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Best Disney Princess Costumes

Updated October 2023
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Disney Belle Blue Dress Costume for Kids
Belle Blue Dress Costume for Kids
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Most Versatile
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From kids to the young at heart, this Belle costume comes in sizes to fit Beauty and the Beast fans of from toddler to teen.


Designed with a blue dress and white apron to replicate the outfit worn by Belle from the popular Disney movie. The dress itself is high quality and holds up well over time. Includes a hair bow. Great for small and big kids, but also comes in a nice selection of young adult and toddler sizes.


Numerous available sizes may make it challenging for some to find a perfect fit.

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ReliBeauty Princess Belle Costume Dress
Princess Belle Costume Dress
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Classic Fit
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Well made and proportioned in terms of its princess tiers, which will prompt swirling and turning in true Belle fashion.


Will stand up to several washes, unlike other costumes. Customers note the golden hue is rich and likened to the character's dress. Fits kids as young as three. Makes for timeless photographs as well. The accessories are high-quality for the price.


The dress on its own is nice, but we recommend buying the option with accessories.

Disney Deluxe Disney Aladdin Jasmine Women's Costume
Deluxe Disney Aladdin Jasmine Women's Costume
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Fan Favorite
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With realistic details and a flowing fit, this adult costume captures Aladdin's Jasmine perfectly.


Stylish jumpsuit that's made to look like the one worn by Jasmine from Aladdin. Features wide legs that look nice with high-heeled shoes. Decorative bodice has a gold accent. Comes with a headband for an appealing finishing touch. The blue fabric looks excellent in person.


The material is delicate and may rip with typical wear.

Spooktacular Deluxe Mermaid Costume
Deluxe Mermaid Costume
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From the Ariel red hair to the classic Disney tail, this Halloween costume is ideal for fans of the Little Mermaid.


Full package arrives with a mermaid costume, red wig, and shell headband. Mermaid tail has dozens of sequins for an eye-catching centerpiece. Bright red hair looks just like Ariel's. An excellent choice for costume parties, Halloween nights, and other events.


Can be somewhat scratchy, especially with the wig.

Disguise Mulan Costume for Girls
Mulan Costume for Girls
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Realistic Style
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Comfortable and colorful, the Mulan Halloween costume is styled after the Disney live-action.


Arrives with a tunic, pants, and fake armor. A cozier and simpler option for children who don't like scratchy or irritating materials. Mimics the Mulan costume seen on screen. High-quality fabric can be reused for multiple seasons. Pair up with additional accessories.


Not as recognizable as other princesses.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best Disney princess costumes

There are lots of reasons why a kid would want to own a Disney princess costume: Halloween, a themed birthday party, an upcoming trip to Disney. Or, your child may simply want a Disney princess costume to wear whenever they’d like.

Adults can dress as Disney princesses, too. You might enjoy matching your child or dressing up for your own party. Options for Disney princess costumes abound, but you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice you have. After all, there are over 15 Disney princesses with unique personalities and looks. 

Some Disney princess costumes are bulky, warm, and glitzy; others are simple and minimal. You want the child in your life to feel elegant, fancy, and comfortable in their costume, so it’s important to think about how the costume will look, feel, and fit before purchasing it.

Child in Snow White costume
Disney princesses date back to 1937 with the creation of Snow White.

Choosing the best Disney princess costume

Favorite Disney princess

If your child is old enough to share their opinion, you can discuss with them their favorite Disney princess and which costume they want to wear. If you’d like to present the costume as a surprise, ask the child who their favorite Disney princess is. For babies who are too young to choose, you can choose your favorite Disney princess or one that matches a family theme. Snow White is the youngest Disney princess, so she may be a good choice for your baby.

Choosing a costume for a specific princess

Some princesses have various costume choices, so it is important to decide which one is preferred. For example, Cinderella has a ball gown outfit and also a more casual dress that she wears on a daily basis. Belle has a yellow ball gown and a blue and white dress with an apron. Other princesses have various costumes as well. Once the princess is chosen, your child may also need to decide which outfit to look for.


It is easiest to find Disney princess costumes for toddlers and young children, and they mainly consist of one-piece gowns. There may be fewer options for babies, but there are gowns with tutu skirts for infants. Other Disney princess costumes for babies consist of more comfortable onesies with buttons on the bottom and a tulle skirt. 

Disney princess costumes are also available in adult sizing for grown-ups who want to feel fancy and nostalgic – or to match their child.


When starting your search for a Disney princess costume, consider what the weather will be like when the outfit is worn. Some gowns consist of multilayered skirts, capes, and gloves; these would work best for cooler weather. Other gowns are shorter with less poof and no gloves. If the weather will be cold and the Disney princess costume you choose is not warm enough, layer with a matching long-sleeved shirt and tights.


Your little one may be all about the glam when it comes to choosing a Disney dress, but it’s important to think about how comfortable the dress will be. Full-length ball gowns are harder to move around in … and if the dress is too long, your child could trip. 

Some children may be irritated by the tulle or other scratchy materials included in certain dresses. Cotton and satin with gentle elastic and seams are generally the most comfortable materials. Note: Tulle or a similar fabric that is on the outside of the dress will be less irritating.

You can make a princess costume less formal by wearing a shirt with the Disney princess on it and a tutu or pants.


Disney princess costume features of note


Satin, polyester, tulle, and cotton: These materials are common on Disney princess costumes. Sequins, beading, glitter, and ribbon are possible additions to the material you may see.

Note that Disney princess costumes have fabric seams, and many have elastic around the waist and sleeves. For comfort, most outfits pull on or connect with zippers, snaps, or Velcro closures.

Dress design

Disney princess costumes are mainly one-piece dresses with puffy sleeves, a form-fitting bodice, and a layered skirt. Jasmine’s costume is an exception: The most common Jasmine princess costume consists of a crop top and pants or a one-piece pantsuit. 


Disney princess costumes are elegant and ornate with various features unique to the princess. The outfits may have bows, collars, belts, plastic gems, brooches, ruffles, sewn designs, faux corsets, or small pictures of the princess. Some light up or sing a song from the corresponding princess movie. And many Disney princess costumes include matching accessories.

Best Disney Princess Costumes-Pet dog in princess costume
Did You Know?
Disney princess costumes can be found for babies, older children, adults, and even pets.

How do you accessorize a Disney princess costume?

Crown or headband

Most Disney princesses have headwear that is iconic to their look. One of the best ways to accessorize a Disney princess costume is with a crown that matches the outfit. Any princess dress can be worn with a crown, but some princesses have different forms of headwear in their movies. Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle wear headbands, and Snow White wears a red bow.


You can accessorize a Disney princess costume with any type of shoe. For comfort and mobility, matching sneakers are a good option. For example, you could find fun sparkly and light-up sneakers to wear with the dress. 

The most common shoe paired with a Disney princess costume is a low heel. Some of these shoes have images of the princess on top. Ballet flats are another option that’s more comfortable than a heel and dressier than a sneaker.


Some Disney princesses wear elbow-length satin gloves, including Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana. Long gloves help to complete the look, but some children may not want to wear them, or they may be too warm in hotter climates.


Jewelry adds elegance to a Disney princess costume, and any type of jewelry will work. Children without pierced ears can wear clip-on earrings. It is helpful to look up images of the chosen Disney princess to see what type of jewelry she wears in the movie. Your child can even produce their own Disney princess jewelry with a jewelry-making kit.


Wigs may not be comfortable for some children, but for those who want to look the most like a specific princess, a wig is a good option. 

Princess-specific accessories

Some princesses carry wands, purses, and other items that would make the costume more complete. A child dressed as Snow White can keep an apple close by. A child wearing a Belle costume may want to hold a red rose.

Layers for cooler weather

If the weather is cold, dress the child in a matching long sleeve shirt and leggings or tights. For very cold weather, a warm jacket could be worn either over the costume or under a costume that has been sized up.

Some of the newest Disney princesses are Merida and Moana.


How much do Disney princess costumes cost?


Inexpensive Disney princess costumes range between $10 and $20. These costumes tend to come without accessories or are often made of cotton. Some inexpensive Disney princess costumes have a casual base, such as a cotton onesie.


Most Disney princess costumes fall in the mid-range category, costing between $20 and $45. Many mid-range dresses and pant sets include matching accessories.


Many Disney princess costumes sold by Disney itself cost more than $45. These pricier costumes may include more accessories and detail. They can be made with more durable premium materials or be sized for older children and adults.


  • Use a purse as a Halloween candy bag. A purse that matches a Disney princess costume, such as Mirabel’s crossbody purse, doubles as a great bag for collecting Halloween candy.
  • Style the child’s hair like the Disney princess if not using a wig. For example, you could create long curls for Merida or a bun for Cinderella.
  • Have a kids’ makeup kit on hand. Some children and adults prefer to wear makeup while wearing their Disney princess costumes. You can use what you already have at home or look for a makeup set.
Child playing in princess costume
Disney princess costumes make a great addition to a child’s dress-up bin.


Q. How can you wash and dry Disney princess costumes?

A. Read how to care for your Disney princess costume on the website or label. Most outfits are hand washable only, but they may be machine washable on a delicate cycle. It is recommended to hang dry most Disney princess costumes.

Q. Can you buy Disney princess costumes in sets?

A. Disney princess costumes are sometimes available in sets to give a child greater variety and choice. Dresses in sets tend to be simpler than those sold separately.