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Best LEGO Juniors Sets

Updated September 2022
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LEGO Juniors City Central Airport
LEGO Juniors
City Central Airport
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This is a fun and exciting LEGO Junior set for kiddos ages 4 and up who have an interest in airplanes.


Closely resembles what kids would see at a real airport with 5 mini figures, a plane, a terminal, and many other items and accessories. Kids can even load luggage onto plane via play conveyor belt, making it even more lifelike.


All of the mini figures are nicely detailed except for the flight captain, who is more plain.

Best Bang for the Buck
LEGO Juniors Pteranodon Escape
LEGO Juniors
Pteranodon Escape
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Since many Jurassic World LEGO sets can be fairly pricy, this fun little playset is an inexpensive way to get your hands on some high-flying dinosaur action.


Especially affordable. 84 pieces. Build a helicopter, volcanic eruption, and dinosaur-hunting gear. Includes 2 Jurassic World employees and pteranodon. Many accessories.


An easier set to assemble for veteran builders.

LEGO Juniors Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown
LEGO Juniors
Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown
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Considering its feature-packed bug-themed cars, classic comic characters, and how simple this set is to assemble, it’s the best LEGO set a young Spider-Man fan could ask for.


125 pieces. Build Spider-Man and Scorpion’s mini-cars, and city alley. Includes Spider-Man and Scorpion minifigures. Colorful. Larger pieces are easy to assemble.


The cars are way more fun than the alley pieces.

LEGO Juniors Mia's Organic Food Market
LEGO Juniors
Mia's Organic Food Market
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Between this set’s spinning merry-go-round, rolling food truck, and many fun extra pieces, LEGO demonstrates that kids can do a lot with just 115 pieces.


115 pieces. Affordable. Build Mia’s food truck and playground equipment. Includes Mia and Twister, the bunny. Features many accessories. Plenty of moving pieces.


Easy to assemble, but fun.

LEGO Juniors Anna & Elsa's Frozen Playground 10736
LEGO Juniors
Anna & Elsa's Frozen Playground 10736
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This set makes the perfect toy for kiddos who love Disney’s Frozen and are yearning to use their imagination.


Anna and Elsa figures look like the movie characters, which little fans will love. Includes ice castle and even a slide, a polar bear cub, and other fun accessories. Included bricks are compatible with other LEGO Junior sets. Made for kids ages 4 to 7.


Castle may be smaller than anticipated.

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Buying guide for Best LEGO Juniors sets

As one of the most popular toy makers in the world, LEGO offers exciting kits and creative projects for all ages. While its DUPLO series engages toddlers and fosters an interest in LEGO bricks from a very young age, the LEGO Juniors series is the next step for youngsters ages four to seven. Once those are mastered, a much larger world of LEGO awaits.

First released in 2014, LEGO Juniors are marketed as simple, easy-to-build sets, some of which feature characters from pop culture to further engage youngsters. These sets typically include slightly larger pieces, though you can find smaller bricks and accessories too. These kits are less complex than others, but some include interactive elements and all embrace creative inspiration.

LEGO Juniors was retired in 2019, but there are still plenty to choose from when shopping for sets for youngsters. Our buying guide details what’s available and where and how to go about deciding which kit is best for your child. Take a look at our recommended LEGO Juniors sets above too.

The Juniors series replaced LEGO’s Bricks & More collection that began in 2009. It ran for about five years and included over 60 sets.

Key considerations


LEGO Juniors sets incorporate a variety of themes from other licensed LEGO products as well as more general content.

Marvel Avengers: Four sets were released during the Juniors era, including three featuring Spider-Man. A fourth set in this line features Loki and Iron Man.

DC Comics Super Heroes: Four sets were released featuring DC Super Heroes, including Batman battling against familiar foes Joker and Mr. Freeze, and Superman and Robin.

City: This theme features the most sets in the Juniors series, with about two dozen options available with scenes you’d find in urban areas. They include a pizza shop, garbage truck, family house, fire patrol, and demolition site.

NINJANGO: Four sets were released within this theme, which involves ninjas battling forces of evil. These sets are detailed, colorful, and imaginative.

Disney Princess: Disney animated films were a natural fit for the Juniors series, with a variety of movies catering to a similar age group. Six sets were released in total, including scenes from Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid.

Friends: This popular series developed in 2012 features five friends living a suburban life. Seven sets were released under the Juniors tag.

Films: Many of LEGO’s film partnerships led to Junior sets. Seven sets were released depicting scenes and characters from the animated Cars 3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom saw three sets released based on the film, with one featuring a raptor, T-rex, and pteranodon. The superhero movie Incredibles 2 inspired three sets, while the 2014 live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inspired one set.

Same sets, new brand

The Juniors brand didn’t focus on a certain style or specific content but instead targeted an age group. It was retired in 2019. Now sets are labeled 4+, meaning they’re suitable for ages four and older. While there is no longer a Juniors section on the LEGO website, you can search for sets for kids ages four and up and find similar options to those released earlier, including sets featuring characters from Marvel Comics, Disney animated films, the LEGO Friends series, Star Wars, and general city life. The product didn’t change, just the branding.

You can search secondary retailers and sellers if you want to find a specific Juniors set. LEGO no longer manufactures new ones, so you might come across options that are higher in price due to demand. Be sure to buy from a trusted source.


Since LEGO Juniors sets are geared toward younger kids, most of them don’t include a large number of pieces. What’s more, the pieces tend to be larger and easier to handle. A majority of sets include between 100 and 250 pieces. Only a handful of sets include more than 500 pieces.

Did You Know?
LEGO Juniors sets are easily identifiable by a red banner on the box with the word “Juniors” across the top. The theme is located in the bottom right corner. Recent sets feature a large “4+” label on the bottom left.



LEGO minifigures, or “minifigs,” are popular, articulated characters that help foster an interest in LEGO. Minifigs are made up of three or four segments: legs, torso, head, and hairpiece. These minifigs may represent a general occupation, such as construction worker or firefighter, or a specific character from pop culture, such as a superhero or ninja.

Most LEGO Juniors sets include one to three minifigs, and some may be unique to that set. Keep in mind that what often makes minifigs unique isn’t the character they represent but their outfit. For example, there are many iterations of Batman. Minifigs are highly sought after by kids because they’re easily identifiable and can be used with many different scenes and sets.


LEGO Friends and some Disney Princess sets include mini-dolls instead of minifigs. Mini-dolls are slightly larger, rounder figurines made to be more lifelike. These figures may be more approachable for some youngsters, particularly those first being introduced to LEGO.


LEGO Juniors sets are compatible with other LEGO sets, allowing children to grow with LEGO and continue to use the simpler sets they've built. Some pieces can be integrated into new sets, and pieces can be saved to use as spares or in completely new creations.  Many Juniors and 4+ sets come with a baseplate and wall element as the foundation for the set. Minifigs are standard across all LEGO sets with pieces that can mix and match.

Parents may want to consider joining the LEGO VIP club. It’s a free membership program that allows you to accrue points to shop, access sets early, and gain exclusive rewards.


LEGO Juniors set prices


A variety of LEGO Juniors and 4+ sets cost $20 or less, with smaller, simpler kits at the lower end of the age range.


Most LEGO Juniors sets cost between $20 and $50, with complexity and size increasing with the price.


The most elaborate sets, as well as those with the most pieces, cost $50 or more.

Did You Know?
Your creative child might like their very own minifig. Certain LEGO stores around the country allow you to browse through pieces to build a minifig that represents your child.


  • Explore the LEGO Kids section online. LEGO offers a range of inspiring and creative outlets on its Kids portal, including games, videos, and sets geared toward the youngest LEGO users.
  • Foster independent play. You can help your child when needed, but it’s important to allow for some independent problem-solving and creative play as your child uses the set.
  • Encourage creativity. Particularly for younger kids, LEGO is about imagination and exploration. Allow kids to experiment with bricks and sets.
  • Stay organized. If possible keep a dedicated table or space for building sets and a way to sort and store pieces if the set isn’t completed in one sitting.
Parents are the best judge of what sets are suitable for their children. Kids grow and develop at different speeds, and the suggested age range offers a guide but isn’t a hard and fast rule.


Q. Are LEGO Juniors sets educational?

A. LEGO bricks encourage creativity and expression in youngsters. They can help develop a variety of skills as well, including math, problem-solving, communication, language, and spatial reasoning. Sets also help develop motor skills, including dexterity and strength. What’s more, LEGO rewards patience and perseverance. Some sets may present a challenge, but success is possible and all the more satisfying when obstacles are overcome.

Q. How do I know which set is the best for my child?

A. Finding the first right set can be tricky. It’s best to start with a smaller, simpler set for a child at the younger end of the age range, and increase the size and complexity as the child gets older. If there is a particular pop culture character, story, or movie they enjoy, choose a set that matches that interest. Otherwise, you might want to opt for a generic city scene that can pique curiosity.

Q. Are LEGO toys safe?

A. LEGO bricks are rigorously tested for safety to make sure they don’t break, crumble, or shatter when played with. This includes enduring repeated simulations of biting, dropping, and trampling. Still, it’s important for parents to monitor younger children because smaller pieces in sets, including Juniors sets, can present a choking hazard. What’s more, you might want to encourage cleaning up after play time too. While the LEGO bricks can withstand being stepped on, they can still hurt bare feet!