatures with big personalities, and many come with accessories or books detailing their adventures. From fluffy bunnies to life-size pineapples, it’s safe to say that there’s a unique friend to be found for everyone.

There are dozens of members of the Jellycat family, so you might be wondering how to choose the right creature. Not only do you have a choice of size and materials, you’ll find there’s a wide variety of animals, plants, foods, and even mythical beasts. No matter which one your heart lands on, rest assured all Jellycat stuffed animals are perfect cuddle companions.

Our buying guide has everything you need to know about these super-soft toys, including a few shopping tips to help make your choice a simple one. And don’t forget to check out our top picks for the best Jellycat stuffed animals.

If you’re building an animal-themed nursery with woodland or jungle creatures, there are plenty of matching Jellycat stuffed animals that can take up residency there, too.

Key considerations

Intended age

Many Jellycat stuffed animals can be used from birth if the tag says so, though other members of the Jellycat family are only recommended for babies 12 months and older. If you’re not clear on the intended age, contact Jellycat directly for a definitive answer. The toy company stipulates that even though Jellycat stuffed animals are often safe for babies, you should never leave the toys in a crib due to suffocation risks.

Jellycat stuffed animals aren’t just for babies and kids either. Many adults have jumped on the Jellycat bandwagon as serious collectors. So if you were wondering – yes, it’s totally acceptable to buy Jellycat stuffed animals for yourself.


Jellycat stuffed animals are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from a diminutive five inches tall to an enormous 33 inches in length. While there aren’t any standard sizes for Jellycat stuffed animals, you’ll find critters of the same collection have similar dimensions.


One of the most-loved attributes of Jellycat stuffed animals is their high-quality materials. Most critters have shell materials of polyester or acrylic, and some have plastic eyes, tulle skirts, or glittery details. As far as filling goes, Jellycat stuffed animals either have polyfill stuffing or plastic pellets.

For safety reasons, it’s a good idea to give seams a cursory look on a regular basis to identify any damaged or weakened areas. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to repair or replace the Jellycat stuffed animal.



There are quite a few collections of Jellycat stuffed animals. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here’s an overview of some of Jellycat’s most popular creatures and their attributes.

Cordy Roys

As the name implies, Cordy Roys feature a classic corduroy pattern. These critters usually have oversized bodies and floppy arms and legs, making them easy to squeeze for a cuddle. Cordy Roys also include soft mobiles and baby soothers as well as critters that “jitter” when you pull their cord.


Toothys include a modest range of smiling creatures that flash their pearly whites, including a shark, dragon, and even a piggy. They’re designed to sit upright on small, floppy legs. Like many Jellycat stuffed animals, Toothys have small eyes and well-defined noses or snouts.

Fresh & Foodie

Fresh & Foodie Jellycat stuffed animals include a wide variety of fruits, veggies, plants, and even dessert items. This diverse group is often referred to as “Amusables,” likely because it’s hard not to smile when you look at a baguette or chili pepper with a face and feet. They’re popular among adults with favorite foods as well as kids learning their food groups.

Ocean Life

The Ocean Life Jellycat family is as diverse as the ocean itself. Here you’ll find charming characters such as Steve Snail and Chloe Clam. Most of these sea creatures have big, friendly eyes that are either plastic or sewn on. More recently Jellycat has added merbunnies to the group, which are capable of standing upright.

Long Legs

This group of Jellycat stuffed animals features creatures with unusually long appendages. With the exception of one or two, these creatures lack smiles. However, they’re designed to look plenty friendly and approachable.

Little Legs

Little Legs includes a motley crew of some of Jellycat’s small stuffed animals. This group has dinosaurs, teddy bears, and hamsters, just to name a few. While these creatures remain soft and cuddly, they’re nowhere near as floppy as other Jellycat stuffed animals.

Spring Delights

The Spring Delights family features all the flora and fauna of springtime, including baby chicks and bunnies as well as flowers and butterflies. There is also a little group of boiled eggs, each of which has a yolk with a different facial expression.

Pocket Pals

Jellycat’s tiniest creature collection is Pocket Pals, all of which measure eight inches or smaller. This diminutive crew is as diverse as can be, ranging from Bonbon Ostrich to Frizzles Spider. All Pocket Pals have big smiles, and some of them have big curious eyes, too.

Did You Know?
Pocket-size Jellycat stuffed animals are popular travel companions because they fit easily in carry-on luggage and baby bags.


Storage baskets: OrganiHaus XXL Cotton Rope Basket
If your kiddos have an extensive collection of Jellycat stuffed animals, give them a home inside a toy box like this rope basket by OrganiHaus. It’s made with eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic and chemical-free.

Gentle spot cleaners: Babyganics Stain & Odor Remover Spray
It’s easy to spot clean Jellycat stuffed animals with this plant-based stain and odor remover spray. It’s free of bleach, ammonia, and phosphates, so it won’t deteriorate colors.

Jellycat stuffed animal prices

Jellycat stuffed animals range in price from $12 to $170. While price often depends on size, it also depends on the complexity of the design.


Smaller Jellycat stuffed animals, including small and pocket-size critters, cost between $12 and $20.


These Jellycat stuffed animals, including large creatures that are usually 10 inches and up, run anywhere from $20 to $65.


Jellycat stuffed animals that are referred to as “huge,” “very big,” or “really big” typically measure 18 inches and taller. They cost anywhere from $70 to $170.

If you don’t have any gentle, dye-free detergent on hand for spot cleaning, you can use natural alternatives such as club soda or white vinegar.



  • Invest in more than one. If possible, buy two stuffed animals of the same design. In the event a much-loved Jellycat creature is lost, you’ll have a backup on hand that hopefully spares some heartache.
  • Help your kids learn to save. If your kids are learning how to save their allowance money, let them set a goal of buying their own Jellycat stuffed animals. These toys are available at all price points, providing attainable savings goals for kids.
  • Choose a buddy for car trips. To make car trips smoother, designate one Jellycat stuffed animal a “car buddy” whose main home is in the back seat.
  • Enjoy storytime with Jellycat. Jellycat stuffed animals are a fun way to bring children’s literature to life. The toy company also publishes board books and picture books that depict popular critters from the Jellycat family.
Because of their cheery nature and quality construction, Jellycat stuffed animals are popular gifts for children in hospitals as well as those about to undergo surgery or therapy.


Q. How do I clean Jellycat stuffed animals?

A. According to Jellycat, most of their stuffed animals should only be spot cleaned with a gentle detergent. Because of their materials, it is not recommended to place them inside washing machines or dryers. In fact, in the event a Jellycat stuffed animal is heavily soiled, a replacement critter is the best option.

Q. Are Jellycat stuffed animals better than other stuffed animals?

A. Many parents agree that the quality of Jellycat stuffed animals is superior to that of a number of other options. Not only are they made with premium materials, they’re stitched in a way that prevents them from bursting at the seams. As a result, Jellycat stuffed animals tend to withstand the test of time.

Q. Are Jellycat stuffed animals collectible like Beanie Babies?

A. While Jellycat stuffed animals might not have the popularity and collectability of Beanie Babies, they’re still highly collectible in their own right. Some kids (and adults) aim to collect an entire Jellycat collection, while others try to collect harder-to-find Jellycat stuffed animals. As far as being worth big bucks later on in life – only time will tell.

Q. Are Jellycat stuffed animals available in multiple colors?

A. Only some collections feature critters available in more than one color, such as Wiggly Worm and Bashful Bunny. For the most part, though, Jellycat stuffed animals only come in one color.

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