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Best LEGO Advent Calendars

Updated November 2023
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LEGO Star Wars 2023 Advent Calendar
Star Wars 2023 Advent Calendar
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This collection of mini sets and figures is perfect for the Star Wars fan.


Most of the mini sets and figures included are matched to “Star Wars Episode Six: Return of the Jedi.” This includes an Ewok, several original trilogy ships, and vehicles and characters like Palpatine in a holiday sweater.


There could be more unique minifigures.

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LEGO Friends 2023 Advent Calendar
Friends 2023 Advent Calendar
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Unique Design
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This Advent calendar set is great for those who dislike the licensed sets.


All the pieces of this set can slowly be used to piece together a unique holiday scene based solely on the creativity of those opening the calendar. Some pieces include sections of a train and plenty of animals.


There are only two figures included and they aren’t the typical minifigure.

LEGO Marvel Avengers 2023 Advent Calendar
Marvel Avengers 2023 Advent Calendar
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This Marvel Advent set is ready to help save Christmas.


Several top characters are represented by minifigures in this set, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Okoye, Dr. Strange, and Black Widow. Many of the small sets included are suitably themed, including a Christmas tree.


The box gives away some of the surprises of what’s inside.

LEGO Lego City 2023 Advent Calendar
Lego City 2023 Advent Calendar
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This Advent set is perfect for adding to someone’s home-built Lego cityscape.


All the pieces of this set are suitably “realistic” for a Lego set, making it best for those who want to stick to the holiday as close as possible rather than just have a bunch of random Legos to play with each morning.


The youngest children will likely prefer something more playful.

LEGO Harry Potter 2023 Advent Calendar
Harry Potter 2023 Advent Calendar
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Harry Potter remains an ever-popular license for Lego and this Advent set is no different.


The box has a flap that drops down with pictures on it that give an approximate place for each day’s minifigure or mini-build to go. Every piece is centered around Hogsmeade, where the characters always go around the holidays.


The lack of Hogwarts-themed pieces can be a disappointment to some.

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Buying guide for Best LEGO Advent calendars

The only thing better than getting a new LEGO minifigure or model is getting a different minifigure or model every day for 24 days. LEGO Advent calendars offer bite-size building experiences with sets based on popular franchises and other LEGO themes. 

Each LEGO Advent calendar contains 24 items hidden behind numbered doors on an illustrated panel, not unlike traditional Advent calendars. LEGO calendars have different themes, usually based on popular franchises, so choosing the right one for your loved one (or yourself) is the most important decision. Most of the calendars are similar in their complexity and number of pieces, but there is some variation. In addition, the calendars disclose their contents on the packaging or online if you like to collect certain minifigures. 

New LEGO Advent calendars are released before each holiday season, so there are many to choose from, all with a festive touch. A good buying guide and recommendations can help make your shopping easier.

Best Lego Advent Calendars
If you’re a LEGO hobbyist, Advent calendar sets can be broken down into parts after the holiday season. Most sets include basic connectors that are useful when building your own creations.

How to buy the best LEGO Advent calendar

Most people want a specific theme for their LEGO Advent calendar, and there are several to choose from. They vary in complexity and total piece count, so be sure the calendar you choose is age-appropriate if you’re buying one for a child.


The themes of LEGO Advent calendars are the same as the company’s most popular lines. However, LEGO only releases a few calendars per year, so not all the themes are featured every year.

Star Wars: A popular choice with both children and adults, LEGO Star Wars Advent calendars include scenery, vehicles, Jedi, and droids. Most builds are slightly more complicated than those in the other Advent calendars.

Marvel: These Advent calendars are suitable for kids and adults and include a handful of superhero minifigures as well as vehicles. Many have moving parts and projectiles you can launch a short distance. Some focus on a specific film or series, such as Guardians of the Galaxy

Friends: Like the larger LEGO Friends sets, these calendars include characters from the Friends line and are made with young children in mind. The holiday theme is usually much more evident in these sets, allowing kids to create scenes with elves, snowmen, sleighs, trees, and more.

LEGO City: Aimed at children and teens, these Advent calendars feature the most variety with minifigures, vehicles, and an assortment of everyday objects. While there aren’t many holiday sets, some of the sets combine well with other LEGO City toys you might have.

Harry Potter: For Harry Potter fans of all ages, these sets include a variety of items from the Wizarding World as well as more minifigures than most other Advent calendars. In some cases, the sets have a motif of their own, like the 2020 Harry Potter calendar that includes items from the Yule Ball and characters dressed in gowns and tuxedos. 

Other: Less common are the Pirates calendars, which include pirate minifigures, cannons, and other nautical paraphernalia. Other calendars include basic holiday-themed builds and usually have larger pieces that are easier to manipulate. Also keep an eye out for bundles that include two calendars. Because LEGO pairs calendars from the same year, they typically have two different themes. If you want to buy calendars for more than one child, this can work out well.

Age range

Instructions are fairly limited in LEGO Advent calendars and some of these can be challenging to assemble for younger kids. Most Advent calendars contain around 300 pieces, which can be very small. Pay close attention to the recommended age range on the packaging. Small pieces pose a choking hazard for very young children. LEGO sets for young children have large pieces that are easier for tiny hands to work with.

Person opening Lego box
Staff Tip 
Most LEGO Advent calendars don’t keep their contents secret, so you can know exactly what you’re getting. You can find pictures of the contents online. If you prefer to keep the contents a secret from your kids, the art on the box only reveals a few of the sets.

Features to look for in LEGO Advent calendars


For many LEGO fans, it’s all about the minifigures. In the Advent calendars, you’ll find classic minifigures as well as familiar characters in unusual clothing, like Tony Stark in a holiday sweater. These one-of-a-kind minifigures can be collected and may even be valuable in a few years, especially since each Advent calendar is only produced once. Next year’s calendar will be different.

Calendar art

Don’t forget about the look of the Advent calendar itself. Each box features an illustration on the back, often depicting a holiday scene that fits with the theme, with the doors hidden throughout. The back of the box serves as a cover for the calendar. When you unfold the flap and lay it on the table, it becomes a stage for the LEGO pieces and the holiday scene. 

There aren’t many pieces to go around in one LEGO Advent calendar. If you have a few children, consider buying a calendar for each one.


How much do LEGO Advent calendars cost?


The most affordable LEGO Advent calendars are from the Friends and City lines. These cost about $35 when they’re released before each holiday season. 


Advent calendars for franchises with wide appeal like Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter typically cost $45 upon release and up to $65 for calendars from a couple of years ago. 


Older LEGO Advent calendars are usually more expensive because they’re harder to find. These cost from $60 to $120 and more, depending on their rarity. Star Wars calendars tend to increase in value significantly over time.

Lego holiday Advent calendar piece
Did You Know?
Though new LEGO Advent calendars are released every holiday season, there’s no need to buy the latest version. Advent calendars only count days, not dates, so they never expire.


  • Open the first door on December 1. Open one door each day whose number corresponds to the date. It builds anticipation and distributes the surprises over 24 days. Of course, no one will know if you open them in a different order or all at once!
  • Choose a place to display your creation. Because the pieces are quite small, they’re easy to lose if they don’t have a designated place. Choose a shelf or tray to arrange the pieces on as you go. Any thin LEGO pieces or baseplates can hold everything in place or be used to create scenes. If you have the space, you can put the assembled set on the flap that folds out from the calendar.
  • Look for rare pieces. LEGO Advent calendars can be a great way to find some rare or unusual pieces that you can use with other builds. Look carefully at the images of the components before you buy to see what’s included.
  • Keep the box. Not only can it be used to store the pieces, but the instructions for each set are inside the 24 flaps and you’ll probably need them if you want to build the sets again


Top Lego Advent calendars
The simple style and miniature size of the sets in LEGO Advent calendars distinguish them from traditional LEGO sets.


Q. How does the price of LEGO Advent calendars compare to that of standard sets?

A. Most of these calendars are fairly comparable in price to standard sets, sometimes skewing slightly higher per piece. However, also consider the number of unique builds in each box, plus the Advent calendar itself.

Q. Do LEGO Advent calendars have a holiday theme?

A. That depends on the franchise and the set, but in most cases, there are a few festive touches like holiday sweaters or a snowman, with the rest of the set made up of characters and items from the franchise. LEGO City Advent calendars tend to have more of a festive theme than other calendars. However, even without an obvious holiday look, these calendars still work like traditional Advent calendars, with presents hidden behind numbered doors. 

Q. Can the individual builds in an Advent calendar be combined to make larger scenes?

A. Yes. In fact, two days often include two components that are designed to go together, such as a character and a motorcycle it can ride. A few Advent calendars even have several sets that go together to create a bigger party, action, or other scenes.

Q. Are there step-by-step instructions for each day’s set?

A. The back of each flap has either basic instructions or a detailed picture of the assembled set. Instructions rarely have more than a couple of steps since the sets are typically quite simple. For some people, it’s almost like solving a tiny puzzle.