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Best LEGO Sets

Updated November 2023
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LEGO Super Mario 64 Question with Display
Super Mario 64 Question with Display
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Super Set
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This LEGO set looks like the famous ? Blocks from the Mario Games and features several levels from Mario 64.


Includes 10 figures, including Mario and Princess Peach. There are 4 levels and 10 hidden Power Stars. Includes 2,064 pieces. Great for young gamers and nostalgic adults alike.


Blocky figures aren't your typical LEGO figures.

Best Bang for the Buck
LEGO Creator - Mighty Dinosaurs
Creator - Mighty Dinosaurs
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This inexpensive dinosaur Lego set is easy-to-assemble making it the perfect introductory LEGO set.


Features 174 pieces. Affordable. Build your choice of a tyrannosaurus, triceratops, or pterodactyl. Simple instructions for all 3 dinosaurs. Vibrantly colored. Flexible figures.


You’ll have to fully disassemble your dinosaur if you want to build another.

LEGO The Razor Crest Mandalorian Starship
The Razor Crest Mandalorian Starship
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For Star Wars Fans
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If you are looking for a LEGO set for an older child who loves Star Wars, this one is designed to impress.


Packed with 1,023 pieces for building the Mandalorian Razor Crest. Amazing details that will inspire youngsters to build. Comes with the Mandalorian, Scout Trooper, Greef Karga, and Baby Yoda mini figures.


This challenging LEGO set is designed for ages 10 and up.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collectors' Edition
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collectors' Edition
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Harry Potter fans will get lost in Wizard World with this LEGO set that will resemble the Hogwarts Express when it's built.


Advanced LEGO set with a Hogwarts Express theme. Includes 5,129 pieces. Has intricate details for a realistic train. The set comes with an impressive collection of 20 Harry Potter mini-figures.


You'll have to assist young builders, as this set isn't recommended for those under age 18.

LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime
Education BricQ Motion Prime
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Best for Learning
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Our team loved the concepts that this set teaches thanks to its engineering-oriented approach to building.


Features 564 pieces. Comes with instructions for a variety of builds with more that you can print out online. During testing, we found that each build is designed to be played with adding hours of enjoyment.


Some difficult concepts make this a better choice for older kids.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best LEGO sets

Ever since Legos burst onto the scene in the U.S. in the 1960s, it’s been a hugely popular brand of children's toy.

The brightly colored building blocks certainly have a number of adult enthusiasts, too. If you’ve shopped around at all, you’ve likely noticed that there are a huge range of Lego sets available. You can build everything from Disney princess castles or the Death Star to whatever your imagination can envision. With the wide variety of themes and sets available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Making the right choice depends on the builder’s interests, age, and experience with Legos.

three kids playing Lego
Playing with Legos helps children learn how to persevere when things don't go right the first time.

How to buy the best LEGO set

Benefits of playing with LEGOs

Not only are Legos fun to play with, they offer a range of educational benefits for kids:

  • Playing with Legos promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Kids can gain problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills from building Lego creations.
  • Legos stimulate the imagination — you can craft just about anything with them.
  • Children learn how to follow instructions and the importance of completing steps in the correct order.
  • Playing Legos with others can help develop teamwork and communication skills, as children need to be able to explain problems and potential solutions.
  • The sense of accomplishment a child gets from completing a Lego project can help build self-esteem.

What is the builder interested in?

With all the different Lego themes available, it's worth asking yourself where the builder’s interests lie before making your purchase. For instance, if you're buying Legos for someone who loves Star Wars, you can find a large number of Lego sets in the Star Wars universe.

Does the builder prefer following instructions or using their imagination?

Some people prefer a Lego set with a strict set of instructions to follow, whereas others like to build whatever strikes their fancy.

Lego Classic sets contain a variety of bricks that can be used in different ways, which is perfect for the builder who prefers to follow their imagination.

Long-term vs. short-term project

Some builders love a challenging Lego set that takes days or even weeks to construct. Others would prefer to be done within 30 minutes to an hour.

Often, you can get an idea of how long a set will take to build by looking at the number of pieces included. Basic sets might contain a few hundred pieces, which an older or more skilled Lego builder could probably finish in 20 to 30 minutes.

The largest Lego sets of all contain more than 7,000 pieces; even a skilled builder would need more than 24 hours to complete one of these mammoth sets.

The majority of Lego sets have instructions to follow. However, in many cases, the pieces can still be used to make other things, particularly if the builder already has a large Lego collection.

a woman holding a box of Lego
Many Lego sets are available for a limited time — especially those tied in with movies or events. If you see one you like, bear in mind that it may not be available forever. Some Lego sets become collectibles and have a high resale value.

LEGO set themes

There are many themed sets in the Lego world. Some of the most popular include:

Classic: These sets consist of assorted bricks for general use as well as baseplates for creating the foundation of large scenes. Most Classic sets have a focus like buildings or vehicles and include instructions for a handful of basic builds. These sets are also intended for the creative builder who wants to make their own designs, as they include a variety of basic pieces in several colors. There are 19 Classic sets, typically including from 100 to 1,000 pieces. They’re intended for builders ages five and up.

Architecture: Geared toward adults and teens, these sets depict city skylines and international monuments. Most architecture sets have from 500 to 1,000 pieces, and they generally use smaller pieces. There are nine Architecture sets.

Duplo: These extra-large bricks are designed for toddlers as young as 18 months and feature designs like nature scenes, buildings, and vehicles. Despite their larger size, the bricks are compatible with traditional Legos. Most Duplo sets have fewer than 100 pieces and have easy-to-follow instructions. There are 62 sets.

Star Wars: From one of Lego’s most popular themes for decades, these sets feature characters, places, and vehicles from the Star Wars movies and TV series. They stand out for their attention to detail and size, with some sets containing more than 2,000 pieces. Star Wars minifigures are particularly coveted by collectors and can accrue significant value over time. There are 60 sets, though new ones are released frequently.

Harry Potter: Since 2001, Legos has released a variety of sets depicting the characters and places of the Wizarding World, including Hogwarts Castle. Some of Lego’s largest sets are Harry Potter sets. Most sets include a handful of minifigures depicting classic characters from the movies and books, in addition to unique pieces created just for Harry Potter. There are 37 sets, ranging from 100 to 2,000 pieces.

Friends: Lego Friends sets are character-driven and focus on the friendship of five girls, each of whom has their own backstory and personality. Though they often have over 750 pieces, they’re made for children seven and older. These sets usually include mini-dolls, which are slightly larger than traditional minifigures. There are 49 Friends sets.

City: Lego City sets include scenes of schools, towns, and even space stations. While there’s often an emphasis on vehicles, City sets include a wide variety of everyday items, buildings, and characters. Unique pieces are common, making these sets a good addition to anyone’s Lego workshop. There are 78 City sets, from 100 to 1,000 pieces. They’re mostly for children ages five and up.

Technic: These are advanced Lego sets that feature moving parts, powered by a motor that takes disposable or rechargeable batteries. Most builds are quite large, depicting vehicles like sports cars, cranes, and helicopters, many of which are based directly off their real-life counterparts. Because the pieces in these sets are specific in their function, many enthusiasts leave these sets assembled or displayed in their home. There are 36 Technic sets, typically for ages 10 and up, though some are rated for those 18 and up due to their complexity.

Creator: Also called Creator 3-in-1, Creator sets feature parts that can be built three different ways from the included instructions. This makes them one of the best deals, if the builder enjoys assembling and disassembling again and again. There are 27 Creator sets, usually for ages seven and up.

Disney: Disney Lego sets feature a range of Disney characters and settings, including many classic Disney princesses. With a set for just about every modern animated Disney movie, these are popular among children and adults. Many Disney minifigures are collectible and can become quite valuable over time. There are 46 total sets with a range in piece counts, usually for ages five and up.

Ideas: These are community-inspired sets with the true Lego enthusiast in mind. They tend to be realistic with high piece counts with few visible studs for a smooth effect. There are 18 sets, and new sets are voted on and approved regularly.

Lego Technics sets are advanced sets that focus on engineering and pneumatics. They’re perfect for people who want a challenging Lego set.


How much do LEGO sets cost?

The cost of Lego sets varies depending on several factors, including the number of pieces, the theme, and the complexity. Per piece costs vary from $0.10 to $0.20.


Small Lego sets with fewer than 100 pieces start at about $5, and sets with around 400 pieces cost $25. While many sets for young children fall in this range, there are also a handful of small sets with themes for older children and teens. This price range includes most Lego sets.


More complex builds for teens and adults cost from $25 to $75 and have from 500 to 1,000 pieces. These include sets from nearly all themes and for all age ranges.


Extra-large Lego sets with more than 1,000 pieces are often priced between $100 and $500. These extremely complex builds can take days or weeks to complete, but for some builders, that’s part of the fun.

a young girl playing Lego
Licensed Lego sets — Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Lego Batman, and so on — often cost slightly more per piece than non-licensed Lego sets.


  • Use your imagination. While you can find many excellent Lego sets where the builder follows instructions to construct something specific, most kids love to invent their own Lego creations, too. A Classic or Creator Lego set probably won’t go amiss, especially for a child just starting their Lego collection.
  • Stay organized. If you have multiple Lego sets at home, it's best to store them separately, if possible. Otherwise, the pieces inevitably get mixed together, and it’s very hard to find the right bricks when trying to construct each set.
  • Legos are for everyone. Kids love Legos, but many adults collect them, too. In some cases, Lego sets can be an investment, as there are many collectors who seek out rare or discontinued builds and minifigures.
  • Go for a set. You can buy Lego bricks individually, but Lego sets generally offer a better value for your investment.
a young girl playing Lego
Do you know someone who’s interested in robotics? Lego Boost and Mindstorms sets allow the builder to create their own working Lego robots.


Q. What age group are LEGO sets suitable for?

A. Different Lego sets are suitable for different age groups. At the lower end, Duplo sets are suitable for children as young as 18 months. Most children move on to regular-size Legos at around age five, but it’s still wise to choose more basic sets at this age. (For instance, Lego  sets with a Juniors theme are good for five-year-olds.)

Some sets are quite complex and would be too tricky for younger Lego fans to complete without adult help. Check the specs of the Lego set you're considering, and look at the recommended age range.

Q. Do LEGO sets come with minifigures?

A. Minifigures, also known as Lego people, are popular with many kids — especially those who like to play with their creations once they’re built. Many Lego sets include minifigures in the box, but not all. If the inclusion of minifigures is important to you, check the product specs before buying.

Q. What if I need individual parts to create something particular, or I lose a part?

A. Even if you buy a Lego set, you may choose to take it apart and construct something else with it. There's always a chance you could lose some vital bricks over time. The good news is you can buy bricks individually from the “Pick a Brick” section of Lego’s official website.


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