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Updated November 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Best of the Best
Mommy & Me Doll Collection Swiveling Wheels & Adjustable Handle Stroller
Mommy & Me Doll Collection
Swiveling Wheels & Adjustable Handle Stroller
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Most Versatile
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An uptown upgrade for any doll, designed with swivel wheels for easy navigating.


Will be an instant crowd-pleaser at your little girl's birthday, with a show-stopping design and function. Parents appreciate the stroller's sturdiness as well as its ability to last despite a child's attention span. Ideal for kids up to about 5 years old.


Requires some assembly that is not clear to all customers.

Best Bang for the Buck
Precious Toys Jogger Hot Pink Doll Stroller
Precious Toys
Jogger Hot Pink Doll Stroller
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Jogger Style
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A pretty stroller with a contemporary design and fun features.


Jogger design is just like modern grown-up versions and is foldable for transport and storage. Has a bottom storage basket so youngsters can tote their dolls and extra accessories. Cute and sturdy.


Assembly is difficult, and the instructions aren't very detailed. Front wheel doesn't turn.

Precious Toys Foldable Doll Stroller With Hood
Precious Toys
Foldable Doll Stroller With Hood
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Smooth Roller
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A button-sized stroller that's ideal for toddlers and cute enough for all ages.


Stroller rolls easily on carpet and stays put when stationary. While designed for 18-inch dolls, it is capable of enduring an accidental attempt to sit in by your real-life doll. Capable of keeping kiddos active for hours.


Would be even better if this stroller's parts were fastened by hook-and-loop straps.

The New York Doll Collection First Umbrella Dolls Stroller in Denim
The New York Doll Collection
First Umbrella Dolls Stroller in Denim
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Simple Design
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Stylish yet simple in design with a seat belt to protect the precious cargo.


One of the few strollers that utilizes denim, appealing highly to those who are already overloaded with conventional colors and patterns. Arrives with a buckle that will secure dolls in place, and perhaps saving you some time from chasing around missing dolls.


While we love that it's lightweight, it is not heavy enough for outdoor use.

Badger Basket Pink Rosebud 3-in-1 Doll Pram
Badger Basket
Pink Rosebud 3-in-1 Doll Pram
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Easy to Assemble
Bottom Line

Replicates a real-life stroller with attention on the details.


Noted to inspire imaginations of young ones while also tapping into parent's own memories. Simple assembly and sturdy enough to tote around small pets in addition to dolls. A perfect gift that any generation could give.


Engineered with clasps that maintain its structure, however this stroller may require a few tries to properly secure.


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Buying guide for Best doll strollers

Playing with dolls is a fantastic way for little ones to learn about and process the world around them. Simply feeding, changing, and rocking a baby doll can help cultivate creativity, compassion, cognition, and fine motor skills. But no little mom or dad can be expected to carry their "baby" all the time. By adding accessories like a doll stroller, you can bring a whole new layer of fun and learning to playtime — and give those little arms a rest!

Much like the real thing, doll strollers come in a variety of styles, including umbrella strollers, tandem strollers, and even joggers. Height and weight can vary as well, and you'll need to figure out if your child is ready for swiveling front wheels or if fixed wheels might be better to start with.

doll stroller2
Make sure your chosen doll stroller is able to accommodate your child's favorite doll before you buy. Doll strollers have varying seat sizes, and larger dolls might not fit in every stroller.

Key considerations


The size of a doll stroller can have a direct impact on your child's safety and enjoyment. Having to reach up to hold the handlebars increases the chances of the stroller tipping over and, in most cases, it also means that the seat or canopy will be blocking your child's view. Stooping certainly isn't ideal either (ask any tall parent who's ever had to push a stroller with short handles) and might even make the stroller too uncomfortable to handle. 

Manufacturer age recommendations are a good starting point, but if your child is taller or shorter than average, you might want to pull out a measuring tape before you start looking. Handlebars that are positioned higher than the waist and lower than the shoulders tend to be the most comfortable while still offering room to grow. 


If you've ever struggled to push a heavy stroller or endured the frustration of taking a turn with sticky wheels, you probably already realize the importance of maneuverability. Remember, doll strollers are designed for toys, not growing children, so there's really no need to search for a hefty, heavy-duty model. 

Wheels will also affect maneuverability, but you'll need to use your discretion when deciding which wheel type is best for your child. Swiveling wheels will allow older children to turn with ease, but little ones who are still somewhat unsteady might be better off with fixed wheels.


If your child is looking forward to taking her favorite doll or stuffed animal for walks, an easily transportable design is essential. Not all doll strollers fold down, and those that do often have varying folded dimensions — a point worth keeping in mind if you're short on trunk space or plan to stow your doll stroller in the storage basket of your child's stroller until your reach the park or another safe walking area.


Doll strollers are available in just about every style, from joggers to umbrella strollers, there's a scaled-down version to suit every preference. Finding out if your child has a particular model in mind is the best way to avoid disappointment. Trying to surprise a special child? A doll stroller that closely resembles the one her parents are already using is usually a safe bet.

Does your child have more than one favorite doll or beloved stuffed animal that might like to tag along on walks? A double doll stroller will ensure no one gets left behind.



Storage basket

Modern doll strollers are remarkably similar to the real thing and many come with storage baskets. While it probably isn't a deal-breaker, a storage basket can significantly enhance playtime by providing space for accessories or acting as a makeshift seat for another doll or stuffed animal.


Canopies are another true-to-life feature that detail-oriented kids are sure to appreciate. After all, every baby needs to be shaded from direct sun and bright light.


Convertible seats: Many doll strollers that are modeled after prams have inclinable bassinets that can be used in either a flat or upright position, and a few even allow the bassinet to be lifted out of the stroller and carried separately. 

Handles: Height-adjustable handles can make finding a comfortable pushing position a little easier for kids. Adjustable handles are also worth looking for if you like the idea of a doll stroller that can accommodate your growing child.


Most kids are attracted to bright colors, and you'll certainly have a wide selection to choose from. Doll strollers come in just about every hue under the sun. If you already have color-coordinated doll accessories, it's worth looking for a matching stroller. Alternatively, you could opt for a model in your child's favorite color or something that looks similar to yours.

doll stroller1
Carefully inspect your child's doll stroller before you hand it over, keeping an eye out for any sharp edges or assembly faults.

Doll stroller prices


Simple umbrella doll strollers with minimal features typically cost between $12 and $18. These can make a decent enough first stroller, but don't be too surprised if your child requests an upgrade later on.


Doll strollers priced between  $18 and $30 often come complete with features like storage baskets, canopies, and swiveling wheels. 


If you're looking for a double doll stroller, a pram with an inclinable bassinet, or a stroller set that includes accessories, expect to shell out anywhere from $30 to $70.


  • Get matching strollers. If you've recently welcomed a new member to your family, choosing a matching stroller for your baby's older sibling is a sweet gesture.
  • Opt for something that's easy to clean. Spills, smears, and messes happen. Doll strollers with removable seat covers are by far the easiest to clean.
  • Accessorize. A few extras can make playtime so much more enjoyable. Feeding accessories, clothes, and pretend baby essentials like a crib, high chair, car seat, or bouncer can easily be added one by one until your child has a complete baby care set.
  • Explain that the doll stroller is a toy. Most kids probably won't be able to resist the temptation to test drive their doll's stroller. While a sturdy model should hold up just fine to being sat in once or twice, doll strollers simply aren't designed to support that much weight. Explain to children that the stroller is strictly for dolls and might break if they use it themselves. Telling your children that you don't use their stroller for the same reason will create a funny mental image that they won't soon forget.

Compared to their plastic counterparts, rubber-coated doll stroller wheels are much quieter on hard surfaces and also tend to handle better on uneven terrain.

doll stroller3
If your little one is just starting to walk, opt for a sit-to-stand walker that doubles as a doll stroller rather than hoping things will work out the other way around. Some doll strollers may move too fast, causing younger toddlers to fall forward.


Q. At what age can children safely use a doll stroller?

A. This varies from stroller to stroller, but manufacturer age recommendations typically start somewhere between 12 and 18 months. Of course, you wouldn't expect a stroller geared toward this age group to have swiveling wheels or intricate details. If you're getting a doll stroller for a younger toddler, a model with a chunky wood or plastic frame and large wheels is probably your best bet.

Q. Will a doll stroller hold up to outdoor use?

A. Taking a doll or teddy bear for a real walk is something most kids will long for. And, luckily, most doll strollers are up for the challenge. However, if regular outdoor walks are a possibility, you'd do well to choose a doll stroller with a large, sturdy set of rubber-coated wheels. 

Q. Can boys use a doll stroller, too?

A. Yes, and they should, too! Playing with baby dolls and doll accessories can boost language, social, cognitive, and psychomotor development. However, what stands out the most is their ability to foster empathy and a nurturing attitude, a quality that most gender-specific boys' toys lack.

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